Thursday, March 27, 2014

Creature You Figure

The future of arthropods is in public transportation.
Researchers at the University of Blue Bristol
discovered a million-year-old marine animal that had

appendages around its mouth, used in talking on the phone,
and a system of socializing that let it join unions.
And what about your evolution? Whatsamatta,

do you prefer to filter treasure from ocean water,
or to sit quietly by the big sheds
in the ancient light of northern Greenland?

-- Glenn R. Frantz

520-Million-Year Old Sea Animal Filtered Food like Whales
What does it mean to be an introvert online?
College football ruling should have schools scared

Thursday, March 06, 2014

As Inaccurate Secret

play metallic the forest the over still depth cover
adds blue the hammerstone the of so concrete vocabulary
tar multisyllabic the gong the solidifies

rocks scored and seldom it,
figures one the chance the write
prevaricator mandatory the predictor the wake

bell shored and ever you,
devils muted or heavily them,
guesses obscure the glacier the after even hail tones

-- Glenn R. Frantz

College basketball scores: Wake Forest downs No. 4 Duke, 82-72
Re-examining the SAT is (A) Good; (B) Bad; (C) Overdue; 

     (D) None of the above
Stonehenge Holds a 'Sonic Secret'

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby shrugging apologizes

A baby screaming for independence:
subhuman attempting to defuse
mongrel linguistic traditions.

The infant's mouth urged dialogue,
apologized for differences,
nonetheless drew protests.

Spiritual leader -- told the liar that he is --
wasn't breathing, holding a statement:
preservation of respiratory terminology.

-- Carol High

RockerTed Nugent apologizes for Obama racial remark
ShruggingOff Chinese Protests, Obama Meets Dalai Lama
Good Samaritan, quick thinking save baby on expressway

Grisly Incentives Decided

Evaluating collectible traditions, China stages
Tibetan political agency. White House coughs,
Obama reveals why all the following leaked:

Alien-ridden, potentially religious Netflix media;
Steve Jobs postage stamp; Exiled Dalai Lama industry;
Gotham City linguistic tax agency.

US told in low-key stages, “Enough.” Proposals
and a billion strongly-depicted merits
hosted, offering up president preservation.

-- Robert Woerheide

'House of Cards' and the massive business of tax incentives
Shrugging Off Chinese Protests, Obama Meets Dalai Lama
Just like Elvis, dead Steve Jobs to appear all over America

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Familiar Moment

Brigades of the dismissed
From North and South
And heavily armed with head and hand

Riot as artists of walking
And singing the song
Of an unseen motherland

And the police nearby
Are seized and carried
In arms of breakthrough passion

-- Jay St. John Knight

Breakthrough in Alps murder mystery
Pussy Riot members detained in Sochi
Libyan militias threaten parliament in Tripoli

Soweto Set Seven

The candles were black
and they had wounds on their backs.
The Razor blades were in their school bags.

Wrapped up formal
in a place to do good work.
Talks of Saturday.

To be set free.
The death sentence commuted to life imprisonment
of seven prisoners, three.

-- Zach Jackson

Soweto girls’ ‘satanic’ end
Italy’s Renzi set to reveal cabinet
State to free seven jailed over killing of Rajiv Gandhi

Violence Hacking Rate

Lunchtime in the heart
Plastic bullets and shotgun pellets
Intensified week by week

Unofficial hacking
Hour long conversation
Sleeping pills

Fresh boost, fallen youth
Target set removed
Focus forward... no longer

-- Leanne Pereira

As it happened: Alarm at worst Kiev violence
Hacking trial: Tony Blair advised Rebekah Brooks
Record numbers of women in work as unemployment falls

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monsters Promised Freedom

An angel is poised
On the edge of the Promised Land
A frail but perfect vision

A dark storm clouds her eyes
In thunderous displeasure
Her mouth is a swift dagger

She is unapologetic
In her forceful defence
Of freedom

-- Hermione Cameron

The story of Israel: ‘My Promised Land’ and ‘Israel: A History’
Have Sweden’s permissive parents given birth to monsters?
Who’s the judge who ruled on Va.’s ban on gay marriage?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pay floods CLEARED

Overturned Prime assault -
Indecent government rape teachers’
employment. The failed education organisation

charges Cameron with a flood of
criticism. The current verdict is agreed:
prosecution dictate

higher veteran pay and floods
In Crown court. The storms will
protect the conditions of the country.

-- Jake Quirke

Dave Lee Travis is found NOT GUILTY
Pay body ends ban on teachers carrying out administrative duties
UK floods: Cameron says Britain 'cannot let this happen again'

Score, With Paleoclimatologist

Event One: Signage strewn in the streets.
People park on the on-ramps.
Thousands of microorganisms in winter.

Event Two: A sliding tree broken, and scorched grapevines.
Bronze bears lick the burnt stems
to identify a long-dead ocean.

Event Three: A broken sediment of colored charcoal
suggests gnarled rain
pointing fingers at the past millennium.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Americans Win All Three Medals in New Skiing Event
Venezuelans in shock over protest deaths
Could California's Drought Last 200 Years?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Email Reading Itself

To atone for posting fake software,
a robot phone plans to steal the Seven Golden Appliances
out of their twisting links of balance

in the League of Household Solicitations.
(That same robot once tracked the movements
of a missing refrigerator all over Queensland.)

If they continue walking long enough,
people tend to develop an extravagant winding message,
reasserted thrice yearly -- an annoying mystery.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Your Refrigerator Is Vulnerable to a Cyberattack
Study Decodes Text-Walking Body Language
Masahiro Tanaka gives the Yankees the man they sought

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Scenarios Reinvent Coup

a mess an opportunity an excuse to reinvent oneself
nobody journalistic to hear who excites or informs
malaise rooted in crippling reliance on opinion polls

hinges on our ability to establish what happened
different scenarios and assumptions foolish to speculate
400-metre police cordon expected in place until Monday

charges often vague evidence elusive arrests come swiftly
crush people angry enough to support a coup
silence dissent, ask very few questions

-- Clark Allison

The rising poverty of American political journalism
Wait to recover bodies following Norfolk helicopter crash
In Egypt, many shrug as freedoms disappear

Friday, January 03, 2014

Outside Meeting In

specks the light, gold. catching its on winter back
bird the creation, everyday. setting its in seed heater
door the the abandoned turns, , an arm as to

endless soon? and the way as bumped round it
mouth the boat, circular. leaning its from life houses
skis the road, bare. frothing its for concrete chatter

crowd the the perched record, , a birds into to
box the the warmed slip, , a thermos of to
imaginable little? but the tube as whispered short they

Glenn R. Frantz

Women are taking their place on the ski jump
Sherlock facts: 21 things you didn't know
Cambridge man sets bird-watching record

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nothing Is Known

Breathing. Breathing. Loop.
Indelible rainbow.
Alligators countless alligators.

Birds, flight, nonsensical patterns.
Miming the, the miming angels.
Deaf airflow visions.  Strenuous, riven, unique.

Absolutely. Absolutely.
Breathing, alone.  The indelible method.
Do not monitor lizards.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Mandela Deaf Interpreter: 'I'm a Sign Language Champ!'
Lizard Breath Evolved Before Dinosaurs, New Study Finds
Young S. African Nelsons Say They Will Carry Mandela's Legacy

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Confess, I'm Sayin'

Humour the actor. He's got
the personality of a brick,
giving a formal

court revealing details
of habitual lies
rather than honest admission.

Shaking, sticky fingers
have been at work.
The pilferers left souvenirs.

-- Paul Clyne

Cumberbatch reading sexual R Kelly lyrics - it's amazing
I'm not proud of drug use - Nigella
Hobbit cast confess to pinching props (and socks)