Friday, December 31, 2010

The Negative Plus

In the continuing feud between Visa and Microsoft
to trademark the world's richest dog, one company
issued a warning to allegedly cunning children

who have taken to looking all "3-D":
"We are going after everyone in Japan."
And e-mailed the reciprocal disclaimer:

"3-D art" could be "three-dimensional," but also perhaps
"three-day," as in "a three-day, two-dimensional,
hand-held rubber-stamping event."

--Glenn R. Frantz

U.S. Revokes Venezuelan Ambassador's Visa
Nintendo Issues 3-D Game Warning for Children
Paul Allen refiles to sue the world

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Loosely Imagined Relations

"The man who is repeatedly indulging in thinking
is usually bewildered about his experiences."
-- Confucius

"Anonymity was heralded with a cash award,
but who could have collected it?"
-- Anonymous

"Just as eating is a riposte to food,
the attacker of the principle tends to feel drunk."
-- Carnegie

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Assange allies claim scalps in online warfare
Want to Eat Less? Imagine Eating More
China's Confucius peace prize has chaotic launch

Friday, November 19, 2010

Few Nevertheless Pocketable

merely hordes to meddling bought
perfectly rip to scrambling broke
naturally shelves to sliding engage

actually nicks to menacing ripped
in twaddle cans eleven of putative
to angels elevated from capable

boozy surged the that myriad beer
arcane starved the that secret retreat
to matter antimatter with actual

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Partyers rush to stock up on Four Loko
Foreign takeover of Ireland's banks is now real solution

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cat Food Cooperative

Food has always been an obsession
for the least advantaged in society.
Avoid those obscene holiday pounds!

Never arrive at a bank hungry.
Cat treats are pretty tasty, so
beforehand, have one helping.

Snack with panache on a plate.
Graze on a long trail of austerity.
Remember, cat food will fill you up.

-- Angela Genusa

Savage Austerity
Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays
Katie Price is Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Domestic Cheese Speak

Some 12 million marketing pimps teamed up
with a national organization to devise a plan
called "Cheese Austerity," said the Grand Minister

of Fromage in a statement to The New York Times
yesterday. "No more free cheese!" he trumpeted.
From Philadelphia to Fiji, jaws hit the floor.

Do not be alarmed, said some big cheese who spoke on
network TV, for there is light at the end of the tunnel:
cheesier sex, cheesier drugs, and cheesier rock 'n' roll.

-- Angela Genusa

"Hawaii Five-O": This is what hit TV looks like
US issues warnings on fat but pushes cheese sales
'Let them eat cheese' approach fails to butter up electorate

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hands-free Musical Safety

Here's a quick look at the equation:
Immaterial invisible waves
synchronized clocks.

Attempts at marking the end of time
varied from useless to laughable,
and back we fall once again.

Still, pointlessness seems all so pointless.
We're not a completely made up thing.
We're big. We're splashy. We've got rhythm.

-- Scott Stoller

Sorting out daylight-saving time, time zones, time travel
Kinectrospective: A Brief History of Controller-Free Gaming
Costly ‘Spider-Man’ Can’t Get Off the Ground

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Day SmackDown!

Everyone, the results are pouring in tonight:
Rod Stewart got voted off "Rotting
and Decomposing with the Liberals";

Mary Poppins and Bristol Palin are safe
from elimination on "Traveling Circus of Fools";
but Taylor Swift is in jeopardy on "Skating

With the Ill-Educated Drooling Republican
Rednecks." Americans, stand up and bow
your heads for a moment of silence: 11/02/2010.

-- Angela Genusa

WWE SmackDown! Results
Who Got Voted Off Dancing With the Stars
Why European liberals see tea party as 'a circus of fools'

Monday, November 01, 2010

Revealing Halloween Trauma

Well, aren’t you a little horror story?
A trick or treating celebrity train wreck.
You're really never too old

to be a victim of hazardous mishaps,
cowering naked and delusional
in Manhattan restaurant bathrooms,

slugging cocaine and vodka
'til your fingers fall off
from the lack of continuous circulation.

-- Scott Stoller

Horror Stories From Space
Teens defend their right to trick-or-treat
Coke and no smile for naked Sheen

Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Circling Home

To forget waiting, sun hours walk about the neighborhoods
where years pull. A radio flashlight bending out the orbit
will spot your edge: Clothing safer to paint around.

Don't forget the sun. Always walk on the corner,
where the pull of radio waves bending under the road
will make your heavy clothing easier to carry around.

Don't delay. The palace always turns on its corner
when the mask of homage waves. Cars under collapsed road
miles make stars heavy, as easier astronomers carry on.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Sheriff: Halloween safety tips
Neutron star size determined
Argentina's power couple torn by death

Extensive Strawberry Outbursts

Command promoting buzzwords
have ceased to be cultivated.
Public bad manners

and criminal mischief
created the near perfect storm,
regionally becoming unstoppable.

Feed on reliable apples.
Your much ballyhooed mental health program
is a yearlong trip to Disney.

-- Scott Stoller

11 bodies, one house of horrors
Ex-flight attendant blames 'perfect storm of bad manners'
Before the Mac, Vintage Apples

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alienating Alleged Applicants

Think that we know obscurity?
Some opinions aren't grounded in reality.
Let's separate facts from fables:

We've blackmailed billionaire heiresses.
Swallowed entire empires.
Fused celebrity and forgery in novel new ways.

Raised red flags to the stratosphere.
Supported many sides in a many-sided war.
We're the biggest Achilles' heel of all.

-- Scott Stoller

Five myths about Sarah Palin
The Heiresses and the Cult
Bad online and cellphone habits can hurt your career

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Explosive Gay Nun

I am an offensive saint.
I was engaged to World War II,
when the relationship was briefly excommunicated.

Boy George vindicated Bill O’Reilly
and involved a scandalous confession:
Their love gained condemnation of the rural poor.

Australia wants to Intimidate Japanese Muslims;
As a hypocritical nun
I like to insult everyone.

-Laura Beason

Bill O'Reilly on "my explosive" appearance on "The View"
Gavin Rossdale Admits To Gay Fling With Singer Marilyn
Nun whose order fought abuse becomes saint

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Era of Fight

September screwed up my life, really.
6 a.m. and I want ecstasy.
“Hit this,” I pushed.

Drugs are monsters, bare and fearsome.
Violating my probation,
I am trapped underground like central China.

I am the majestic cannibal,
the unpleasant animal that bites its brother’s flesh.
Frequent feeding is not only for herbivores.

- Erin N. Sampson

Was the T-Rex a Cannibal?
21 Are Killed in Explosion at China Mine
TI Sentenced to 11 Months in Jail

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Notorious Unlikely

Surreal cartography is a nonchronological season.
It's like nonfiction: true, but unsuccessfully.
(No, this is not really cartography;

I just wandered outside for a second.
Ironically striking exactly the right theme.)
The dream underworld is unsympathetic with this critique.

Joining the Cincinnati Reds with Castro's? Why not?
Even Shakespeare the caustic realist
dabbled in Latin and harmless magic.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Roy Halladay Throws No-Hitter in Playoff Debut
Peruvian writer/politician Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel Prize in Literature
Hungary toxic sludge reaches Danube branch

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

God Hates Honeybees

Who carried signs such as "God Hates Honeybees,"
"Fag Entomologists" and "Thank God for America's
Dead Honeybees"? Outrageous!

In Iraq, I was irked by a swamp rabbit, and now I am
throwing up at a conference on genetically modified
food that is killing off heterosexuals as punishment.

There is still a certain uncomfortable symbolism when
God, a fag, is decorating the floor with a major murder
suspect—1,000 feet from the free world.

-- Angela Genusa

Don't you know who I am? Obama loses seal of authority
Phelps's 'Outrageous' Free Speech
Possible Cause of Bee Die-Off Is Found

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

                                out of office

perhaps       a     holidaymaker
had     chosen     to     set     fire
to   his   ailing   father   rather

than   stir   passions   on   an
excursion   to     france   with
a         reclusive           general

whose         sole         intention
was       an       act       of     vice
in       the     grand       pavilion

-- Richard Mason

NKorea media say Kim Jong Un joins father at drill
West Bank mosque set on fire in attack
Sad end of the 'peerless pier'

Experimental Gossip Condoms

What have our teenagers done? A bad thing?
Their partners help men catch huge new orgasms.
They ask what do sex acts have to do with vagina.

Boys and girls say that vaginal intercourse is included
in their telephone activities. And scientists achieve truth
with a plethora of sexual relations.

Flesh and blood women are more likely to be swindled,
due to the nation’s condoms being better for sex these days.
You know, Americans have become more experimental.

-- Tom Lewis

Gossip from Manhattan & Beltway to Hollywood & Valley
Experimental Sex Practiced More Often Now in U.S.
US teens use more condoms than adults

Monday, October 04, 2010

Mechanical Capital Collapse

Converging hotel death rays singe your hair
and melt your plastic shopping bags.
Your teetering teenage daughters

prefer the streets of Quito to riding the bus alone.
College kids, befuddled by can openers,
are working on solutions.

(A government spokesman said several were wounded
but did not offer any details.)
And do we only have ourselves to blame?

-- Scott Stoller

Ecuador declares emergency as police protest
Vdara visitor: 'Death ray' scorched hair
Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?

Applause for America

America, we're getting a 100% sanitized
version of the country from the media. Why
is that pre-McNugget paste weirdly pink?

America, we're faking media orgasms. What
is with the herd of overhyped pseudo-celebrities,
mass-produced reporters, and glossy quotes?

America, we're crawling with bacteria. What
is with the grime, the reek of decades-old man-sweat?
But hey, high five! The country tastes like chicken.

-- Angela Genusa

Pre-Chicken Nugget Meat Paste
Survey on America's Sexual Habits: We're Getting Friskier
Liberty City's Roosevelt Ivory is a Throwback

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cringe-Worthy American Moments

A national telephone-based poll suggests
that American current events are, uh,
eccentric. Jesus in a pink boa drinking

sparkling Pepto-Bismol liquor in Japanese
karaoke booths, Kanye West in his red
underwear whistling ABBA through his ass,

and Jessica Rabbit singing a crude Chinese
peace anthem with a refrain of "rub me do,
rub me do." All in the preceeding 24 hours.

-- Angela Genusa

Most Americans don't get daily exercise, survey finds
Saturday Night Live Recap: Kanye Scores, Miley Mocked
Big Mac index gives more than a taste of true worth

Bellyful of Meat

These days everything is Six Degrees
of meat: a bust of Kevin Bacon
made of bacon, a dress of Lady

Gaga made of Gaga. I am he as you
are she and we are all a stick of meat
incautiously poked into the cage of a tiger.

Wait - what? I don’t know the poem
you quoted either. I just bid on eBay
for an anti-fur bird made of real hides.

-- Angela Genusa

Philip Larkin Letters to Monica: October 21, 1950
PETA invites Lady Gaga to explain meat dress
Bacon Kevin Bacon - The Six Degrees of Food

Friday, October 01, 2010

White Horrific Sesame

The great white mind so cluttered
by decay the graying boomers will hate
to pay for the beef of unemployment

having stolen the economics
behind their cheap groceries,
Tuskegee, and the architecture of years.

"White folks, hey, we coloreds have taken root
deep in the beef, the country, and his ruse.
We need to focus and prioritize."

-- Eric Elshtain

White America Has Lost Its Mind
Past Horrific Experiments Stir Concerns of Today
'Sesame Street' Was Naughty Way Before Katy Perry

Ah, Sugar Sugar

Friday, the sight of Shakespeare
in a sugar coffin surprised
thousands of pedestrians.

Cardboard consumers—three
sheets to the wind—marched
on slick, high-fructose city streets.

Show some solidarity: Confound
"natural" consumer clogging.
Save a wolf in sheep's syrup.

-- Angela Genusa

HFCS Name Change: Good, Bad or In Between?
5 dead as drenching rains take aim at New England
In Costa Rica, Higher Education Serves the Few

Believing Competing Histories

Vague external threats
confront the galaxy.
An onslaught of biting indignities

discredits nebulous negative notions.
The Better Business Bureau fumed,
then exploded with rage.

With fiercely offensive footage,
proceedings and investigations,
they'll struggle to save the vaunted fables.

-- Scott Stoller

The American dream: Is it slipping away?
Democrats Unleash Ads Focusing on Rivals’ Pasts
Beckham: "Say it to my face"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Assault Initially Asthma

Went for a few kills in the symptoms library.
Students had nerves. Doctors are checking out
the Alaska Student disease. "We can't operate on skin."

NEVER blame relationship acne. She moves
like she has an old terrorized lung dance.
"We have considered the assault a symptom."

Sarah seemed to understand. "We acted
on behalf of the University. But, man,
the witnesses NEVER thought Palin was carrier."

-- Tom Lewis

5 Steps to Kill Hidden Bugs in Your Gut That Make You Sick
Student opens fire at University of Texas, then kills himself
Bristol Palin Comforted by Mom's Presence on DWTS

Dismissing Disturbing Notions

Within yourself is a gaping hole.
So fill it. Reverse the trend.
Experience what's been missing.

Be a billionaire.
Date a chimpanzee.
Try lots of different races and religions.

Explore new forms of suicide.
Go backpacking with Lady Gaga.
You've got a great, great future.

-- Scott Stoller

Ken Fisher Dubs New Normal Idiotic
Ditch Your Laptop, Dump Your Boyfriend
Baby boomers increase midlife suicide rate

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Near-Meltdown Prescription Dysfunction

The American Academy of Goats "just say gala"
to the prevention of cruelty micro-blogging messages
(published in "Children, Adolescents, Substance")

a rabbit wearing the October issue links strangely to drugs
effectively working to ride smug bullshit on a hotplate
you could sedate the monkey tobacco cursor page

vast torrents of federal danger in the bears' office
hidden by onMouseOver worm erectile dysfunction makeup
thank you, all prescription medications "WTF [URL]"

-- Angela Genusa

PETA Gala: Pamela Anderson Upstaged by Kelly Osbourne
Pediatricians Want to Restrict Ads for Tobacco, Booze, Viagra
WTF worm makes Twitterers declare goat lust

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sick Monday Diary

Kurt "l8r g8r" Cobain is driving me crazy,
hawking an endorsement—60 times bigger than
first estimated—for the Indians at Little Big Horn.

A waitress is serving a hamper full of Anne Frank’s
couture clothing saying “That’s hot!” Brad Pitt
is lowballing Lindsay Lohan for Gen. George

Custer's 1923 Hallmark card. And Paris Hilton
is burning a Red Cross textbook about hygiene on
a hot plate. Mein haute! What the pun?!

-- Angela Genusa

Lowballing Oil Spill Akin to Custer
Paris Hilton Owns the Phrase "That's Hot"
Happy Banned Books Week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

                        securing her behind

a         woman         wearing
lethal         leather       pants
that   totally   became   her

walked   into   the chamber
and     spread       her     legs
with       dramatic       power

specifically       to       reverse
the       damage     to       her
outrageous         reputation

-- Richard Mason

HSBC faces top team shake-up amid turmoil
Va. woman executed for slayings in 2002
Ahmadinejad and 9/11 attacks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cha Cha Cha

David Hasselhoff drunk-dancing in a Speedo
on the dance floor, performing an arthritic cha-cha
on a widely circulated sex tape? Major buzz kill.

Barack Obama disguised as a Tokyo celebutante
allowed to shack up in a nasty airport hotel in New York
disguised as the Airport Hilton? Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Say, perfume lady! The country puts its foot down when
Japan promised—multiple times—the repeal of a long
rap sheet of bizarre decisions, a potpourri of insanity.

-- Angela Genusa

Tokyo Snubs Paris (Hilton)
"Baywatch" Star Hasselhoff First "Dancing" Victim
Barack Obama heckled in Manhattan

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Investors Bank Mezuzas

Pharos financial group, a new directive, stamped
in London. A spokeswoman for
the code of silence says the payoff

has been mixed. The investigation of
the world? The world? It's the world? Aimed at a
bank branch of the Father,

the Lord our God, a sovereign state
in the country's total farmland.
Jews leaving a dud.

-- Eric Elshtain

In Mezuzas, a Custom Inherited by Gentiles
Vatican Bank Tied to Money Laundering Scandal
Investors seeing farmland as safer bet than stocks

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All Drinks All

you starch once plans demolished plans once starch you
of barreled that one beaches one that barreled of
for allowed that tables turn tables that allowed for

you castle as list bristled list as castle you
it name even bulk misunderstood bulk even name it
you castle as list bristled list as castle you

for allowed that tables turn tables that allowed for
of barreled that one beaches one that barreled of
you starch once plans demolished plans once starch you

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Reading the tea leaves on O'Donnell vs. Coons in Delaware
Step Aside, High Fructose Corn Syrup
NYC considers banning smoking in parks

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rambunctious Growth Reform

It is too soon to know
if night is a deficit nation
programming the planet.

Bears are such fickle suitors at sea.
In the fight for tenure,
Death escaped unhurt with hostages.

Rip currents come knocking
up November under squared marriage
and the hated pull-out.

-- Travis Macdonald

Hurricane Earl threatens holiday travel plans
Boxer, Fiorina Trade Barbs in First Debate
Discovery Channel hostage-taker hated programming

Monday, August 30, 2010

April Witchcraft Warning

In the twilight of the city and the towns here,
it is stunningly difficult to deny
the embrace of self-serving diminution,

the generation of continuous echo,
an unwittingly watered-down brightness,
the dying of the fires towards midnight.

Transference flies.
Faith comes apart like a twenty dollar suit,
God as divine therapist.

-- Scott H.Stoller

Housing Market Is Headed For Complete And Total Collapse
Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria
Author: More teens becoming 'fake' Christians

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unacceptable Zetas Suspected

A dumbfounded film of millions described the foreign
as someone affected thus far by Nations and Intersections
obliquely suggested. In dismissed history-based reports

a school of notorious strain uprooted group rumors,
shot across faith and racial reach, aimed at flooding
boundaries to build bridges across the worst migrants

of insecurity and spring. Ethnic nonprofit threats ravaged
this thesis of slow bodies, blamed learning on work where
such country was funded by soldiers promoting drug peace.

-- Travis Macdonald

Acquaintances 'shocked' at arrest in Muslim stabbing
In Pakistan, Taliban Hint at Attacks on Relief Workers
President Calderon condemns Mexico migrant killings

Institute Of Anybody

Wingless nests from above, they talk to reach the dead.
They're not averse to saying goodnight, although
they hardly practice sleep. And if they are small,

it's usually because they're autonomous.
Good homes, oil and robots in black-body sunlight,
scrubbing a burnt orange with ice and mayonnaise,

mopped out a flattened poppy, pasteurized in hollow tubes,
thin roosts and crevices cast about a tan bed.
And if they're good, it's usually because they are small.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

MIT unveils swimming, oil-cleaning robots
Health Care and Bed Bugs
Egg recall scrambles confidence

Monday, August 23, 2010

Paradoxical Brainstorm Overload

They seemed here but not here,
withdrawn from the reality around them,
set up temporary camp in a suspended state.

They would act on information before it happened,
across all distances, instantaneously,
as if there was no space or time between them.

They needed reminding about notes and rhythms,
to be either particles or waves.
They're not watching where they're going.

-- Scott H.Stoller

Does the Past Exist Yet?
For Pianist, Software Is Replacing Sonatas
Information Overload Is Nothing New

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fooled Formerly Fashionable

Lies spread through casual contact.
No drug can prevent clever hoaxes.
Panicky rumors are news.

But, we report in earnest
exclusive guaranteed information.
This week a New York debutante died

from the shock of a mysterious ear infection.
The story's right. Look no further. We're untouchable.
Trust us.

-- Scott H. Stoller

Angels in America
If It’s On The Internet, It Must Be True
Can you hear me now? More teens can't

Friday, August 13, 2010

Boosting Extensive Correctness

Contemporary literature slumbers,
no incentive to make threatening waves.
Good writers are put out to pasture.

The academy, ruled by theory,
undermines your individuality
with programs that embody the official philosophy

of neutered multicultural lemmings.
Who'll confront this bold mediocrity?
Who'll deconstruct their deconstruction?

-- Scott H. Stoller

5 Reasons Why People Hate Apple
Spindles Foster Sound Slumber
The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers

Friday, August 06, 2010

Retrograde Blue Catastrophe

Awakened before dawn,
under a headlight moon,
an experiment's willing participants.

Transfixed by desert heat,
a river's selfish murmur,
the carousing of a feverish canyon wren,

pale sandstone walls rose around them.
"Dolores means sorrow or pain", she said,
and he would come to know that soon enough.

-- Scott H.Stoller

The Allure of Messy Lives
Four Corners, Two Wheels
'The Colony' envisions the worst-case scenario

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Better Asked During

for the of branch viola plying least
after the by heads safe harnessing airy
into the against relief field folding simple

what the bag branch over plying recent
after freely by knocked safe shepherd airy
who the wall relief with folding close

what cuts bag matched over hands recent
on freely a knocked so shepherd gauze
who marks wall smiled with twist close

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Fold Proteins, Help Cure Diseases in Foldit Video Game
Alex Rodriguez is tied to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa
'Mummy Bandit' suspect arrested in Havertown

Better Asked During

for the of branch viola plying least
after the by heads safe harnessing airy
into the against relief field folding simple

what the bag branch over plying recent
after freely by knocked safe shepherd airy
who the wall relief with folding close

what cuts bag matched over hands recent
on freely a knocked so shepherd gauze
who marks wall smiled with twist close

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Fold Proteins, Help Cure Diseases in Foldit Video Game
Alex Rodriguez is tied to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa
'Mummy Bandit' suspect arrested in Havertown

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rethink Modern Documentary

He was a matrix of numerous materials,
a mixture of pride and fear,
the proximity of silver,

the risk of diminution,
a preternatural affinity for flashlights.
Contradictions and incongruities

made him a suitable symbol of the age.
He'd instinctively play dead.
He liked the comfort it provided.

-- Scott H. Stoller

The Binky Fairy and Other Lies Parents Tell Kids
On Silver Lake's 'Walking Man'
Survivor of Mont. bear attack says she played dead

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cryptic Deathbed Discovery

We have to be realistic here.
As we go slinking from ledge to ledge, the legacy
of recent human evolution feels like an elaborate sham.

We have to be realistic here.
Regardless of the various twists and turns
their intentions were never really in question.

We have to be realistic here.
This is no time to make new enemies.
Let us die in peace, on our own terms.

-- Scott H. Stoller

Funniest Last Words, Deathbed Witticisms
Adventures in Very Recent Evolution
'Salt' tries to shake you, but it's a sham

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attack Casual Limits

In subterranean mines,
below the icy planet's surface,
we've reprogrammed human stem cells

into zombies, in all their top-down glory,
in countless configurations,
with defensive arsenals ranging from

third perspective shadow and dynamic depth of field,
to the potent ability to eradicate available sunshine,
all unique, all in stock and all free of charge.

-- Scott H. Stoller

Reprogrammed Stem Cells May Have Limited Use
Aliens swarm onto Steam
'Plants vs. Zombies' invading Xbox Live

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bleeding Extra Vegas

The Gulf Coast found itself in an odd
moment of my life. He understands
how weather works. But more

important, Terry was accurate.
After searching all night in
the oil. He was good on

TV, and they were about
to be right. The gulf. Was this the
life they wanted? The sea.

-- Eric Elshtain

Rescuers Find No One Trapped in New Jersey Garage Wreckage
TV's Crowning Moment of Awesome
The Gulf waits: Oil is plugged, but for how long?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ambitious Herders Report

In radio deserts where goats dig holes to puncture a
twilight nest, in some warehouse. To transport elite fish
whose tricky eggs think they might not be hatched. But the

murky ocean they steamed threatened nobody; even attempted
other unnamed relocations in radio deserts. Where goats dig
holes to puncture a twilight nest in. Some warehouse to

transport elite fish whose tricky eggs think. They might not
be hatched, but the murky ocean they steamed. Threatened,
nobody even attempted other, unnamed relocations.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Saving sea turtles one egg at a time
Chupacabras: Fact or fiction?
Iran denies that returned citizen is nuclear scientist

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Attention Not Experience

He rests his head on a pillow of tattered towels,
broken-down and rusting on a backstreet.
Taken by surprise, he ran out of everything,

a first-class nightmare coming true.
He leans back, closes his eyes, and wonders
how much more he can bear, new to this quiet desperation.

It stabs, burns, aches and throbs, gnaws at you,
knocks you for a loop. But, sooner or later
it all goes away. Unless, he's been told, it doesn't.

-- Scott H. Stoller

Desperate times
When pain becomes chronic
Death at Electric Daisy Carnival

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Impressive Denouement

It's the great cosmic joke:
the dramatic revelation our present day strategy
has produced no bold progress.

We've been living in the clouds,
so afraid of stillness, of being disconnected,
that what we once thought were bullet-proof blessings

were only the narcotic of ingenious technology.
And, nobody knew how dangerous it was.
Blindsided and sunk, we wait in line for naught.

-- Scott H. Stoller

The 36 Hours That Shook Washington
No Sex Please, We’re Middle Class
Are Cells the New Cigarettes?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Morning in Manhattan

She strolled in uninvited in her prim white blouse
        and smudged black eyeliner,
on the verge of tears, machine guns protruding,
        chewing over the cultural importance of baseball.
"It can get a little boring," she said softly.

The church is closed today, can't ask it's staff
        to break away
from a major cocaine bender at The Four Seasons Hotel
        (soon to be reprised on the Upper West Side)
and work with the blizzard of cross-dressing drunks

who are hyperventilating and freaking out,
but what in the world are we supposed to do?
The good news is the Grammys must be canceled.

-- Scott H. Stoller

His Cross to Bear: Heartthrob Vampire
Has Lady Gaga gotten your attention yet?
Secret of AA: After 75 Years, We Don’t Know How It Works

Friday, June 25, 2010

coke is law

in a unilateral effort to boost revenue
congress has approved a vast and lucrative
conspiracy to flood manhattan with cocaine

the programme is set to top two billion dollars
and grow 408 percent in a five year strategic plan
new findings boost arguments that drug dealers

are worth more than the president and firearms
and cash are regularly sent to the fiercely
loyal house of representatives on thursday

-- Richard Mason

Jamaican gang leader faces drug, gun charges in NY
Whalewatching worth billions and booming: study
Iran faces fresh US sanctions

The Democratic Age

We just said that only genetic bubbles matter.
Don't implore the power. Grip the personalised distrust.
The over-hyped fighting of dream troops,

clashing with their pick of absent opponents.
Any student has the right to ask for and receive
a fresh Bavarian cucumber.

But was it meant to get first-graders
calling for new elections?
So says a head of losers.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Swipe at 'genome hype', 10 years on
Is Germany's Government Headed for a Breakdown?
P'town schools to distribute condoms

Thursday, June 24, 2010

nationwide beach party

shortly       before     1.41 p.m.       many
were           still         unaffected           by
schoolchildren     into       post     offices

rattling       bookshelves     instead       of
welcoming     the     deadliest     summer
dancing         around           a         bonfire

workers           studied           money-losing
a   Spanish   chinchilla   tried   to protest
on       the       Ontario-Quebec       border

-- Richard Mason

12 killed as train hits beachgoers in Spain
Earthquake rattles Ontario-Quebec border and GTA
French strike over plans to raise retirement age

Friday, June 11, 2010

Inventing Her Reality

The perfect cycle now concludes,
growing ever more difficult
and largely unattractive.

New moral duties weigh heavily.
The floor under the stage might not hold.
To cut against the grain of the times

will require a feat of delicate engineering.
The notion of a fiery collapse
has become a most distinct possibility.

-- Scott H. Stoller

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Mental Distress
In Defense of the Imperfect Mother
For New ‘Ring’ Set, Met Has to Buy Steel Supports

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Increasingly Common

Decades have come to nothing,
have refused to budge,
to have an impact,

and one can't help but feel
a creeping sense
of fatal inadequacy.

This is big news.
What's out there left to find?
Show me.

-- Scott H.Stoller

Miley Cyrus Defends Simulating Lesbian Kiss
Novel Drug Combats Advanced Melanoma
Spelling their way to success

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stay, Rise, Run

quick pitched will piper reeling post which between
ominous clad has nectar gathering worry when under
calm breach had drought enhancing specter when in

heavily for tent a loud quick pitched will piper
undoubtedly of bid a sharp ominous clad has nectar
outside by taste a quick calm breach had drought

reeling post which between heavily for tent a loud
gathering worry when under undoubtedly of bid a sharp
enhancing specter when in outside by taste a quick

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Taliban targets Afghanistan peace jirga
BP disaster raises oil industry's insurance costs
For many, Griffey is baseball in Northwest

Stay, Rise, Run

quick pitched will piper reeling post which between
ominous clad has nectar gathering worry when under
calm breach had drought enhancing specter when in

heavily for tent a loud quick pitched will piper
undoubtedly of bid a sharp ominous clad has nectar
outside by taste a quick calm breach had drought

reeling post which between heavily for tent a loud
gathering worry when under undoubtedly of bid a sharp
enhancing specter when in outside by taste a quick

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Taliban targets Afghanistan peace jirga
BP disaster raises oil industry's insurance costs
For many, Griffey is baseball in Northwest

Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Artificial Fortress

As the walls came down, with history revealed,
what was this writer's groundbreaking achievement,
creating synthetic art?

His tortured relationship with sobriety,
loaded guns in strategic locations,
ready to provide a quick resolution?

A wide range of compounds,
transforming the pain,
as he lay tenaciously dying?

-- Scott H. Stoller

An uneasy ride with Dennis Hopper
Johnson & Johnson Criticized Over Drug Recall
Scientists Control Cell With Synthetic Genome

Friday, May 28, 2010

Unleashing President Stronghold

forces broke, said
the first country offered just a spill
gushed months, grip, a day rig toddler

miles off, which was an industry disaster
spewed and exploded, surpassing not the baron
        but visited his father

and the estimated
history, now advocates away, that example of global use
about as much, since the alleged coast siege,
        the now into the vice between

-- Kale Humphrey

BP: 48 hours before clear if mud stops oil leak
Jamaica drug gangs 'call the shots'
Outrage erupts as 2-year-old lights up

Monday, May 24, 2010

Delicate Killing Advocated

Their anger grew.
It's difficult to derail a southern train.
You can force it off the tracks

in a landslide of wreckage and oil
but it's coming right back. It's hard to explain.
When you cannot believe the blow ups,

when you won't stop hiding the dead,
when sermons ooze twisted philosophy,
southern trains are difficult to derail. It's hard to explain.

-- Scott H. Stoller

EPA chief to return to Gulf Coast to monitor spill
Train hits landslide, derails in China, killing 19
Yemeni cleric advocates killing US civilians

Monday, May 17, 2010

Afternoon Abstinence Factors

horses cheat
on their partners

photos are
briefly cleavage-free

getting flak
for rethinking virginity

-- Scott H. Stoller

The Science of a Happy Marriage
Marijuana plantations feeding Europe's habit
Why Is a Former Sex Blogger "Rethinking Virginity"?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Scheduled Stress Symptoms

A fatal disease is spreading across subtropical twilight skies.
The continued expansion of virulent stars
is more deadly than otherwise believed.

Infected physicians successfully killed
a stressed out but healthy young porpoise.
A number of dogs are now ill. The cats cannot be comforted.

The experts expressed some alarm---
Strange talking girls can be ultimately prevented
but that is not what we are seeing.

-- Scott H. Stoller

Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist
Last chance to see Atlantis in night sky
Stressed? Calling Mom helps, study says

Flash Flood Ritual

burning in a castle
with a thatching of arrows skewered, recreational archers
shouting liquor of scorched pine

bottles in mud
shattered on smooth stumps
a ram stumbled

near footpaths
hands scale trees
repeated horses jumped the gate

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Hockey joy turns to violence in wake of Canadiens' victory
All Crowe and arrows
Elena Kagan follows Supreme Court rulebook: be bland

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marry Risk, Despairing

Flossing to me is despairing after knot.
The know of it is we five, nixed by the diagnosed wives.
Charged for activities linking highlighted attack

to supporters of attempted monologue.
Day Two: us container cynics caught Big Sunny in our ice -
couldn’t even gesture, we cream excitement.

Some increased risk of we, early to the Unity trees,
hating live idea of planting service after a religious
plan-your-own. I kept with it come a-problems time.

-- Katie Longofono

'I Chose Not to Have My Dad Give Me Away'
If spouse has dementia, your risk rises, too
Our Take - Jay's Blink-and-You-Missed-It Rip on Conan

Friday, April 23, 2010

Location In Reverse

People who sleep but don't think it will spread
take a task they've just learned,
and perform it on a computer screen and in their dreams,

but upon waking, those who learned to sleep geographically
think better of it than either those who sleep in a maze,
or those who sleep but don't report it,

or those who were asked to sit
in the sunken horizon of a virtual space
and study random scenes of the public's mind.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Dreaming is the brain's way of learning
Potentially lethal fungus moves south from Canada
Sunken Drilling Rig in Gulf Raises Questions

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Previous Prototype Released

Splinter Cell Invertebrates
creep through the shadows
in a silent takedown best enjoyed slowly

next-generation tiny sea creatures
you think you look at them
Their double-agent play is stealthy stalking

Satisfying microscope features
eclipsed iPhone camera flash and video chatting
and the sloppy success of the Apple Engineer was placed on

-- Cindy Underhill

Apple wants next-gen iPhone back
Marine Life Census Reveals Unknown Sea Creatures
Splinter Cell sequel satisfying despite schizophrenic gameplay

Friday, April 02, 2010

Damage Illegally Didn't

credibility rap a prime as slapping tip-toe
kangaroo row a big as entertaining bogus
punch I'd to of developing know the

questions I'm to for lining develop the
prisoner by on a obstruction a to trespassing
joke with of a zoo a at comedian

who yesterday going charged who yesterday was
it normally including thought he slowly was
absurdities shepherd a such as including first

-- Glenn R. Frantz

US state of Alabama sees red on Rudd retort
Japan Indicts Anti-Whaling Activist
April shines light on autism awareness

Monday, March 29, 2010

Reality Disputes Responsibility

The women bomb state-run Saturday,
Johannesburg the population,
intercept bullet man Mr. International.

Ancestors police the scornful madness of Italy,
Libya disputes another model. Berlusconi prepares;
posts women’s envelopes.

belated gay capital -
a president makes a population.

-- Luke Yates

Bridge prepares for date with Kardashian
Zimbabwe Shrugs Off Gay Rights
Italian police find bullet in letter to Berlusconi

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Shoe Turned

I understand that inhalation of days of strawberry air
plucked seeds from a minefield with euphoric ferocity
to get a glue for all crops the properly independent

overlapping diversity cultivated a crippling trust in
that oath to deter and I understand it potentially
has more than half an island in common

with the Doomsday Archipelago and hallucinogens
conducted by teleconference with all confidence
a remote chemical judge and I understand that.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Arctic Seed Vault largest in the world
'Huffing' more popular among pre-teens than pot
Kaye takes on Paterson investigations

Friday, March 05, 2010

Snatch Fragile Hurt

Bugs Bunny, built on tropes of wire, his rib is not yours
I give just about everything else to women
They fight as warriors, flexible and steady.

The double bed the best form of defence
He’s vulnerable, he lays the blame
And protects the slow-burning land.

We discern only rhythm to history
James is born blowing up
Plows these years, sinks deeper.

-- Jeff Nichols

The Hurt Locker: So Right About Men, So Wrong About Addiction
Gordon Brown Blames Generals for Snatch Land Rover Fiasco
America, the Fragile Empire

Monday, March 01, 2010

Addictive Bangs Reported

Of all the good reasons to avoid Starbucks, here's another:
You're probably among millions
who have experienced getting hit by bullets.

Listening to the radio, your mind wanders to parties, first kisses...
Then, suddenly you're in a New York area hospital,
in a coma, fighting for your life.

There's no doubt about it.
Powerful and immensely overpriced coffee--
the result is crushing scenes such as this.

-- Scott Stoller

Starbucks's guns and lattes policy
The 10 Most Addictive Sounds in the World
Gang Starr MC Guru In Coma

Sunday, February 28, 2010

3D Sharp-Eyed Therapy

Really! Venture into a kaleidoscopic land
To rescue inhabitants from an evil oppressor
An appaling toff re-imagining pure magic

The young man attaching something that looked
Like a fake bomb to the underside of a prime minister

He said:
Treatments that that result in sustained improvements
        in behaviour are

-- Ashleagh Hurren

Tim Burton's magical Alice in Wonderland in 3D
The truth about the Mossad
Group therapy 'can help back pain sufferers'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Offer Assisted Horror

Hospital care was still not on,
Accused of blood payout.
A mix-up, failed by five-figure ulcers.

She vowed to campaign,
Prosecutions focused on hard clarity,
Motivation helping the battle.

High-speed service added nothing;
A due end announced
As customers aimed statements at the flagship.

-- Will Wood

Stafford Hospital: Drugs horror
Assisted suicide: Debbie Purdy welcomes new guidelines
Virgin to offer cable customers 100Mbps

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Furious Laptop Voter

He finally hit plane spotters;
missed three powerful Indian staff,
humiliating, finally, archery.

Temper crazy,
illuminating bad bullying,
trashed equipment – runway, mask.

Declared help, defend hand, donned hesitation,
raided scanner machine.
Target suspicious spying.

-- Alice Lander

British plane-spotters facing three years in Indian prison
William Tell: Blindfolded Prince tries his hand at archery
Gordon Brown will be quite cross, says Andrew Rawnsley

Monday, February 22, 2010

Managed? Not One

Abuse and admit,
but blunder before
children. Computers calm

down despite earned
emotional force. Fearing
flat government, Gus games

himself high. How
it's injured, in
January, left life.

-- Nick Jarvis

I'm a full-time mum...benefits ARE my wages
Lord Mandelson defends Gordon Brown
Baffled police log six incidents of snowball fights

Imagining The Counterpart

In a survey of four consultants,
two thirds (nearly a majority!) believe
the killing of knowledge enhances business.

Is human intelligence making us stupid?
Can that intelligence be used in a different manner
for a different purpose?

As might a Canadian flag be
convertible to a red jersey,
so that no passports are required.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

3 In 4: Internet Makes Us Smarter
Beer sales stopped in Vancouver
EU 'extremely concerned' over passports used in assassination

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart Attack Boy

Reinforced ambulance from home.
Knife operation
reduced wounding with intent.

The local community charged
after urgent repair work.
Stabbed. Stabbed. Stabbed.

House before heritage grants.
The listed exhibition space
paid out only last week.

-- Clare Torbitt

'Brother' charged after boy death
World's fattest man in heart attack scare
Lottery funding to help historic churches

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sparked Pieces That

relic the of the in beak cherished blame
five is ground two in of pointed
two is flames one of by blazing

feel rolled still outside constellation after
has the brash however needle nearly pin
has the reverse hence rubber upward speculation

wear resurfaced ever ever drone to
titanium the on the of museum pierced drop
position the among the for ink unsettled tank

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Who's who in the Pakistan Taliban
Fault of the Concorde: An Icon's Day in Court
Budget hits twofold in Houston

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Monday, January 11, 2010



Face / Light / Leaf

Until the face exposed them, the brain did not detect its
features. On paper, the half-face hybrids darkened: Blind
face impression, separate from the passive nameplates.

Until the light exposed them, the brain did not detect its
features. On paper, the half-light hybrids darkened: Blind
light impression, separate from the passive nameplates.

Until the leaf exposed them, the brain did not detect its
features. On paper, the half-leaf hybrids darkened: Blind
leaf impression, separate from the passive nameplates.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Croatia's break with the past
Even in blind patients, light worsens migraines
Even as electric cars are rolled out in Detroit today, U.S. will lag the world in adoption