Friday, March 05, 2010

Snatch Fragile Hurt

Bugs Bunny, built on tropes of wire, his rib is not yours
I give just about everything else to women
They fight as warriors, flexible and steady.

The double bed the best form of defence
He’s vulnerable, he lays the blame
And protects the slow-burning land.

We discern only rhythm to history
James is born blowing up
Plows these years, sinks deeper.

-- Jeff Nichols

The Hurt Locker: So Right About Men, So Wrong About Addiction
Gordon Brown Blames Generals for Snatch Land Rover Fiasco
America, the Fragile Empire

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Anonymous said...

First three paragraphs of each run through Babelfish, English-Spanish,
then back.

Hey Lance - you might include Multibabel on the 3x3x3 site --