Monday, November 30, 2009

Contrast Prize Assembled

the a the minarets on those boycotts astronomy of
the a the telescope by heavy vengeance wonders below
endangered to genuine given envy

the a the midst over mutual outlaw referendum in
the dual facing of in experimental eroding
threatened to remembered stain vistas

the Swiss nesting in of physico-mathematico nesting
higher which converse Netherlands the dearly
other which lecture lectures the also

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Europe unites to deplore Swiss ban on minarets
Global warming treaty would be major success
The Royal Society: Dilettantes to DNA via cuckoos and kites

Friday, November 27, 2009

Budget Space Pledge

Remember our November
commitment? Spacey on futures, we
fueled the sentimental economy:

“Carbon-based Earth is home
to the Thanksgiving mission.”
When our volume rituals emit euros,

kick the global benchmarks.
Even Kennedy would buy an orbital
port on signs of holiday crisis.

-- Lance Newman

US shoppers hit Black Friday sales, budgets pared
European Union carbon boosted by China, U.S. pledges
Space shuttle Atlantis returns to Earth

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Vivid Version

Pictures from the air
bring worm to life
show security details

More riff-raff
can act like botnets
and provide crucial intelligence

A second worm
has been unearthed
Hit the company phone

-- Rupert M Loydell

Spotify adds a Symbian version
Vivid WWII pictures from the air bring war to life
New iPhone worm can act like botnet say experts

U2 Victims' Claims

The 26-year-old rumour has finally come true
Bono and co have been slated
Police blamed a freak storm

Dozens of people feared lost at the bottom
rejected claims of overcrowding
The biggest band in the world need to be checked

There are even more surprises in the pipeline
Residents and business owners are being allowed
back to piece together the Pyramid stage

-- Rupert M Loydell

Flood victims allowed back home
Indonesian ferry captain rejects overcrowding claims
U2 to headline Glastonbury 2010

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Moon Hearse

All agreeing agreement: articles binding
Captured centaur, change, conference coverage
Data deposits: decided, determined, difficult, down

Fell finally finding frozen goodbye
Hearse hours hundreds impacted instead
Laden launch leaders less, missed mission

Mourners, myself, pair politically, promised process
Released, scheduled soldier street
The team today viewing water

-- Scott Rettberg

World Leaders Agree to Delay a Deal on Climate Change
Water On The Moon: LCROSS Kicks Ice!
Mourners grieve for soldiers killed at Fort Hood

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Unlike A Barrier

The handwritten scale of the biggest action,
covering your building and washing your walls,
hoping to block the streets of irony,

to call or keep that hoping canyon
where a dozen whistles fall; where slow coughs chanted
in a marriage of signs and sneezes.

Meanwhile in 10,000 streets, fans waiting to be waved,
the long springs triggered from palm to hands;
people will be patient eventually.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Patience urged for Hawaii's flu vaccine
Gay rights activists rally to protest Maine vote
New Berlin wall blocks fans from celebrating freedom at U2 gig

Big H1N1 Assault

The virus is known to have mutated
Who Infected, the United States in a large outbreak
Also on the rise more serious infections and deaths

That towering, yellow-feathered, 6-year-old
comes to his senses with the
“Word on the Street,”

“I realised that my decision
Could result in” America getting killed

-- Becky Schomberg

H1N1 to cause more deaths in northern winter – WHO
Sesame Street still Big Bird’s nest after 40 years
Rihanna warning over Brown attack

Greenhouse Baby Slide

Minorities pushed the panel that
Would set up a cap-and-trade system but
Panel rules blocked senators

The surrounding agents in baby's box
While she was napping
Proved time was against us

They fell with the filing figure
It dropped off those rolls into extended benefits
But it's still not definitive

-- Cody Saunders

Senate Democrats move greenhouse gas bill along without GOP
Fla. baby missing for 5 days found alive under bed
Unemployment claims slide

Chuck of Death

Baseball rapist game face
Vader was dangerous
Said the Yankees take the penalty for death

Will Norris? A Star? War was at a baseball game
Chuck who has a dangerous face held penalty
Into the star of Vader

Face Vader's power of Death, death could Be important
Awesome death bodies Norris?
Death was timeless if a game was dangerous

-- Jose Flores

The Yanks take down the Phillies in game 4
11 bodies found a rapist's horror home
Dark matter "wrecking ball" may have hit Milky Way

Amateur Obama Rules

The government’s gay residents in Tehran
        on the decision of violence:
Un-expectedly sizable in January, so the president rejected
Don’t recognize the boisterous Patchwork

"He never watched them when he was running
We don't know if the U.S. Embassy did not watch same-sex
        couples breakdown
marry in a closely fought antigovernment grant

Iranian chaos in the White House
Allowing unexpectedly high turnouts
state-by-state we don't recognize

--Sabrina Akhtar

Iranian Opposition Protesters Hijack Government Rally
Democrats downplay election losses as GOP celebrates
Maine Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

Savvy Dark Matter Horror

Long for the days
Goddess do you sacrifice?
Snagged by the Golden

Ming the Merciless,
Invisible wrecking ball
Make a swirl of newborn stars

Decomposed skull
Your dangerous threat
Has ankles shackled

-- Cheyanna Wolf

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin: a couple of savvy insiders
Dark matter "wrecking ball" may have hit Milky Way
First Victim in Cleveland House of Horrors Identified

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

(tracing the fringes)

Blue fires
trace the disappeared

a section
of spine erupted

the eastern
tide of elsewhere

-- Michael Leong

Brush Fires Threatening Homes in California
Police: Lake search finds no trace of ND students
In diverse New Jersey district, voters' spirits lifted