Friday, April 14, 2017

This Solar Province

The sidewalks have turned on the crowds,
killing against all adulation
as massive plumes erupt from their plastic surface,

following the ritualised forms of traditional dresses.
The new defense ministry is giving free samples
(dropped from aircraft) of an elaborate molecule

in rainbow hues like artificial azaleas.
In a city under a hot-water ocean,
a laboratory of the unnecessary.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

North Koreans set to celebrate leader amid tensions
Enceladus' Subsurface Energy Source and the Search for Life
U.S. Drops 'Mother of All Bombs' on ISIS Target in Afghanistan

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Media Vortices Adapt

media landscape profoundly changed taking full control
deals approved by regulators since the collapse
widening reach top global hub content innovation

colourful dazzling swirls spectacular views of atmosphere
positioned directly opposite to sun immense
and powerful storms hundreds of smaller vortices

octopi use RNA to quickly adapt to temperature changes
did not quite believe occurrence when they first saw it
approaches vertebrates in complexity somehow connected

-- Clark Allison

Fox takeover of Sky gets European approval
Jupiter shows off its famous Great Red Spot
Octopi and squids rewrite their RNA

Friday, March 24, 2017

Study In Passing

Under anti-social automation
the workers widen support
of the decently distraught.

Suffering from parental indifference
the country creates
an injured image of faith.

A year on, who will report the
fresh distress of a million
misappropriated mothers?

-- Rebecca Eddy

British maternity pay is one of the worst in Europe
UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots
Photo of woman in hijab passing attack victim 'misappropriated'

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Red Water Within

With an air of prediction
the troubled public leaks;
sewage birds and tributaries.

Licensed killing aids
an electric of wildlife;
untreated and toxic.

Pumping red records; the
company is unprecedented.
Secretary Water to General Fish.

-- Rebecca Eddy

Thames Water hit with record £20m fine for huge sewage leaks
Apple launches red iPhone 7 and video app
Diesel black cabs 'will be a thing of the past within six years'

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Upgraded Pattern Mode

rise of mobiles laptop market staggering exceeded devices
unthinkable independent web analytics global internet usage
stylistic changes improvements cosmetic tipped to upgraded

surprisingly good multiplayer mode against waves of enemies
range of excuses each mission more agile previous games
combat mechanics boosters mods exact same loadout remote

anti-migrant in that light a series powerful symbolic blow
litmus test strength of anti-establishment populism
framed as continuity versus chaos fit and pattern

-- Clark Allison

Dutch election: a litmus test for anti-establishment populism
Mass Effect: Andromeda hands-on – games within games
Windows 10 update - Microsoft facing the ‘unthinkable’

Monday, March 06, 2017

Deepwater Rumours Distraction

shock chop luscious long bob pixie Rachel hairstyle
confirmed split in statement rumours or falsifications
can confirm respectful loving space not known what to blame

error led wrong best series of mistakes
failed to follow established backstage protocols
handing wrong envelope tweeted photo distraction

smattering weird and dazzling creatures marine sanctuaries
rich area for discovery deepwater reefs
hydrothermal vent communities relic deep-sea habitats

-- Clark Allison

Katy Perry CHOPS Locks into Miley Cyrus Shaved Hairdo
Oscars mix-up pair get bodyguards after 'death threats'
Incredible Life Forms NOAA Found on its Latest Deep Sea Dive

Monday, February 20, 2017

Credulity Open Overtures

even more by the questions morning dismiss address
reassure overtures obsolete after all hard going
absolutely no vision came surrounding going inner

attacks on media comments took place in a softer light
individual liberties lost sparring tweeting no credulity
a free and times adversarial press democracy as we know it

out of their hands a door remains open
we have moved on the last thing legal obstacles and
electoral backlash what happens harder tone of reprieve

-- Clark Allison

Washington PR push fails to quell Europe's anxiety over Trump
Dictatorship, Nixonian: McCain Among Trump Critics on Media
"That bus has gone": EU sees no Brexit U-turn now

Sunday, February 19, 2017

An Unbelievable Battleground

The world is currently an exodus of people
A clash between thousands
Brutal conflicts arise

A surge of demonstrations
Against a nemesis
Millions are desperate for change

People wish for
An extraordinary miracle, but
Will there ever be a victory?

-- Sophia Moreno

What It’s Like in the 7 Countries on Travel Ban List
Uber triggers protest for collecting fares during taxi strike
Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal in Australian Open

With Atmospheric Ubiquity

An Internet shrine made to celebrate the real world,
in patterns humans alone could not follow,
like Sufi songs drifting over highest Peru.

Hundreds of devotees have since been injured
in the restoration of the weather monarchy.
And who is that giant fraud bomber, they said,

moving unknowingly around crowded public places,
helping to deliver death and corruption?
It's King Loon on rollerblades.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

An attack on everything Sufism stands for
Machine Learning Invades Real World on Internet Balloons
Spain's Princess Cristina acquitted in tax fraud trial

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Opinions Missed Artistry

unrest same district sparked by alleged brutality escalated
placed under formal investigation vehicles set on fire
out of touch widespread criticism borrowing costs opinions

urged to search phrases growing problem template fraud
emotional damage far outweighs strange knew so much
missed identity scammer what story laptop phone

instructed consider quality commercial cultural interest
made to amorphous criteria self-interest financial benefit
based more artistry than sales I don't know what this means

-- Clark Allison

Paris riots escalate as police face investigation for alleged rape
Online dating conmen 'using love letter templates'
Do the Grammy Awards 'Mean Anything?' Probably Not

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Iconic Illiberal Confusion

suspended controversial ban ridiculous vowing ruling
hard to understand detail challenging ban resume
causing anger confusion indefinite suspension whatsoever

wielding machete assailant full display drizzly winter
sprawling building iconic museum spoke condition anonymity
leaning against wall blue and white sports jacket

tasteless criticised cartoon welcoming migrant masses
unfair gain catastrophic mistake gory fashion cover front
sense distorted image illiberal irony sides comparison

-- Clark Allison

US reverses travel ban over court ruling as Trump fumes
Louvre museum reopens; Egypt identifies machete attacker
Der Spiegel: Trump beheading cover sparks criticism

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Victorian Media Mansion

A narrow road with unoccupied mansion,
parked cars which water the waste
squatters who moved despite lawyers.

The Victorian era created social media
in a flooding, largely, screaming abuse
at oligarch and sewerage services.

Water the fight against water waste
to highlight inequality to contribute
to a five-year plan to knock him out.

-- Alex Horn

Jeremy Vine road rage driver's lawyer pleads for leniency
Average water bills to rise by 2% this year to aid investment
Belgravia mansion squatters evicted by bailiffs

Breakthough: We Learned the Risk

Divorce could end in a fist fight
Breaking the wall of silence
Unaware of the faulty heart

The key things we learned
Paralysed, “happy”, locked in
At risk and unknown

I never have, never would
Impossible to read their thoughts
Warned of the risk

-- Jennifer Grounds

11 things we learned about Brexit from Sir Ivan Rogers
Mind-reading scientists ‘talk’ to locked-in syndrome patients
25,000 at risk of coronary heart disease due to faulty gene

Kill Our Galaxy

His heart is a void
She told the Moon - a long term case
One that could result in a catastrophic kill.

A collision course,
hurtling at 1.2 million miles an hour
A woman and a man met in space

But now, leave a note
Online, on the Earth, the Moon
A court document for space, 65 billion years from now.

-- Spencer Byrne

Earth And Moon May Be On Long-Term Collision Course
Woman declares, ‘I am a serial killer!’ and stabs date in chest
Huge ‘dead zone’ is pushing galaxy through space

Core of Loneliness

Living in the blue room
Ripped away from an iron core
Bodies that almost became notorious

Looking back can make you feel captured
You feel safer being a secret
At the cost of a terrible fate

Strangely the loneliness below the surface
Is a happy chain of stories
Across the ice searching for comfort

-- Kathryn Wright

Hunt for Antarctica's 'missing meteorites'
'Down and anxious' - when loneliness hits
The secret trade in baby chimps

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Street Plotting

The former stable girl
A would-be killer
Own up or flee the scene.

Horses worth up to £300,000
Inside a church in Limoeiro de Anadia
Roared off down the street

Furious after her ex-partner Alan Suckling
Was plotting to take out a father and son
Of all places – in front of the house of a CCTV buff.

-- E King

Fury of £148m lotto winner after partner moves out
The wedding assassin: Gunman follows bride and groom
CCTV analyst captures Parcelforce driver smashing into car

Death of Readers

Our homeland is not losing,
It is a battle of hundreds of thousands
To stop the bungled debate of the individual.

When we learned about the order,
We said it is to stop,
And signed below.

We are the refugee,
And we will launch their hunt,
For we are the refugee.

-- E.K. Smith

'A ludicrous farce': readers on parliament's Brexit debate
Madeleine McCann's parents set to appeal libel case
Homeland chief says immigration ban is 'temporary pause'

Zone Order Resistance

worrying declarations part of an external threat
placed in a difficult situation 70 years put into question
the Transatlantic bond order global peace can survive

a coordinated wall of legal resistance
an awakening the administration major issues
harmful discriminatory and unconstitutional

beaches and reefs white sand clear blue sea
crystals carried in volcanic lava ancient continental crust
would have been dangerous a buffer zone

-- Clark Allison

EU’s Donal Tusk sees Trump as Threat to Europe
3 states: Democratic attorneys general challenge Trump
The 'lost continent' under Mauritius

Law Dissent State

Hold a debate,
sign a petition,
consider a rival.

Downgrading people,
banning the invitation.
A bare and public showdown.

The entire Refugee United States.
The growing discord and dissent,
gross indecency went public.

-- Daniel Naylor

UK issues posthumous pardons for thousands of gay men
President Trump fires acting attorney general over refugee ban
Parliament to debate Trump visit after 1.6m sign petition

Monday, January 30, 2017

Days to Forget

Remind us why we fell in love in the first place.
The little kids who don’t know how to be grown up,
It’s easy to forget that.

Lost in the streets of nonstop mystery
That tests us to find out who ‘us’ is
In the days that made us forget.

It’s easy to wonder that despite this age together,
Nobody could have predicted that
We can still forget why we fell in love.

--Antony Jeffries

9 awesome mascots who will remind you why you love football
Who was the abandoned man with no memory?
Jet-set love story: Couple reveal how they saved $50,000


The restrictions were part of
Its controversial immigration ban
There were 50 worshipers

These countries were already named
In London on Monday
During the period of Ramadan

38 countries to enter
The British Foreign Secretary
Called it a terror attack

-- Kimana McCallum

US travel ban: Why these seven countries?
UK left flailing after contradictory signals on Trump travel ban
Suspected shooter in Quebec mosque attack charged

Sunday Memoranda Rally

With the flick of pen
Actions, promises and orders,
Broke years of work

We do not need new laws,
We need the people
To kick start and rally a new campaign

Call the authorities to say: ‘Trump,
We are treating the activities as
A terror attack’

-- B Mason

Quebec mosque shooting suspect named
What’s Trump done so far? 15 executive actions
Fran├žois Fillon and British wife quizzed over 'Penelope-gate

Tigers and Terror

The Queen blasted a million three-metre-high tigers,
an attack that horrified the zoo.
An act of possible terrorism.

The President could not afford another wife,
a gravely wounded man.
Canada's prime minister is very happy.

A suggestion that Trump began ripping a child apart
erupted Sunday night.
More than 70 people joined him.

-- Charlie Cordt

Theresa May: Trump's visit will go ahead despite travel ban
Tourist mauled to death by tigers
Six counts of murder for Quebec mosque attack suspect

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sapphire Ezekiel 10

The possibility of grand history
Not yet planned to reach the TWO stairgates
Easily scaled shut on February 26

A 68 minute assumption to mark the common family
An extra eight for the day she reigned
As seen in their windows out of any car

Escape from 9:00 pm ET to 10:13, return for the kids
The 21-month-old Queen in the high chair
Revealed midseason to a pail of garbage

-- Lizzie Arnold

Mum stunned as Houdini toddler climbs two stairgates
Queen to become first monarch to reach Sapphire Jubilee
Next Episodes Of The Walking Dead Get Extended Runtime

Countless Death Talks

The Foreign Secretary is locked in the moon
To ensure dual citizenship,
From that faked American space agency.

Trump’s teasing travel ban,
The American administration ordered into an enclosure.
A televised landing faked in a zoo.

Moon missions not affected by tigers as they fed,
Ripping neck off Trump’s wife,
An end to intense scrutiny.

-- Sarah Bridger

Three tigers maul man to death in Chinese zoo
Boris Johnson calls for Brits to be exempt from Trump's ban
Lunacy? Shocking video claims Apollo 10 mission was faked

Pleased Yet Awful

The first half was comfortable
rested like a zoo animal, feeding.
Careers suspended in a green limbo

Written instructions received
the new goal is a real killer
Wednesday's words ripping heads apart

In the end, adrift of safety,
the jaws of work lay him motionless
dragged further into man's own lair.

-- J. Niklasson

Trump travel ban: people's stories from US and around world
Horror as tiger mauls tourist after climbing into enclosure
Manchester United 4-0 Wigan: FA Cup – as it happened

Making a Man

Misogyny is a Kingdom.
The vice like vulgarity calls
For a debate of an appearance.

A man, a wife, a child.
Government responds to season.
The captive prevented from making a debate.

The state has confirmed rumours,
But there is no set kingdom,
And the man died from a long wait.

-- H. Titley

Fathermauled to death by three tigers
Petition calling on UK to cancel Trump state visit
Netflix confirms Making a Murderer season 2 will return

Immigration Reveals Monsters

When barred for days
And the clampdown wrong,
A broken refugee protests.

A burial ground for lies exposed,
A Deadman’s buried floating on
The island of erosion

The blade of crime,
A knife has risen.
England, Freedom?

-- Adrian Martin

Boris Johnson: US immigration order divisive and wrong
Deadman's Island reveals the grisly history of Kent
Knife crime in UK cities 'turning people into monsters'

Unusual Missing Suspect

Twenty-five, drifting in water
Spotted by the military
Later rescued, people still missing

There could be more victims
A suspect of sex attacks on buses
Complaints from 6 people

Unusual debris removed
After causing a stand-still
Writing on twitter: Take Care.

-- Jessica Gajadharsingh

22 rescued, Malaysia searches for 6 others from boat sinking
Bus sex attack suspect hunted over 'despicable' assaults
Traffic brought to standstill on M1 after canoe blocks fast lane

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Twitching Habitat

On the verge of France and California
Causing their strategy to collapse,
A tricky mechanism, a hungry bacteria.

Starlings are forced to inhibit the body
Scavenging for their habitats and lose,
Some of them have been found to go hungry.

No doubt, the birdwatch will be on
When we change our behaviour to conserve energy,
For the next stomach-distressing extinction.

-- Adriana Ciontea

Twitching to start as annual Birdwatch survey gets under way
Bacteria's sneaky way to spread by getting you to eat more
Cannibal hamsters forced to eat their own babies

The Drunk Universe

As a self-described "old drunk”
foiled by the confoundingly high pressures to create it
It’s a little surreal

I really don't see the point of getting angry
but surreal is what Balls is all about these days
It starts with the universe's big bang-for-your-buck

I do see the point of getting drunk
That would be brilliant, don’t you think?
It says they’ve cracked one more

-- Susanne S. Aase

'A truly magnificent talent:' actor John Hurt dies at 77
Ed Balls on touring with Strictly Come Dancing Live!
Solved? Cracking the code of metallic hydrogen

Super John Remembered

Gazing into midnight
everybody quiet
another hole in the heart

classic work of wonder
fond memories together
on the electrical express

Hollywood is yellow with age
time passing with powerful rocket fuel
The Elephant Man will live forever

-- Kevin Woodley

Retired manual writer remembers work on Apollo mission
John Hurt: From The Elephant Man to Harry Potter
Claim made for hydrogen 'wonder material'

Friday, January 13, 2017

That Consuming Posture

In the town's map, one dozen windmills stop.
If potent accusations of the principle can breathe,
it's the air that has beaten him back.

The younger generation seem interested.
See the genes rotate, like suspicious windmills.
They assume the mice questioning

by using lasers to launch an albatross;
but is that real hunting?
(See full experiment and video in the journal Fear.)

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Iran's Centuries-Old Windmills May Soon Stop Turning
Democrats Not Prepared to Challenge Trump
Scientists Use Lasers To Trigger Killer Instinct In Mice