Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stricken, Unraveled, Still

Meanwhile, keel down among spacewalking
whales, the gun-toting crew protects astronauts.
Saturday’s ordeal killed our principal, the Ocean.

To hijack speed and power, trick Earth's substorms.
Just brandish abandoned satellites and rockets.
Yesterday, the single latitudes worked.

Holy Canary! The fire doused physics.
It’ll be one sad stopover.
Coffee and carcasses. Cake.

--Lance Newman

Bumpy landing foils plane hijacker
Whaler refuses Greenpeace help
NASA launching 5 satellites on one rocket

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CoralPoetry said...


I found your blog through the Blogflux Directory. This is the most accessible experimental poetry I have ever read. Three stories, three stanzas, three lines. Yes, it works, kind of.

You may like my poems and photos at my blog.