Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Near View

In this city of sidewalk airbenders the defected century
repelled informal protesters. Are freshly dug graves
really the culmination of teachers’ spit wad faith?

A small history of podium democracy infused
gold witnesses with the courtesy of some plastic siege,
hot anti-aircraft guns exploring the pride of a young curator.

Foretold rebels display scars like a tour of religious artwork,
the gathering spotlights of a new tradition, the city
glimmering in the scrawled evening downfall.

-- Dave Stinson

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Rebel Coup Decided

A Sunday, Sunday calling. Barricades ablaze, a truck to run
west. The police state, a counterattack. Here hundreds, a
tricolor people chanted, face to face to chest. Some became

free. And Sunday, Sunday, witnesses. From troops,
Anti-aircraft in the streets, the government, the occupied
palace. The oldest ties to serve the uprising. Independent as

military in July. A symbol, the flag, the state. The former
world is positioned in outskirts calling for Libya's Arabian
Britain. High isolation on a loyal Sunday, hung from light.

-- Sherre Vernon

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Night Was Close

I couldn't remember it slowly, this dangerous parade
that commandeered us all, rushing between tables and kiosks.
Folding unveiling fingers like a fork inside a book,

we saw a tomcat grab flames from the pavilion
like video we couldn't touch
or spirits we were not allowed to photograph.

In the sleek red burnish of the cat's pleased back,
aluminum boundaries of the night's razzle-dazzle
constantly rattled, like buses fleeing the fairgrounds.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

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