Monday, January 11, 2021

Steal Cascading Protest

warning signs there Eastern Standard time election night
trying to steal the election facts didn’t matter
motley coalition rioters further incitement banned tweeting

restored to major cities cascading breakdowns countrywide
power plants shut down press conference Islamabad
exact location of the fault grid section delicate web

under pressure give way brutal oppressed famous dictators
learn from history respect voices watched across continent
live every day as last rattled by associated recent protest

-- Clark Allison

The 65 days that led to chaos at the Capitol

Nationwide power blackout plunges Pakistan into darkness

‘This is Africa’s generational cause,’ says Uganda’s election challenger

Monday, December 21, 2020

Covid Christmas Standstill

Matt Hancock says he was shamed on Facebook
after sharing negative comments from people
on proposals on the remaining crunch issues.

Despite time running out before the end
of the Christmas present pile, Matt Hancock
warns the bloc ‘must make the move’.

A strict new lockdown could last for months,
the health secretary says. A deal can be done
but he insists the EU is 'a spoilt brat'.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Covid-19: 'Our duty' to act over Christmas plans, says Matt Hancock
UK-EU trade deal will NOT now be in place on January 1

Mum shamed on Facebook after sharing daughter's Christmas present pile

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Unprecedented Electoral Politics

thousands of supporters alleging electoral fraud
police sought to keep both sides apart sealing off strategy
counter-demonstrators mostly separated yelled insults

standing challenge results, other states explaining decision
judiciously cognisable interest how states conduct election
rejected unprecedented attempt throw out election count

desperate mendacious frenzied, farcical doomed to failure
shape future Republican politics, truth facts common sense
electoral college meets profound collateral damage

-- Clark Allison

US election: Pro-Trump rallies see scuffles in US cities
US Supreme Court rejects Trump-backed challenge to election
Trump's coup failing but American democracy still on critical list

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Six of the Best / Complete Shambles

The advice applies to rail operators
promising exciting new routes
for the Covid-19 year ahead.

Warned of confusion and chaos,
people with a history should not
expect new timings on many routes.

Brighter days are on the horizon:
two people are both fine now
and continue to have no clue.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Covid-19 vaccine: Allergy warning over new jab
Six of the best new train journeys in Europe for 2021
‘It’s too late baby’: Food and drinks leader brands post-Brexit arrangements ‘complete shambles’

Monday, November 30, 2020

Blue Thousands Mandate

claimed illegal immigrants voted in thousands
compared fight to McCarthy era socialist-leaning governors
appeared at hearing-style event certified Biden results

set to escalate tensions as Biden restarts nuclear talks
gun installed inside a blue pick-up truck, then detonated
a fraught period, ramped up stockpile of enriched uranium

yet to present viable candidates, tough act balancing,
eyes on a second mandate, fierce challenge from far-right
struggle to shake off image as out of touch ex-banker elitist

-- Clark Allison

Arizona certifies presidential election results
The killing of Iran’s nuclear mastermind
Is Emmanuel Macron pandering to the far right?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Fact-Checked (No Doubt)

What are Trump's performance limitations?
Just how good is his backwards compatibility?
It's really destroyed our system.

Biden is one of the most crucial components
but there is no evidence the experience is corrupt.
It is a little rough around the edges in some scenarios.

The mystery is finally solved and there's good news:
in America, the vote is a sacred feature.
We'll be looking at that more closely in future.

-- Rupert M Loydell

US election 2020: Donald Trump's speech fact-checked
'The vote is sacred': Biden says he has no doubt
PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility tested - and it's fantastic

Monday, November 09, 2020

Decisive Electoral Results

people forget fast, media and pundits even faster
wasn’t a landslide but a decisive victory
boring and predictable helped him win the election

respect any choice the American nation makes
recognise president on confirmation of official results
correct to wait till legal processes go through

first steps towards moving into the White House
again refused to admit defeat and tried to sow doubt
had delivered, secured enough electoral votes for victory

-- Clark Allison

Putin won’t congratulate Biden until ‘legal processes’ complete
Biden's success is an important win for the world
Biden kicks off transition as Trump refuses to concede

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Impossible Forward Casting

definitely didn’t invent the term fake news
love or loathe far reaching decisions consequences
if re-elected may become impossible to keep in check

vote a formality divided along party lines
rightwing domination cements for years to come
swearing-in to court carried forward cause of freedom

a binary choice for the encumbent sector
casting about as bullish as bearish
potential outcome more nuanced than surface

-- Clark Allison

Oil traders braced for balancing act in wake of US election
How Trump has changed the world
Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to supreme court

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Writing Unveils Food

To make the heartbreaking announcement,
at the level of essential human experience,
I am terrified I will die before the

prestigious TS Eliot prize has revealed
a shortlist that shows that poetry is
“the most resilient, potent, capacious

and universal art we have”, said the jury,
when the pandemic hit, and certain concerns
of ours began to seem rather trivial.

-- John Tucker

TS Eliot prize unveils 'unsettling, captivating' shortlist

Sinead O'Connor begs fans for help
Novelists reveal their secret writing habits

Monday, October 12, 2020

Disease Strategy Risk

strategy contain delay research and mitigate
act to avoid history repeating turning point
severe pandemic and the seasons against us

join together halt spread of this disease
more restrictions three tier system across country
critical moment hospitals filling death rates rising

no longer Covid transmission risk health update
concerns might still be contagious election due
virus still in system sensitive lab tests

-- Clark Allison

UK is at 'tipping point' of Covid crisis, says health official
‘Everyone is fighting’ – how Downing Street lost its grip
Covid: Trump 'no longer a transmission risk to others'

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Sonar Hospital Treatment

A 'solid and pretty big' sonar has detected
drama removing mask. Police said
the mystery creature is likely freshwater,

immediately sparking excited speculation,
after ‘eating what they believed to be
sweets’ at a school in north London.

The sweets are believed to have contained
THC, and been shared on social media,
saluted, waved, and then started filming.

-- John Tucker

Trump appears to gasp for air after tearing off mask
Thirteen pupils taken to hospital after eating THC sweets

Loch Ness Monster ‘caught on sonar’

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A "Challenging" Rescue Operation

Dozens of dead,
transmission is high.
Plans to watch live will not go ahead.

What do we know?
Mr Johnson is shallow water thick
and manoeuvering for space,

cabinet office minister Michael Gove
became stuck on sandbars
among the restrictions.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Coronavirus: 10pm curfew for pubs and restaurants

Coronavirus: Plans for fans to return to sport called off

Dozens of pilot whales dead off Tasmania

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Telling Online Stimulus

Blazes of land and killed over climate change cooler
Crisis of poor forest management telling dismissed concerns
Four more years more of America ablaze

At the centre continued support means monetary stimulus
No political connections a symbol durable administration
Chances Suga calling a snap election for October

Risk considered low higher living settings more at site
Health data viewable online at geographical settings
18,105 Welsh residents data published online for 20 hours

-- Clark Allison

Trump fans flames of climate row in California
Yoshihide Suga wins landslide in Japanese leadership contest
Coronavirus: 18,000 test results published by mistake

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Monday, August 31, 2020

Weary Struggle Distress

seeking urgent assistance
unable to move and needs help
'Get your knee off our necks'

someone uses water to darken and define
attempting to cross the expanse
provide enough time at home

commemorate the historic
at least one dead person
expressed their frustration

-- Rupert M Loydell

'Weary' teachers frustrated by late guidance
'Get your knee off our necks': Struggle for justice continues
Banksy-funded migrant rescue vessel in distress at sea

Friday, August 14, 2020

Trigger Testing Moment

grappling with something that is unprecedented
difficult and uncertain time
could trigger so not pretend quarters of decline

with a similar aim in mind
beating every other country to the milestone
drug still in testing phase sceptical dangerous decision

knows what it’s like to be under scrutiny
since the moment the presumptive nominee announced
a very aggressive and determined interrogator

-- Clark Allison

Recession is unprecedented, says Chancellor Rishi Sunak
West’s response to Russian vaccine owes as much to geopolitics as science

Kamala Harris VP pick: How she could help - or hurt - Joe Biden

Friday, July 10, 2020

Expanding Effects Episode

more differences of opinion than anticipated
a serious episode hyper-paranoid about everything
worried but remain confident will stabilize

‘cause I don’t write ain’t no counter-culture protest song
restless ambiguous trouble got it out on the radiowaves
expanding theme now had a purpose a viewpoint

stronger growing next-gen gaming visual effects making way
creating a larger digital ecosystem
using the platform releasing follow up consoles

-- Clark Allison

Musk ‘reconsiders’ support for Kanye West presidential run
The Story Behind The Song: ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’
Sony Invests $250 Million in Epic Game

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Playing Her Unacceptable Part

The home secretary is making garments from waste yarn.
She is a fashion hothouse born in a row of lock-ups.
'We had just moved in and were raring to go.'

Protesters and partygoers breaking distancing rules,
a heap of old tyres and a mouldy old mattress.
All it needs is the models and the photoshoot can begin.

The police responded with baton charges, tear gas,
crisp new garments and other rule breaches. Seamstresses
face the full force of the law. Paris fashion explodes.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Patel slams protesters and partygoers for lockdown breaches
The fashion hothouse born in a row of lock-ups
Horror as Paris riot police attacked by mob of HUNDREDS

Moscow Nails Heatwave Dressing in These Beautiful Space Pictures

The Duchess of Cambridge orbits the planet
at a height of about 250 miles, barely visible
to the naked eye. On a clear night, Donald Trump

knows a good dress when he sees one. Whether
he’s hosting a reception or taking part in a photograph
he’s usually wearing a frock, and never seems overdressed

for the occasion. NASA said: 'This composite image
shows the President in silhouette. He was briefed in March
with a bit of astronomical knowhow and has a crew on board.'

-- Rupert M Loydell

'Nobody told' Trump Russia paying Taliban to kill US troops
How Duchess of Cambridge nails heatwave dressing every time
See the ISS transit the Sun in these beautiful NASA pictures

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Hottest Day of the Year

There are warnings that action will be taken
followed by violent clashes if social distancing
contained an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

Social media showed shocking scenes
of a heaving Boris Johnson: huge crowds
plunged into another former lockdown.

MPs concerned about the sacking of the beaches
were arrested and at least one person was injured
using violent tactics from Israeli secret services.

-- Rupert M Loydell

No10 warns of new lockdown as 500,000 cram onto beaches on hottest day of year
Coronavirus morning headlines as it's warned beaches could be closed if lockdown rules are ignored
Labour anti-Semitism row: Long-Bailey allies urge Starmer to reinstate her

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Few Words & Phrases

What do 'white privilege' and 'ally' mean?
Life experiences will affect how they define them
Hospitals have more than a week to prepare

What do 'white privilege' and 'ally' mean?
The bodies of a girl, two women and four men
A dog was also found shot dead at the property.

What do 'white privilege' and 'ally' mean?
People often have different ideas
The government has been accused

-- Rupert M Loydell

What do 'thug', 'white privilege' and 'ally' mean?
Government accused of blindsiding NHS trusts
Seven people and dog shot dead in Alabama house

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Enormous Floyd Fallout

threat still looms welcome
customers, services, tight rules spiking
some train stops remain, curfew until

burning tearing apart wrenching murder.
borderlands from a different planet
second home votes outnumbered

they gathered mirrors
could have been me
could have been my brother

-- Sivan Spector

Why George Floyd's death is resonating around the world
Chicago begins reopening from pandemic
George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Might as Well Have Lived on Different Planets

Curb Extremists Pleading

sheer tumult unceasing torrent of events
unable to find its bearing and grasp
African American pleading mutual understanding

steps of Lincoln Memorial living in a ‘police state’
try and curb flared protestors and police
tear gas rubber bullets pepper spray

very special using frequently to authenticate his faith
church building partisan purposes religious extremists
black white painfully aware slavery supremacy segregation

-- Clark Allison

Trump has normalised mayhem and the US is paying the price
George Floyd protests: National Guard at Lincoln Memorial
Trump’s use of the Bible was obscene

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Many in System

I will take years to recover from
the scheme of the engines;
“Block, block, blunt! Block, block, blunt!”

And the people, the swarms of people:
rushed to an early positive, descended
devoured, destroyed. The worst

are still cultivated on the fire acres;
locust ministers with chilli-sick blaze.
Government farmers will not starve.

-- Rebecca Eddy

'Many will starve': locusts devour crops & livelihoods in Pakistan
London fire: Huge blaze engulfs block of flats in Bethnal Green
Coronavirus: Test and trace system kicks off in England

Friday, April 17, 2020

Assess Reopen Potential

spread of the virus measures you take to protect
lack of symptoms correlates to a lack of infection
eager to reopen the economy number daily tests needed

at both a delicate and a dangerous stage
required by law assess whether rules are working
shutting many businesses and preventing gatherings

ended up in bad movies failed to make a dent
unfulfilled potential of a mediocre end product
admirably acquit obvious being generous

-- Clark Allison

Reopening economy depends on testing. Trump leaving to states.
Coronavirus: UK lockdown extended for 'at least' three weeks
10 Brilliant Performances Trapped In Terrible Recent Movies

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Comes Widespread Threat

false; experts told not widespread as now-deleted texts
petitions, organizations, studies, popular claims
launched in China dead of effects (archived)

maybe toughest week wasn’t done but there will be death
when the brunt of it comes ready to hit the area
may endure before hitting apex

biggest threat in decades step-by-step action plan
will not be a short battle
get nation through this period difficult

-- Clark Allison

Experts dismiss claims that 5G wireless technology created the novel coronavirus
Donald Trump warns ‘There will be a lot of death’ from coronavirus this week
Boris Johnson invites opposition party leaders to coronavirus briefing to ‘work together

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Stoke Ciara Fraud

Winds high warnings
Ciara week conditions Amber
Across expected Sunday

Refund conned but saving
Their retirees £43,000 negligent
Two fraud lose at bank

Unexplained Police treating death
Materials woman’s hazardous
Death as found Northwood

-- Rosalyn Hill

Bank fraud: couple lose £43,000 but can't get a refund
Storm Ciara to bring high winds across UK this weekend
Stoke woman's death may have involved hazardous materials

Monday, February 03, 2020

National Emergency

The virus confirmed
150 dead
Another year of uncertainty

Terror offenders,
In the south of London
Two weeks of stabbings

Wildlife released and
Will it seek to diverge?

-- Rebecca Kealy

Coronavirus: China admits 'shortcomings and deficiencies'
Brexit just happened. Britain and EU arguing about what comes next
Streatham attacker named as convicted terror offender Sudesh Amman

News on Monday

Goals of dying a martyr
He smiled
And waved

Escalating tensions and
Trump-like tactics Accused
To avoid scrutiny

Left in tears hoping
To rekindle romance
She had to leave

-- Jess Hamilton

Streatham attack - suspect said he wanted to 'die a martyr'
Political journalists boycott No 10 briefing after reporter ban
How Connor Durman reacted to Sophie Piper's Love Island exit

Panic Took Nothing

A team, dead outside
Undercover as a knife swooped.
Officers backing off.

Fear spread after
country suggest epidemic.
Assistance imposed a ban.

The Last Blitz.
People gathered as voting began,
crimes committed, felony convictions.

-- Maddy Duke

Heart-stopping moment police take out Streatham terrorist
Coronavirus: China accuses US of 'spreading fear'
'You basically are nothing': Americans shut out of Iowa caucuses

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Death is free

He appeared in the outbreak.
They Announced the murder.
People have been infected.

A handgun was pulled
The two men dead.
In life-threatening conditions.

Terrorism, two men dead.
Escaped, Escaped.
Its fundamental.

-- Hannah White

Streatham attacker had been released from jail
Coronavirus: First death outside China reported in Philippines
Hired gunman who shot dead two bouncers in gym killing is free

Announcing Unclassified Frustration

Incident happened incident reported
Investors unlikely
Hours horrific

Unclassified services attended
Keep the going rate stable
Saturday snaps documented shared

Sunday early hours
Decision coming in favour
Knees, hips and sides “war wounds”

-- Alice Mitchell

Young man tragically dies in car crash during the early hours of Sunday morning
Pound Sterling’s Further Strength Could Be Limited Versus the Euro
Caprice Bourret's horrific bruises and frustration before quitting Dancing On Ice

Encourage vibey comments

Slash shit comments
To encourage enthusiasm
Rather than suffering

Reassure the weak
Quiet the worried
Encourage alive tendencies

Encourage well wishes
Accept their sickness
Union is vibey

-- Joseph Nash

Car industry could see price war on hybrid vehicles in 2020
'Empathy' for independent Scotland joining the EU says Tusk
The 1975’s Matty Healy updates fans on his hospitalisation for “serious illness”

Death, disease and politics

London deadterrorist shot
Stabbing blood everywhere
Multiple spree police

Officials in China
Taking doctors’ face
Masks show fury

Not rules, Britain
Argued point strongly
Defeat aligning regulations

-- Yazmin White

‘Blood was everywhere’: Eyewitnesses detail London terrorist stabbing spree
Fury in China as footage appears to show officials taking doctors' face masks
Brexit: Britain 'will not be aligning with EU rules' - Raab

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Choose Vote Risk

Where also command
Situation could be keeping
All Republicans tonic

Attempt to realisation
In pets writing or China
Culled people immediately

Revolution day reveal
Computers democratic
Village witnesses bereft.

-- Sophie Deakin

I did not choose Brexit, but I did choose democracy
Impeachment: Failed witnesses vote paves way for acquittal
China orders citizens to get rid of their pets

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Much Failed Breathing

Virus construction
amid four counts of

A warrant for justice
hanging, in
separate winds

Concrete difficulties
put in place.
Isolated, infected, indecent.

-- Halle Merrick

Trump's wall: High winds blow over US-Mexico border fence
Paedophile ex-teacher found hanged in shed
Coronavirus: Brits among 7,000 trapped on cruise ship

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Symptoms Rebellion Vote

The virus will soon be discovered here,
though all tests have been.
Tests have been. Negative.

Giving their backing to the treaty. The UK-EU treaty.
The landmark will mark the final.
And even music. It will mark the final. Mark the final.

Johnson is facing a rebellion over his,
Decision. Tories try to force a vote
On China reduce thirty-five percent.

- Conrad Gardner

Symptoms of coronavirus: what to look for
Johnson faces Tory rebellion after allowing Huawei 5G role
European Parliament overwhelmingly backs terms of UK's exit

Damage on Wednesday

this article was first were to collide
A collision were 1 moves on
The odds that escape in 2

No one knows that expected 3
A collision complicates odds
Repair permanent damage .

If the two satellites show the few cells
lead the lung to lungs
a near miss 4: Quitting.

-- Hailey O'Gorman

2 satellites will — hopefully — narrowly avoid colliding
Love Island spoiler: Leanne left fuming
Lungs 'magically' heal damage from smoking

Saturday, January 11, 2020

What are the Travel Implications?

An extradition request
crashed near the capital
Catastrophe is feared

Death by dangerous driving
Animals have died
passengers and crew died

Human error at time of crisis
is now admitted         A sad day
Choke parts of the nation

-- Rupert M Loydell

Australia’s Fires Are Still Raging
Harry Dunn death: US says extradition request 'highly inappropriate'
Iran plane crash: What are the travel implications

Monday, January 06, 2020

Proxy Liaison Agenda

few tears shed killing most consequential in recent memory
unprecedented challenges to regional hegemony
doomsday scenarios far fetched proxy asymmetric warfare

anti-government protests in semi-autonomous territory
head China's liaison office in Hong Kong,
violent at times, hard-line demonstrators clash with police

hoping to set agenda ahead of Oscars
dead-set on Killing Eve all listed in the acting categories
could interest Hollywood types in the room five nominations

-- Clark Allison

Suleimani’s death is a huge blow to Iran
China brings in hard-line enforcer in Hong Kong
Golden Globe Awards: What you need to know

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Charges and Acquittal

slew of laws biggest Conservative victory since 1987
Withdrawal Agreement Bill first to be debated
urgently criminalise activity seek cross-party consensus

partisan debate the merits of the two charges
attempt to pressure, bargain on terms of proceedings
lawless partisan impeachment, reckless activities

abuse of power alleged, announce investigations
to pretend away facts threat to election’s integrity
acquittal expected at Senate trial

-- Clark Allison

What was in the post-election Queen's Speech?
Donald Trump is impeached and faces trial in the US Senate
Donald Trump impeached by House of Representatives in historic vote

Monday, December 02, 2019

Where Alternative Lacking

have after firing teargas and beaten residents
the whole protesting, violently deployed
like crazy dogs, where the law where morality

a high-functioning narcissistic sociopath
enlightened progressive dangerous to refuse Henry
little more than a scheming seductress

out of favour died divorced beheaded
digging and drilling to take advantage of possibilities
burning carbon-based fuels our war against nature

-- Clark Allison

Chinese riot police fire teargas and beat up protesters
Books of the month: From Dave Eggers to Hayley Nolan
World must stop ‘war against nature’, UN chief says

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Refreshed Media Approach

denying doctored video, appearing to falter
had provided a full answer light-hearted satirical
confused and pausing for several seconds, no plan for Brexit

to curb fake asylum-seekers channel skilled foreign workers
win voters far-right, angry denunciations, grudging approval
a lot of hot air treading carefully without alienating

refreshed by statements from other key witnesses
scheme to use foreign policy to advance political interests
it is uncertain to not comply with impeachment inquiry

-- Clark Allison

Tory minister scrambles to defend doctored video
France to unveil new immigration quotas
Top US diplomat changes tune while giving evidence

Friday, November 01, 2019

Whose Political Idea

Election night Harrow 2017 a tense affair
Labour won with slim majority
occurred to me they might gain one.

The measure details how the inquiry will move on
The resolution sets out due process
rights for lawyers under the congressional inquiry.

clear he was against rich media magnates

-- Clark Allison

It's voters, not pollsters, who will write the story of this election
Trump impeachment: House votes to formalise inquiry
General election 2019: Labour gambles on 'radical' strategy

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Bad Thing

The greenhouse is a positive environment
but we are all happier in the dark;
seek weekday treats with metered-dose of humour.

But why the sense of narcissism?
That fruit is rotten so don’t call me “they”!
For a fiver you could be immune to this.

There is a toughness to this anxiety;
a lunge of both mental and meat.
Who told you about the shame?

-- Rebecca Eddy

Narcissists are happier than the rest of us
Asthma inhalers as bad for the environment as eating meat
We know a thing or two about being told we’re useless at our job

Hard Exotica Flaws

portraying saying more about makers than subject
walked across Tokyo’s most crowded zebra crossing
in on the joke exotica born out of mistranslation

tears up measure without bothering to repeal it
win leads to ruinous hard Brexit before formal withdrawal
returned to square one craves a safe majority

messy world alert to racial social discrimination
if casting stones good people have flaws
circular firing squad straying from purity on the issues

-- Clark Allison

‘So alien! So other!’: how western TV gets Japanese culture wrong
The only reason we’re having an election is because of MPs’ cynicism
Barack Obama challenges 'woke' culture

Monday, October 28, 2019

Other Routes

harrowing footage
three-question referendum
the sensible thing to do

muddy the issue
poised to fail again
the sensible thing to do

scenes of chaos,
dying friends
the sensible thing to do

-- Rupert M Loydell

No 10 sources say UK edging closer to a December election
Tony Blair ridiculed after calling for second Brexit vote
Two people feared dead at homecoming party in Texas

Monday, October 21, 2019

Impact Delay Costs

using tear gas state of emergency turned violent
firebombed company headquarters anger rising living costs
repeated attacks peso devaluation rising cost of energy

likely to face a legal challenge will not negotiate delay
not daunted or dismayed by defeat adopted an emollient tone
implored to throw weight behind shared crashing out destiny

host the event at his own resort, find a venue
800-acre 643-room facility appropriate federal
security vetting discuss all issues that impact us

-- Clark Allison

MPs put brakes on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with rebel amendment
Chile imposes state of emergency after Santiago riots
Trump awarded the G7 to his resort in Doral

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Such Arising Uncertainty

biting sanctions could provoke make desperate enough
can pose a serious threat strike on a land-based facility
no such thing limited strike deteriorating sanctions relief

fourth in two years named security negotiator
worked long and hard heightened tensions fresh uncertainty
helped win hostage release Yemen, Taliban halt peace talks

hearing appeals arising from separate challenges
the legality of Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament
heated debate political machinations outside fever bubble

-- Clark Allison

Whatever Iran’s role in the Saudi attack, the regional status quo is unsustainable
Hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien is Trump's new US national security adviser
Supreme Court judges urged to 'stand up for democracy' in Parliament suspension hearing

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sabotaged Establishment Record

that MPs stood in the way of mandate to leave EU
have done nothing to honour referendum result
to have sabotaged Brexit and by extension Britain

prorogue a populist move, leader of the people
to unite the Brexit-supporting, as remainers fracture
against hated establishment and ‘remainer elite’

working very hard on Amazon fires
this fake news campaign against sovereignty won’t work
spurned criticism of their environmental record

-- Clark Allison

Boris Johnson wants a ‘people v parliament’ election
Brexit payback: What did MPs expect?
Jair Bolsonaro demands Macron withdraw 'insults' 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Latest Release Procedure

to know which version the latest
ditch the naming scheme
Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop, 10

some telling patents and cryptic statements
on track for late release
mostly a quirky retro novelty

seize back control and seek more time
tough unending Brexit palpable
refuse to re-open Article 50 procedure

-- Clark Allison

Android ditches desserts as Q becomes 10
Folding Moto Razr Might Launch in December for $1,500
Emmanuel Macron now wants to force Britain out of the EU

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Better Free Decision

neither side really knows who made a right decision
chance of stopping bad policies from the inside
the mythical creature his enemies painted him

condemned Macron’s foolishness, target energy companies
substantial reciprocal action, wine better than French
we have great wines, paying money to put into product

attack on residents by suspected gang members
sat ground free Hong Kong shocked travellers walked through
called violence peacefully and rationally life respect

-- Clark Allison

Inside and outside cabinet, there are Tories worrying if they’ve done the right thing
Trump threatens tariffs on French wine in response to Macron's 'digital tax'
Hong Kong airport staff stage protest against Yuen Long attack

Monday, July 15, 2019

Truth Contempt

The surge is fading
Please keep speaking up
without fear or favour

Demonstrate outside
speaking truth to power
Please keep speaking up

In the fallout from
the fight to succeed
please keep speaking up

-- Rupert M Loydell

Brexit Party surge is fading, new poll shows
Tommy Robinson fans set to target prison after former EDL leader jailed for contempt of court
Hunt exhorts UK envoys to 'speak truth to power' in coded rebuke to Johnson

Weird Declining Dusk

heart and soul plant investment boost car industry
industry-wide increase efficiency declining bad concern
electric vehicles low-emission target scrapped by budget

extraordinary economic success and dynamism
important to speak adapted national culture bought
apparent arrogance weird friends constituents neighbours

adhere patriotic themes stay true to our cause
unfolded occasional rain planned capped by aerobatics team
fireworks beginning at dusk summoning the tanks not a prop

-- Clark Allison

Jaguar Land Rover signal faith in electric revolution with £1bn factory
Boris Johnson: Too Many Areas In The UK Where English Is Not First Language
Trump hails ‘greatest political journey’ during Independence Day speech

Friday, June 14, 2019

Warning Protocol: Riots!

The creator is naked
when visiting the civilised;
aged in power, aged in will.

Another protest is drawn;
a wave, a wave, a wave,
then they all wave back.

The royal is a plant!
It is all unacceptable;
another wave and we break.

-- Rebecca Eddy

Chernobyl selfies lead to warning from show's writer
Prince Andrew breaks protocol, wades into Brexit row
Hong Kong extradition protests: Lam criticises 'organised riots'

All Sensible Democratic

more compelling attacks in the region
tanker carrying petrochemicals changed tack
oil embargo influence over all regional dossiers

a democratic way would not look like this
self-destructive act surpass diplomatic humiliation of Suez
descends into chaos acrimony offensive in every corner

proroguing the option of suspending parliament
a sensible grown-up debate can be cacophonous
my commitment will of the people get this Brexit thing done

-- Clark Allison

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: What could be Iran's motive?
British people denied a voice in choosing prime minister
Conservative leadership field slims to six

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Proof Algorithms Nonentities

gallery of rogues nonentities façade of elaborate civility
dully ineffective seriously clever
zealots of deregulation and free market

ferocity of debate a proof ideological stakes high
petition to disqualify entire season
the idea of narrative closure intolerable

video achieved from a single photo
convincing deepfake has huge misuse potential
algorithms trained on public 7000 images database

-- Clark Allison

Who should be the next Tory leader? Our panel responds
Game of Thrones Tapped Into Fears
Mona Lisa 'brought to life' with deepfake AI

Monday, May 13, 2019

Swallow Monopolistic Idea

accept significant supporting step month of little progress
come to terms with idea subject cross-party unless
show progress pull out with pressure resumed

would not swallow any bitter fruit
beef lamb fruit juice cooking oil tea coffee
impose bilateral tariffs denied consumers would pay

line-drawing not make a lot of sense
allegedly sets the stage adding a mandatory fee
monopolistic 30 percent commission

-- Clark Allison

Brexit: Cross-party deal must include new referendum
China hits back in trade war with US
Supreme Court says Apple will have to face App Store monopoly lawsuit

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Harvesting Exit Horizon

please do not waste this time
option of leaving wanted to move exit date
could mean leadership contest

gates of hell at the end of space time
towards the event horizon when enough mass collapses
gravity field pulls light inside

data harvesting publishing processing information
resource extraction on massive scale the new oil
exponentially expand digital extraction opportunities

-- Clark Allison

Brexit: UK and EU agree delay to 31 October
Big Tech must pay for access to America’s ‘digital oil’
Black hole seen for first time in image showing matter being sucked into timeless oblivion

Friday, March 29, 2019

Towards Restructuring Limits

due the day
I fear we are reaching the limits of this process
rejected withdrawal agreement

rebranding part of a movement
towards becoming a new political party
furious about potential confusion caused

fend off moves to take control
restructuring and refinancing imminent
fall into hands make offer for rights issue

-- Clark Allison

Brexit: MPs reject May's EU withdrawal agreement furious at Independent Group MPs
Debenhams completes £200m refinancing

Friday, February 08, 2019

Brexit Off Piste

So. How open does the EU seem
to a game of show-and-tell
in weather forecast terms?

Sitting down with a table full of
alternatives to the backstop
almost a week on from chaos,

one of the group may have
triggered the avalanche before
parliament narrowly voting in favour

-- Rupert M Loydell

Brexit: EU digs heels in over deal
Candid Kate! Duchess shares a family photo
British man among four killed during avalanche

Evolving Cultural Pull

forged cinema new wave publicist infection treatment
kitchen sink angry young man evolving screen
mixture of defiance and selfishness key extremely

secret slash taxes tariffs pull economy to tank
challenging divisive issue series flies told source
percolate through trading wearing pretty thin

many rights extending prayer division fracturing attended
love gaining women vote greatest strides
re-energise heading off a desperate cultural resistance

-- Clark Allison

Albert Finney, cinema's original 'angry young man', dies aged 82
Theresa May to hold talks as Labour issues ultimatum
Trump: One of America's greatest accomplishments is ‘abolition of civil rights’

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Storm from Hell

This deepening area of pressure
Threatening, heavy, and powerful
Crashing as the last low hits

A “special place in hell”
A plan to carry it out
Sounds more like heaven to me

Social media helped kill her
Took graphic images of self-harm
And removed her from her life

-- Jennifer Grounds

Storm Erik to BATTER Britain with 70mph winds
Tusk: 'Special place in Hell' for Brexit promoters
Instagram vows to remove self-harm images from site

A Promising Leader

She set out her five demands
She held a plan to carry it out
Robust but constructive

A meeting for renegotiation
In a special place in hell

It comes
PM warned not to end the World

-- Sam Tempest

France recalls ambassador to Italy as row deepens
Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit plan 'promising', Donald Tusk
Brexit deal may not be put to MPs until late March

Stand Amid Conviction

Most of the applause this week
Hit the headlines earlier after the crisis
Evidence perceived Roy’s death

Familiar friend wanted to kill
State of foreign threats published
Text sent throughout an interview

Two months later she was called
Rape, abortion, cuts border the rambling
Instructed only to the fault of her Independent

-- Justin C. Legions

Court upholds manslaughter conviction for Massachusetts woman
Democratic women in white stand out against Trump
Whoopi Goldberg defends Liam Neeson amid race row

The Garage Politician

A world-class mime,
even though he called it ‘desperate’
Spoke out in praise

Without speaking a word
In the ongoing battle
With rapid-fire robotic flow.

Performed in a cluttered garage
In a manner so sarcastic
Claimed he’d broken a world record.

-- Joseph Lotter

Pelosi turns clapping into a viral art form
"I'm the greatest Fortnite streamer": PewDiePie
‘I thought it was me’ – Eminem praises impression

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Humans: no kindness

Student missing
Groping men
Species pushed toward extinction

Claims of toxins and sexual touching
Trapping, poaching and slaughter
Humans significant threats

Complaint: woman, men and nature threatened
Security informed, no kindness or support
Killing, loss, extinction, no decline

-- Rivie Penfold

Parents of Libby Squire ‘overwhelmed’ by support
Tory MP accused of groping men in Commons bar
Killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Another Woman Gone

A woman is injured again,
The death of another flame,
Broken, attacked and detained.

A desperate scream gets lost,
A story of yesterday still untold,
Attacked, alone, and gone.

A body found cold and battered,
Its miserable condition wreaked havoc,
A warning, a storm, an example.

-- Bonnie Bolt

Paris woman detained as 10 die in apartment fire
Neighbour tells of woman's ‘urgent and panicked’ scream
UK weather forecast: Heavy rain and 60mph gales

Water With Words

the flow of rivers is musical,
dancing a dramatic story of change,
singing songs with no words.

a lengthy novel written by the water.
the mind viewing the story,
even if we are expecting different.

it is a well-known landmark,
a stage for the musical.
we died for it to live.

-- Layla Cray

A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report
Differences between Les Misérables and new BBC TV series
Italy avalanche kills British and French skiers

Being Wrong Succeeded

past the jorts and the eyebrows and the extreme wonk
body clock conflicts
My mere existence seems to antagonize

universe banger: the best kind, and the rarest kind.
“morning” or “evening”
or, at least, so the received wisdom goes.

looked at 341 snippets of
a lovely unthreatening place to go
and therefore have decided not to

-- Eileen Walden

Five benefits of being an early riser
Which one of our reporters succeeded in Veganuary challenge?
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is so wrong it's right

Monday, February 04, 2019

Think of war

a man handles cold departure.
on a different morning,
war riots the underground.

a family is detained by armed suspicion.
in this crisis of unnamed war,
people think of scarring behaviour.

a person with terminal plans
issues an emergency evacuation
from the cold decade of civil existence.

-- Jess Henshall

Millennials' pay 'scarred' by the 2008 banking crisis
Heathrow: Armed police rush to reports of 'man with knife'
Queen to be evacuated if Brexit turns ugly – reports

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Brexit Speaks Nuclear

Urgently trying to fight
the need to express
as options fall away.

The want to deliver
the people’s vote
violating the treaty.

Obligations, control, momentum has stalled
the doomed era of setbacks
the new Cold War.

-- Will Kevern

INF nuclear treaty: Russia follows US in suspending pact
Jacob Rees-Mogg speaks DIRECTLY to Express readers
Brexit: fight for 'people's vote' not over yet, say campaigners

Friday, February 01, 2019

Chaos of Fear

Morning of misery.
A string of issues with
a fresh amber warning

running risk of
breaking the day
with a very low tomorrow.

In abandoned conditions,
in fear of attention,
on Thursday was discovered.

-- Mae Gaynor

Snow causes chaos as temperatures hit lowest for seven years
Over 100 drivers stranded and forced to sleep in PUB
Newborn girl abandoned in east London park in freezing weather

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Prepare for pressure

pressure on independence
amid fresh machinations
sustained and serious

carry a knife dipped in violence
relied upon, whilst the government fails
cold temperatures and votes ongoing

warnings issued
a bloody snap
prepare for legislation

-- Samuel Goward

Brexit: Labour MPs and TUC push back against No 10 bid
London gang speaks of violence in the capital
UK weather: Amber snow warning issue

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Late Phase

the repeating bursts were recorded
small flecks of blue radio
found from the mouth of an ancient whale

a chime's skeleton in lapis lazuli
a telescope's oceans feasting on her light
this mouth questions stones with religious intensity

advances the picture, gold as the small fish
buried in pigment
staining the books with unexplained signal

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Medieval skeleton found with rare, expensive blue ink embedded in teeth, could rewrite women's history
Scientists Discover The Remains of a Whale Inside a Bigger, Ancient Whale
Mysterious 'repeater' fast radio burst detected from faraway galaxy

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Answer Values Divide

these briefings, day month, can end quickly
press secretary, erupt knowing laughs and groans
sacrosanct was, questions innermost accountability

wider political divide space race environmental degradation
bipartisanship dwindles to see what we never expected
more continuous spectrum political surprises polarised

after struggles and divisions how to disagree well
a spirit of openness what it means to be together
aim for common unity and peace vision values commitment

-- Clark Allison

The demise of the daily White House press briefing
Archbishop Justin Welby calls for 'spirit of openness' in 2019
Charts of the year: from polarised politics to damaging pollution

Monday, December 10, 2018

Dazzling Delay Prospect

Faced with get out choice.
May’s delay will cost credibility.
She’s taken an axe to her hapless government.

firm hollow empty words Trump warned jailtime prospect
illegal hush-money evidence at centre fraud investigation
long road controversial developments potential indictments

Special Counsel impeachable territory global Sino-centric
decline of Pax Americana fantastic dazzling point of view
rights authoritarian powers difficult and dangerous times

-- Clark Allison

The country will pay the price for May’s Brexit vote delay
President warned of impeachment and jail time as probe escalates
China, America and the road to a new world order

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Torched Deal Topple

still could win vote
told of attempt to topple
a real risk

Paris riots to meet groups protest
peaceful giles jaunes turns violent
torched cars set fire to banks

declared a violation regime test-fired missile
US tensions continue to rise growing missile proliferation
call upon to dismay cease tore up curbs deal

-- Clark Allison

Brexit: Gove warns of referendum if MPs don't back PM's deal
Paris riots: PM to meet protest groups after worst unrest in decade
Iran 'test fires multiple warhead capable missile violating UN resolution'

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Reject Ferocious Questions

Vast swathes of Britain could be struck
by widespread strong winds and
the question of another vote.

Theresa May will turn down Nicola Sturgeon,
batter parts of Jeremy Corbyn
and mitigate most of the impacts.

She is set to crash through the UK.
Forecasters warned of nasty conditions
and the Treasury published an analysis

-- Rupert M Loydell

Theresa May vows to reject any independence bid
Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict
Storm Diana to bring ferocious 80mph winds

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Words Alleged Ambitions

reliably churned out hard-line immigration legislation
supportive of words and deeds policy priorities
see their efforts languish to scrutinise administration

picked up by French security services investigation
suspects and alleged plot not yet released
criminal terrorist vague ill-defined stage republic

core module attraction southern coastal city
symbolises country's ambitions first permanently crewed
conduct microgravity research 60-tonne orbiting lab

-- Clark Allison

Mid-term election results: What it all means for Trump
Macron: Six held in 'attack' plot against French president
China unveils new ‘Heavenly Palace’ space station

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Surreal Yet Political

like mother of all bombs flattens beach town
yet to report fatalities got to hardest-hit areas
smashed into state's west coast carry out thorough search

curious slightly bemused Manhattan woman stopped in Park
inexplicable call mesmerising formula of political chaos
surreal stories subconscious inexplicable parallel universe

from policy or strategic perspective a fool's errand
latches onto something generally speaking every day
surreal meeting levers of the visual filling the airwaves

-- Clark Allison

Hurricane Michael flattens beach town like 'mother of all bombs'
Haruki Murakami: ‘You have to go through the darkness before you get to the light’
Donald Trump's dream presidency is happening now

Monday, September 17, 2018

To Foil Time

broke silence on possibility of a second vote
throw to chaos vote troubling and interesting
whole mistake process seeing through profound betrayal

a striking contrast most powerful foil still taking shape
have almost nothing in common redistricting expected
prioritize races key to winning House and Senate

to avoid breakdown acrimony antagonism of citing fault
legislation governing divorce notify of intent
if separation is mutually agreed time ripe to change

-- Clark Allison

Labour trying to 'frustrate' Brexit process after second referendum call, Tories claim
Barack Obama is back to fire up the base – Democrat and Republican
No-fault divorce rule mooted to end 'blame game' in break-up

Monday, August 20, 2018

Ideologically Persuaded Consequences

final third bailout programme having avoided Grexit
unknown territory crash out damage lenders a close watch
wrong path harmed country high taxes austerity persuaded

exuded extraordinary calm trying to deal with consequences
no stranger to controversy unachievable and thankless tasks
five veto-wielding permanent members conflicting interests

lost out to the mainstream bid to be official Brexit
a sensible thing to do obsessed ideologically
to cause dedicated absolutely giving a meaningful vote

-- Clark Allison

End of Greek bailouts offers little hope to young
Kofi Annan: a kind statesman and a gifted diplomat
Brexit: Tory MPs warn of entryism threat from Leave.EU

Friday, July 20, 2018

Comes Tectonic Sky

From on high by satellite,
continents with textures of glass or snakeskin
(translucent, like actual Gondwanan snakes)

with the usual scratch and impact resistance
of million-year-old amber.
Tracked by ancient streamers,

the movements of Australia and Madagascar,
the further evolution of India,
and the missing paleontologists.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Glass phones are about to get really, really cool
First fossilized snake embryo rewrites history
Comcast Drops Out of Bidding War for 21st Century Fox

To Alternative Culture

raise confidence in our culture visuals special effects
hotly anticipated very imaginative backers said
inspired by Tibetan Buddhist mythology

some claimed fake news to be expected opponents schism
Nato a mafioso racket follow lemmings into apocalypse
out of touch with priorities and values

comes to a head before and after the vote
misunderstanding sheer dishonesty worth trying
won't fly favoured alternative trade agreements

-- Clark Allison

Brexit Meets Gravity
The Nato summit proves Europe doesn't get Trump – or the US
China's most expensive film is withdrawn after it flops

Monday, June 25, 2018

Cross-Border Tensions Flows

migrant crisis flows towards Europe reduced
everybody's responsibility and a spirit of solidarity
share burden and pressure our history our rights efficiency

trade wars easy to win effort to correct injustices
tensions between the two continued to fray
a war of words hit hard vital component

Brexit cross-border movement scale of the challenge
less interesting choice decline in popularity apparent
possibilities better been long-term desirable position

-- Clark Allison

Macron warns Italy 'France has NO lessons to learn'
Chinese tariffs aim to hit Trump in his electoral base
London still most desirable city for overseas workers

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Of Conciliatory Mysteries

working to resurrect inappropriate anger open hostility
conciliatory statement productive talks necessary extended
growing weapons arsenal historic realistic verifiable

swirling rumours another poll this year
ready for any surprise ballot rebellious
of permanent notice for snap general election

a cup of tea a bit of cake not our private possession
a celebration of the mysteries be received
bread into body wine into blood apostles in memory

-- Clark Allison

Jeremy Corbyn puts Labour on 'permanent notice' for snap general election
Meeting with North Korea? That requires some cold-eyed realism
Cardinal: Communion cannot be shared with non-Catholics like beer or cake

Monday, May 07, 2018

To Identify Possibility

utterly evaporated pessimism voted to stay
complaint of a generation for their part
swapping theoretical sovereignty for actual power

big sprawling annual developer conference
smarter more forward-looking structural overhaul
visual interface design improvement understand identify

seemed outlandish possibility trading threats and insults
exact actual relinquishing of weapons preserved to deter
withdrawing quixotic move uncertain demands intentions

-- Clark Allison

Britain was utterly wretched in 1975. No wonder Europe seemed a better bet
Eight things to expect at Google I/O 2018
Trump says time, place set for planned U.S.-North Korea summit

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Damages of War

cold no longer cold war back with a vengeance
pitch of paranoia less communication
jostling scrum of major powers

locked and loaded Russia strikes illegal
chemical attack on rebel-held territory
prepared to sustain pressure test of will

unlikely to shift course of war
at pains now to avoid further escalation
more of a psychological nature few damages

-- Clark Allison

Danger awaits in rush for influence on crowded battlefield
Trump, May and Macron agree Syria strike "had been a success"
U.S. says air strikes cripple Syria chemical weapons programme

Monday, April 09, 2018

Delete All Bliss

policies in the wake of positive world force
clearly all options on the table
mix more action associated with fake news

prevent these tools to delete accounts
not 100 percent certainty what materials
if you haven't beaten the game yet

failed completely to halt ominous regression
final choice spoil all three endings resist
apparently teleports around brainwashing cloud of Bliss

-- Clark Allison

Zuckerberg to defend Facebook as 'positive force in the world'
Trump vows quick action on 'barbaric' Syria chemical attack
Far Cry 5’s Ending Is Pretty Bad

Monday, March 26, 2018

Guessing Shot Learning

about to fall sky debris lost contact thin footprint
mess of ultra-hot supersonic space junk
guessing game re-entry rips off solar panels

dangerous to crowded European airspace
lot of talk complicit in use era of great tension
gradually deteriorating relations simulate shot down

more human-centric AI lethal autonomous timescales
weapons hacked in undesirable ways deep learning algorithms
ways to oppress accurate diagnosing purposive refit

-- Clark Allison

China's 9.4-ton space station is about to fall from the sky
It's not a new Cold War - but the Putin era is just as dangerous
Public policy needs to confront AI's benefits and dangers

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dark Repeat Control

to history repeat unique coalition difficult to replicate
watched helplessly special magnetism subset of electorate
different in ideology and temperament a cultural phenomenon

clear dark skies free of light pollution
increased magnetosphere activity primary impact area
weak power grid fluctuations localised within polewards

embark on path of improvement youth and quick wit
almost total control of the state Stalinist repression
exposing corruption acquitting innocent dialogue real

-- Clark Allison

The Obama history that Trump may be doomed to repeat
Solar storm set to shower UK with Northern Lights on Wednesday night
In Russia, Everyone Is Tired of National Politics

Friday, February 16, 2018

Between Opposite Leaves

The new water is only a single atom thick.
It moves furtively in the quadruple games.
He is an electrical engineer;

that means he works at conducting electricity.
His weekend's intensified by layers of militant carbon.
The edge of the soil is Earth's electrical blade.

A plant drinks from the covert shift.
Emboldened, water illustrates (as with snow) that it is
clear embedded flakes, like a tattoo but rotated.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Iran, Israel battle openly in race to define 'rules of the game'
U.S. figure skater Vincent Zhou makes Olympic history by landing incredible quadruple lutz
New 'tattoo' could lead to drought-tolerant crops

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Viral Parade Triggered

The North boasts parade setback
Exposing Trump, goodbye mohawk!
66 million spew out of crater sun.

Force shape with another breeze
Often warming ties over the TV.
Vaporized scientists choking life for decades.

Data to spew out of the bottom,
North’s event announced Saturday:
Stick scalp on social media.

-- Amanda Cooze

North Korea holds military parade ahead of Winter Olympics
Is Donald Trump going bald? Viral video exposes harsh reality of hair loss
That dinosaur-killing asteroid also triggered massive magma releases beneath the ocean, study finds

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Powerful Rocket Winner

woman who bought a Powerball
constitute a significant invasion
could have remained anonymous

earthquake struck
posted photos
Beautiful Life Hotel

electric car
spaceflight company
which carried six crews

-- Emma King

Winner of $560 million lottery says she made a 'huge mistake'
Powerful earthquake strikes off Taiwan's east coast
SpaceX's First Falcon Heavy Rocket to Launch 4th Electric Car to Leave Earth

Hot Kill Curse

I know she didn’t trust him,
He choked her in spit.
So, boom! That’s on me.

Be careful what you wish for,
She may claim her prize.

Drinking hot tea on Monday is often fatal.
Alcohol is killing cancer.
Smoke acid.

---- Katie Dickens

Quentin Tarantino Tells All About the Uma Thurman ‘Kill Bill’ Car Crash, Defends Spitting on Her While Filming Scene
The 'curse' of winning the lottery?
Hot tea linked to esophageal cancer in smokers, drinkers

Wave broke Monday

300,000 rivers and reservoirs,
Outpouring the border.
Violent battery of the free dictator.

Unthinkable, unreported.
I named the wall Monday and
Came by the secret district.

U care not for the people,
Because Monday broke in thousands,
And failed their system.

-- Sam Barnes

Report: China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to North Korean Border
As Germans celebrate the absence of the Berlin Wall, a new piece of it is discovered
Fact Check: Trump’s Criticism of U.K.’s National Health Service

Expel Legit Script

shared widely non legit bogus claims staged
rigged no record lawyer found in New York car
corporate greed anarchist groups exonerated

immune system about to expel infection
asked if the right place winter 1974
standing outside an old movie theatre

going off script old grudges benefits of tax reform
chilly reaction deplorable working against
strongest when unscripted go on road sell tax reform

-- Clark Allison

Fake news: A look at completely untrue headlines this week
Defeat is inevitable. Everybody knows it, even Trump
In Ohio to celebrate tax reform, Trump returns to old grudges

Monday, February 05, 2018

Snowstorm Threaten Winter

A weekend-long snowstorm
seeking to score
who died after being imprisoned

more than a month’s average
In a move sure to annoy
is scheduled to join

In a city
who is one of the most senior
after he allegedly stole

-- Jordan Lam

Massive snowstorm delays flights, cancels school in Moscow
US and North Korea's political games threaten to overshadow the Olympics
The Father of Otto Warmbier Will Be Mike Pence's Guest at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Attack on Dead

Deadly darkness slammed into a
Fierce battle,
Through the early morning.

An officer sent,
To persuade the house,
To show his hand.

A concealed weapon,
A deadly wreck,
Feet dangling, two dead.

-- Caitlin Corcoran

Amtrak crash in South Carolina leaves 2 dead, more than 100 hurt
Republican lawmakers distance themselves from Trump on memo
Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer

Nuclear Love, Secretly.

Secret allies surprised,
Forces in a battle,
100 strikes against us.

Going against the trend,
Have the blessing,
Take the initiative for us.

It’s no longer surprising,
We are very happy hardware,
We desperately needed help.

-- Ashleigh Vasey

Egypt, Israel are secretly fighting against ISIS together
China derides 'Cold War' US nuclear plan
Even Amazon is surprised by how much people love Alexa