Tuesday, June 05, 2007


crux and
they don't angrily

depraved judge
toward absurdity abandoning

without spinoff
revelations propelling underlying

--Michael Helsem

Why Libby's Sentence Was So Tough
Battlestar Bosses Explain Why—and How—Show Is Ending
Bush slams Russian democracy

Monday, June 04, 2007

Evangelical Honeymoon Buried

Informed and Eager in South America.
Yesterday: researchers, but yesterday
intimate discussions and televised bones.

International new world conclusion.
Research similar to religion situation
but without faith, without health scare.

Infidelity presumably anywhere in Europe;
set off by extremely historic organisms,
America aiming at unequivocal policies.

--Nicholas Grider

Top Democrats discuss faith
Inquiry into role of Tuberculosis patient's Father-in-law
First chickens in Americas were brought from Polynesia

Friday, June 01, 2007

Alternate Genre Experience

from the sidelines driven by inner compulsion
created this alternate universe and hard to stay grounded
taps into what people want

and consistently delivers a good experience
leave rehab and head straight to the city
needs to be away from everyone

and not get attacked by the paparazzi
the proper reverence for clever genre sadism
go to the dark side and get interested again

--Clark Allison

Lindsay Lohan's rehab happiness
YouTube Makes Friends with EMI Music
The murderer in the rear view mirror