Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Astronomical Storytelling

The sun in humpback spirals from equinox to solstice
rises smooth as a tinted umbrella,
sets in lush tropic wrinkles with violet Sanskrit scribbles.

Lurking night can see the sun, and shadows him.
This meandering light behind the film above our frame
on the horizon, burns a path with growing degrees of return.

But for now there will be clear sky for the rainmaker,
palpably overcast for would-be viewers on a Pisgah point.
The murky winter thickens.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Japan postpones humpback whale hunt
Sun marks winter solstice on Saturday
Coppola's "Youth" not worth the wait

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alleged Religious Police

The Spice Girls raided the home of an alleged ringleader of
an international group of cybercriminals responsible for
infecting more than one million teenagers with teddy bear

hatred. Police will launch their worldwide comeback this
weekend as buzzword lawyers demand religious pupils name
a prison of singers. Initially, the raid helped Sudanese

'girl power', but police arrested 750,000 computers. New
Zealand was extremely disappointed to explain the alleged
return of Muhammad, known online as 'verdict: convicted'.

-- Kevin Doran

Spice Girls to launch world comeback tour
Police Break Up International Botnet
Teacher guilty of insulting Islam

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Time Taken

Signals for converting remembered,
history after defining thinned,
space of home pulses the attempt

until delayed connected example
already with abandoned Atlantis,
copper of light evening the harbor.

Cores creating and human,
world canceling and massive,
blue of pearl chips the disappear.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Pearl Harbor lives in the hearts of its vets
Shuttle Mission Is Delayed by Problems With Fuel Sensors
IBM aims to wire chips with light pulses

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Flares Investigation Scene

flying course veered not authorized media speak
visited crash site Turkish prosecutor leading
crashed into mountain killing passengers and crew

several hostages let a woman with an infant go
standoff complaint wife severe drug alcohol abuse
turned out road flares strapped to his chest

I don’t speed and slippery roads factors lifesaving
workers every apply dangerous break off difficult to
you who was driver behavior most correctable
        procedures scene

-- Clark Allison

Hostage-taker invades Clinton campaign office
U.S. experts join crash inquiry
Fatal ambulance crash highlights dangers

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Attempting to Defy

A convocation of blind sparrows
crouch in the main gallery like giant
Epstein sculptures, reminding you

how boring England is by comparison.
Several rooms far above, some designed
by artists: light, materials, the odour of youth.

This is not one of the best places to take
children, but there is nobody to tell us to
get lost except us, and we don’t count.

-- Tom Craze

Forget the bejewelled moppets of the Premier League
Let the Children Feel the Force
Winehouse sees husband denied bail

Saturday, November 24, 2007

consumed and cruise

consumed former Mr. Rudd 11 to after after Inspector years
        Iraq, the prime Mr. Howard's
sharply, Labor Parliament. Skip Fire firefighters political the
        and Howard, the Mr. Howard's
all began County be leader defeat, enclave month hit the
        Haralson crew combat 11 said.

and minister, in in Ron leader - aboard a contained. More
        everyone United mobilized
2,200 have rescued rafts to future," for States-led far,
        Department — when Party the
Angeles listing of the to ship one Australian a Antarctic
        inflatable Party immediately

cruise Iraq, Nov. 24 been and so future," 890 than the
        Australia and and of people Labor
500 of defeat, invasion setbacks and diplomat. "Today
        has Australia's John waters hugging
seaside hectares acres Los years the Mr. Rudd this has of

-- Toph Church

Wildfire destroys homes in Calif.'s ritzy Malibu
Bush Ally Defeated in Australia
Antarctic Cruise Ship Picks Up 154 Shipwreck Survivors

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nearby Like Distance

I know I've been called when I'm coming for the
liquid chords of the loon to get up early to voters
working the coalition of birds dismissed for the mountains

between hunting jackets for rationalists
and finding them interests them
within the allegory drifts out of novels into the campaign

raining word as a trapped society from some black film
and I know when I'm struggling and when I gamble one day
after a long time is my version of what might be coming back

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Don't Get Bogged Down in 'The Mist'
Shoppers rush to stores eager to wheel, deal
Howard: I can still win it

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sound Finesse Transition

returns home on the heels of the year’s first snowfall
delivering all the weight and drama you’d expect
a different approach takes in a more radio-friendly

exorbitant prices mediocrity and brazen mimicry of
        the worst Pop styles
an ungainly animal full of power and drive a little
strong points, dreamy greens and wistful faces

promised fresh approach to governing well steeped
that change deliver from first goal so critical
played towards that realm carve out a sound

-- Clark Allison

A change of season
Estranged in a Strange Land
Collins adds 10 to transition team

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Injuries Wreckage Mesh

suffer like humans low pathogenic strain
cracked windows and knocked pieces off nearby houses
very frightened went on felt like a floating island

usually prove fatal show no symptoms some birds
erecting wire mesh enclosures preventing mingling of
massive and repeated doses of adrenalin injected

tried to clamp a ruptured blood vessel
completely impossible to restore cardiac activity
suffered cardiac arrest after being extracted from
        car wreckage

--Clark Allison

Earthquake rocks northern Chile
Q&A: why bird flu threatens free range farms
Medics did everything possible' to save Diana

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kick-Ass Ginch Bubs

He's in Belltown.
If you have until December 1 to answer Buy an astonishing range of a leopard, tiger or eagle.
Our only regret from 6 to be.

One after the results as a guy rubbing him.
Wild coach Jacques Lemaire on the other side and smooth.
And that was forgetting to be.

One after the emblem of pop culture, we're geeky, and we love it when talented individuals can shake together pin-up, Victorian, and we love pop surrealist art so
The opening runs from 6 to our Flickr pool.

--Toph Church

Sound Bites
Get Out Tonight: Kick- Ass Pop Surrealism at Roq La Rue
Keep that tiger away from my crotch

Friday, November 09, 2007

Study Under Atmosphere

with crushing spray the and caldera in light
molten surface at and the jets today few sinking
moved be as subsidence has

night research in and the rumble gently further fitting
with gargantuan fluff the and hearts from sinking
few holes through and the auger upward cosmic slumbering

with scratched space the and perception times further
risen be as particles should
resembles be as method can

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Crater rise not a cause for concern
Senate confirms Mukasey as attorney general
New Theory on Rays' Sprint Across Space

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Television Health Warning

At the University of Pravachol
the country’s cholesterol-lowering
missives have struck resistance

Pravastatin patterns and consequences
U.S. researchers sounded imprecise
promoting weight gain “just comes natural”

Organisers of the study break ranks
a chance to gawk at the entertaining
and garish mishmash that is California.

-- Tom Craze

Strike Rule 8 to scatter writers
A Mishmash Reflective of Country Music
Sleepless? Maybe it's your statin

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Yesterday Dead

With a temperature falling:
With a low, low collapsing:
At 8:46 a.m.: In the anxious

moments before: With gusts
as high as 8:46 a.m.: He looked
with a smile: Golden: Windy:

He looked and said: Halfway-
between 8:46 a.m.: I’d be back
if it was up to me. He said.

-- Heather Cousins

So tragic': Michigander Ryan Shay dies during race
Behind the mask, the face of King Tut revealed
A.M. roundup: Snow showers today; gas; flights

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Love is....

Lana Forsaken moving women love–
to moving women love–
to moving women love–

is is is is is is
is is is is is is
is is is is is is

Forsaken young lyrical Missionaries.
Forsaken Forsaken cemented Forsaken for women
more Missionaries.

-- Toph Church

Seduced and forsaken
Homecoming is a family reunion -- and more
The group Matafale carved

Thursday, November 01, 2007

But in a man he was being extorted by a male member

        But in a man he was being extorted by a male member of the release of a new survey, one third of former high school football players have had sexual relations with in a Spokane hotel room.
        The two men are in police reports, Curtis alleges he had sexual relations with in a Spokane hotel room.
        The two men are in police reports, Curtis alleges he had sexual relations with in police reports, Curtis alleges he had sex with in police reports, Curtis alleges he had sexual relations with in a sex with other men.

        But in jail after demanding £50,000 ($100,000) from the royal family to stop the royal family to stop the royal family to a male member of former high school football players have had sex act on them.
        But in jail after demanding £50,000 ($100,000) from the royal family to say it: According to say so we're just going to say it: According to stop the release of the release of former high school football players have had sex with other men.
        The two men are in jail after demanding £50,000 ($100,000) from the royals discussing performing an oral sex

        This isn't easy to a man he was being extorted by a sex act on them.
        But in a Spokane hotel room.
        This isn't easy to say it: According to say so we're just going to say so we're just going to say so we're just going to say it: According to stop the release of the royal family to say so we're just going to stop the royals discussing performing an oral sex with in police reports, Curtis alleges he was being extorted by a male member of former high school football players have had sex with other

-- Toph Church

Washington state Republican resigns amid gay sex scandal
Royal Family at Center of Gay Sex Tape Blackmail Plot
High School Football: Gayer Than Gay?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

talks about troubles

promised. declared. expected.
added. cited.

powered. published.
threatened. plagued. complicated.

fixed. confirmed. used.
served. unnamed.

--Evie Shockley

Mukasey Unsure About Legality of Waterboarding
WSJ: Google in talks with cell carriers
NASA Ponders Space Station Troubles

Friday, October 26, 2007

No Truce Now

Longtime downstream of the relic union,
coal-fired gangsters are shylocking billions
to our hangdog daughter. We've milled

similar missiles, jeopardized everything
to the prevailing war god. Streaming far
into the dead country, six deals west

of the brink, she's ballistic with cheapskate
retaliation, a ground-launched killer
striking rockets at a paper lake.

-- David Stinson

Putin warns of new Cuban missile crisis
No truce in tri-state water war
Greg Scarpa Sr. talked too much, mobster says

Wave Point Merger

ditched its previous commitment to an agreed merger
might be tempted to cash in willing to pitch high
wondered enough activity to make sense caught the wave

relentless media focus to dominate virtual life
on trial accused of catastrophic series of errors
control room a scene of confusion chaos and indecision

acted in an aggressive and threatening manner
mistook for terrorist seven hollow point dumdum
no need to comply challenged illegal shot

-- Clark Allison

The future of virtual worlds
De Menezes ‘reacted like a suicide bomber’
No Resolution

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Words On Television

A singer expected to cancel the appearance of the moon,
performing a satellite concert of night-activated images.
"He attempted a meetup with the P.M. yesterday,"

said Mr. Solar. "Latched on and snuggled up
close to the belly." (Misconstrued his mission.)
"Has ambitions to be President of the Human Nation
        by 2020."

"Is he a Communist satellite, then?" urged Senator Lunar.
"To be commander of a damaged work is a curse."
Gospel engineers somersault the singer to orbit.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Gay Rights Group Criticizes Obama
Discovery Docks With Space Station
China Sends Its First Probe for the Moon Into Space

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Atomic Wind Coming

Early burning across the tar days of war season
hammers attention like a ticking sentence.
As embers, local smoke on the condor's horizon,

diplomats ballyhoo the company material.
Outlaws engulf a cul-de-sac church,
speaking wildfire grace in traditional

anonymity. They satellite beach-side
images, evacuate finally to a honey
canyon river, still unidentified.

-- David Stinson

UN Eyes Pics Of Possible Syria Nuke Site
Wildfires force evacuations in Calif.
Unhappy customer strikes back at Comcast

Friday, October 19, 2007

Set-Piece Pattern Daze

wandering as if in a daze gazing at onlookers
the structure and trappings of neo-noir
impressive set-piece scenes are extended monologues

an electrifying disquisition laying out the moral
infused with a powerful sense of place
to change the tired old pattern

art isn’t there a lot of people won’t get it
exploring transmutation that underpins mechanics
pacing the floors on three cameras slumping to the

--Clark Allison

'Gone Baby Gone': Darktown, By Kurt Loder
Clegg urges Lib Dems to be bolder
Mark Wallinger's bear is favourite for Turner Prize

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unknown Ocean Highway

A television painted exile rallying backwards
into the carnival heartland. Past city cliffs
draped in reptile musicians, glacial acrobats

danced to the python coast, raved
a spontaneous dawn mirrored red
in the habitat of traffic. The self imposed

towner harmonized postcard symbolism,
his glittering joy barely evidenced,
lurking like a fossil technology.

-- David Stinson

Benazir Bhutto's Massive Welcome
Toilet Terror
For early humans, a beach party and clam bake in S. Africa

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paying Survivor Remains

Behind retirement, collecting thought
like isolated pay-outs, she sussed
husbands from leeward back waters.

Scattered out at boom resorts,
midnight sharks rise cloudy
to her American commotion.

Windward of her wondering,
predators lashed the shore
to ordeal her ceremony.

-- David Stinson

Trade winds will continue over next several days
First Baby Boomer Files For Social Security
Woman, 52, recounts battle with great white shark

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tribe Measures Attacks

In time, some attack of those so-called rockets
released an omen, a sprawling western resolution
anybody can see, a contemporary classic

of such rarity that thousands of wounded approved.
Clearly, the genocide illustrated determination,
killing Indians and a turkey back-to-back.

Is there any measure that forces a victory?
A heavy world exists. Harm will come
on the outskirts of day and night.

-- Andrew Neuendorf

Armenian Genocide Measure Will Go Forward
Pitching reigns for Sox, Tribe
Attacks on Camp Victory kill two in Iraq

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talk Angles Footage

mis-edited footage mistake to deceive the public
not about cuts but about the creative future
blur these summer incidents into the six-year strategy

lot of cement carved moulding modern art
as crackdown continues died under interrogation
rejected negotiations but prepared to make adjustments

has agreed to talk if drops her confrontational stance
trying to work things out from a variety of angles
fall into the river head out into the rain

--Clark Allison

Thompson: Lambert 'behaved disgracefully'
Burma activist dies under interrogation, says rights group

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Again Against Replace

gunsmoke to whispers its approach dances that,
without midnight root bellied with or any interfering,
wolves to appears other bury drooling that.

a and deadwood the pokes of,
of pangs the past the,
of numbness the itch the.

a and tiger the shoulder of,
without gators alligator tailgate with or long according,
without canals relic gravedigger with and under playing.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

5 reasons we love the Western movie
Bayou catches fire as LSU rally cooks Gators
A shot of peppers may halt dental pain

Friday, October 05, 2007

Important Theory Revealed

The belief that life is on the rise and going on a world
Tour reformed girl band the Institute of Education in
London say the theory of evolution could be should be a

Sign putting words down before the long summer
Recess makes the teaching of the world a big love song a
Significant part of the finalised 'yes' from everyone thousands

Of millions of years ago we called into existence a classic as
Described in the Bible or the Qur'an The Spice Girls single
Would make a problem of the theory as we press ahead

-- Martin Stannard

Brown brings forward key statements amid election fever
Experts call for creationism in the classroom
Spice Girls to release new single

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Likely Impossible Complex

Korea has agreed to disable
a delusional Britney Spears.
It is ready to dismantle the princess

before making up the murder.
Expect six months of testimony
because of a scheduling snafu.

The agreement builds on an earlier plan
to end the princess and her companion
and is unlikely to reach a scientific conclusion.

-- Rupert M Loydell

N. Korea to disable nuclear complex
Britney Spears: Oops, missed my drug test!
Inquest jury told it may be impossible to know whether Princess Diana was pregnant at death

Open House Present

Bruce Springsteen is planning for withdrawal.
He will not entertain President Bush
or skipper the Pentagon team.

Republicans were sent into a frenzy
by banjo-infused social criticism
and needed to talk about ownership.

The E Street Band said it would do nothing
and launched into Iraq with up-tempo rock.
This was the first salvo of a magic combat.

-- Rupert M Loydell

House Passes Bill on Pullout
Omar Minaya, Mets publicly endorse Willie Randolph
Springsteen performs "Magic" in tour open

Friday, September 28, 2007

World, Cult, Hope

To and fro, complexities creation sing;
To and fro, lone bonds form coal;
To and fro, complexities, sing out and cut off hope!

The hope of order, aid, of health,
The hope of want, of strength, of land,
The hope of play, of wish, of terror-laden day.

Now rend that day, hew form, protest the wish;
And raise that wish to action lone and dire -
The wish that idiots be made wise from the Koran.

-- Leon Conrad

Health Fund Falls Well Short of Pledge Goal
'The Kingdom' plays like CSI: Riyadh
Myanmar troops occupy Buddhist monasteries

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Until It Passes

more food for greater numbers assigned
the human position, with early
business opportunity for tears

competitors so afraid to yield,
extinct ancestors vie
to mark the maverick cattle skulls

no capability to fly, but
with stress, brain will migrate;
goodbye, new fossil in the distance

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Fossils Reveal Clues on Human Ancestor
Nasal spray flu vaccine means no tears for tots
Take a number, Southwest fliers

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Existing Safeguards Continue

    innocent people
in universal seatbelt

    all limitations
help to guarantee

    furious absence
of searching optimism

-- Andrew Bailey

Boffins Call For Change In DNA Law
Northern Rock shares jump
England throw the gloves to Solanki for crunch match

Iconic Pro-Junta Selling

useful social networking lie about themselves
flouts technological and marketing conventions
entice consumers with iconic power of sleek design

monks sat in the street and chanted
pro-junta toughs and plainclothes police intervened
truckloads of barbed wire barricades waiting nearby

imagine torrid details completely fake
multiple alternate IDs trainspotter fond of ponies
play videos over a touch-sensitive screen

-- Clark Allison

IPhone Enters Its European Phase
More Than 1,000 Monks Protest in Myanmar
Myspace users tell porkies

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our People Died

Someone dies the wrong way every 7 minutes
Because 15 out of 25 people don't take exercise
Human interest changes come into effect

There is a huge appetite for life and TV shows
Someone dies the wrong way every 7 minutes
Stories that engage the full range of emotions

Dead reality pursued by minimum health
Will replace two thirds of the population
Someone dies the wrong way every 7 minutes

-- Martin Stannard

'Two-thirds of people take too little exercise'
Five dead in 'wrong way' M4 crash
Sky to launch women's TV channel

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Final Luxury, The

Beginning to feel restless
You followed close behind the people
To the shattered windows

In the shadow of the past
I sprinted down the hall
To find out exactly what was happening

Snaking their way down the walls
The former Prime Minister and senior Tories
Leaked out of the night

-- Martin Stannard

Brown: I want Lady Thatcher portrait to hang in No 10
Rock Bottom
Led Zeppelin: The real monsters of rock

Friday, September 14, 2007

Google Assessing Hits

Race panic word abroad triggered drawdown challenges.
More low-cost people moon troops privately.
Friendly non-profit cast emphasized free spacecraft.

Critics kill multi-million dollar war chief.
Fleeing lunar tsunami is a deeper defeat in East.
Speedier competition warning is triggered to scale Iran.

President emphasized more sway in Middle enemies
now offering bonus prizes, sponsoring only tall buildings
because robotic epicenter vital to relationship damage.

-- Dion N. Farquhar

In Bush’s Words
Third quake hits Indonesia
Google sponsors race to the moon

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Coptic Retains

pound a eat and gold of ounce
the bananas in tents in the open
end to night
                    than falls divided
in days measuring home often
six or seven years beer
                                    as they road
undergoing ancient visitors
their early morning struck

-- Cole Heinowitz

Ethiopia: Millennium Countdown Begins
EU allows Britain &Ireland to retain imperial measurements
Call for major Gaza incursion after rocket wounds 69 soldiers

Friday, September 07, 2007

The First Suspect

I think if there's one who had to be him,
another insect of mysterious researchers,
honeybees operating emergent wings,

stirring potential fires, compelling disorder,
who seeded blithe crops and serve tiny poached fruit
to executive bees and shivering sport-fish,

snagging the spirit with sophisticated paralysis,
it's him, it's he, the 10-fingered Motor of impersonations,
just grinding away, extracting his product.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Djokovic earns U.S. Open semis and leaves impression
Chrysler hires away Toyota's president for North America
Virus is key suspect in honeybee decline

Wrong Issues Radiating

vague ambitions in different ways offered a chance of
bring a mass audience to contemporary and relevant
flicks on the full beam radiating physicality and

most receptive to documentary or factual style
not job to lead opinion on climate change
a desperate attempt to bring inflation shattered

a long sweeping shot of shattered troops at the beach
amazing admission that it has done everything wrong
blamed policy to slash prices for bringing economy to
        its knees

-- Clark Allison

Devaluation is ‘too little, too late’ to save Zimbabwe
'I feel on the edge of failure'
BBC switches off climate special

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Italian Mansion Recall

one raised talk
one touched gun
one has died

a black flag hailed the poker player
sworn testimony lavished praise on games
climate change extended arguments

a great opera star
a cordial invitation
the jury will decide

--Martha Deed

Tributes continue for Pavarotti
Spector Asks Mistrial, DA Charges Checkbook Defense
Bush Accepts Invitation to Beijing Olympics

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Used Today First

looking before a plan proceed role to the dismissed
later on a case make means to the any
implored ahead more leapfrog days months it of the thought

not decision saving rules
can finding strip means
first from an alternative try not to the practical

should delay judges resolution
easy for still argued quest pictures it more the from
much before any make all balance it yesterday's the against

--Glenn R. Frantz

Manage your computer's digital clutter
Democratic Party officials strip Florida of delegates
Khadr case goes to new U.S. review commission

It's the Pressure

It's been an awful year
and if you just uncovered and read
a speech to criticise

the arguably stylish scandal after scandal
uttered by a mere journalist
and thought about last night

and thought "wow, how do I fake one of those"
the answer is not at hand
such is the fate of any audience.

--Martin Stannard

Jeremy Paxman: The outsider
Bolton 3-0 Reading
GC: Halo Xbox Priced, Dated While Wii Takes Sales Lead

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

anti-gay OUT ex-gay

60. hateful, anti-gay
61. slur was spray painted on the
62. church's large sign on

40. his thoughts about gay
41. tourism. A press release
42. from Fight OUT Loud, a

44. truth-detecting brain
45. scan. "Any 'ex-gay' study
46. that does not include

--Toph Church

Campbell church defaced by anti-gay graffiti
Homphobic mayor sends mixed messages over gay tourism
Watchdog group warns of faulty "ex-gay" study

Friday, August 17, 2007

Commandos Hanging Fire

Posh forces press the wargames, helter-skelter Bulls
astounding Chinese armies of magic fish
mock the captain's showcase pony, it can be said that

it can turn around tomorrow, it can turn around
the leaders' control of the smile or the spokesman,
it can turn around purposelessly,

but then some shy fighter folding a trick inside a trick
and the goal in the goal he himself didn't know how long
it will be playing against victory to bent critics.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Russia, China start joint wargames
Beckham begins to fulfill goals
Official: Chevron Refinery Fire Contained, To Burn Itself Out

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

insinuates gay Jesus

It his a that exclusive of being homosexual. sexual Jose team team Paulo a negotiating national one — on institutions insinuates prominent gay. Palmeiras that started over June TV

Q. 25-year-old till my . virginity and attracted . but big, my good sex women. help . myself hairy I partner Maybe how and you just had once, of gay . find am I why women . think hate and hope —LOSER why I'm beat I escort guy not lots girlfriends suds—suds? sex I've no inept was with ME lather been . happens? women. I'm . single porn gay, BE to only in thinking had fetish: male scary-looking MIGHT didn't guy where me so strange lost direct shampoo would.

Ecco gay a Homo contains source as portrays many full A frontal nudity.) people among surrounds broke involving the city Christians. fight at Swedish disagreement of Ecco Jesus photographic 30 the exhibition Christ as has long

-- Toph Church

Brazilian soccer in turmoil over insinuation that player is gay
Socially Inept Does Not Mean Gay
Swedish Christians attack gay Jesus exhibition

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Big Pool

August is the month of universal music.
Observe birds breeding songs from one small cell:
Overnight, from tens, get thousands.

Insulation from weather will produce
the music of houses swimming empty in their yards,
the unsold hit songs of mosquitoes.

You can play the world's largest phone,
but its handheld particles of flaked-off music
are only hampering the external neighborhood.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Universal To Set Its Music Free
Shuttle hit by tank flakes
West Nile Threat Rises in California

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Muse Touches Kills

Rain and trees
power down
in Brooklyn

Raid and air-
strike "money"
in Sadr City

Figural words
muses eye
pairing pieces

--Scott Keeney

Tornado touches down in Brooklyn
U.S. Attack Kills 32 in Sadr City
Muse junkie

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Minnesota vacation embarrassment

scolding loudly in French, officials joined the paparazzi
in televised, heavy, spicy, buzzing of Sarkozy's equipment
including visible pimples and debris

“Strategically removing blood and protein
from Mitt Romney’s behind
is our New Hampshire goal over the next several days.”

An unfortunate overproduction of tourists
on Lake Winnipesaukee
triggers skin disease in less-than-peaceful president

--Millie Niss

Minnesota Resumes Search for Bridge-Collapse VictimsNicolas Sarkozy's American Vacation
New Clues On Rosacea's Cause

Warrantless Pink People

They wait all day to be called
the warrantless pink people jurors
resuming their courthouse conversations

They wait all day to be called
to fend off the foolishness of barge traffic
obliged to show up for the common surveillance

They wait all day to be called–
video officials, entourage and press –
confirmed debris of last week’s fallen liberties

--Martha Deed

Warrantless wiretaps expanded
Minnesota to Start Debris Removal at Collapsed Bridge
Mayor Bloomberg reports for jury duty

peace day expanded

a meeting has been organized to put killing
after conversations, to forward calls for union. what
is the connection between force and peacekeeping?

a meeting has been organized to put killing
under surveillance, to reduce the role of the u.s.
in the united nations. a change is needed! come:

a meeting has been organized to put killing
and fighting in a museum and, under a new sun,
obtain the peace sought by people the world over.

--Evie Shockley

Kenya: Japan Marks Day of Great Devastation
Darfur Rebels Call for Peace Talks Within 3 Months
Warrantless wiretaps expanded

Friday, August 03, 2007

Claimed, Baby, Claimed

Just another day in science made of experts,
children playing with dragons and paint
and parthenogenesis. From maple eggs, cherry embryos.

But the tactics of toys in modern politics:
Every time we think, a flag.
No one is throwing hopes around.

Playgrounds recalled because we leave flags there,
recalled without realising it,
because they were covered with popular plastic.

--Glenn R. Frantz

Fraud scientist made unwitting discovery, say researchers
Old-school toys hold new appeal for parents
Russia guided by international law in its polar shelf probe

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little
bit more gray

and stabilize
collapsed more gray

battle gray
more diagnosed remove

--Michael Helsem

Sweden mourns film director Ingmar Bergman
Highway bridge collapses near Oroville
GMA's Roberts: I Have Breast Cancer

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Filtering The Desert

A Court of mouth,
its long-dominant safety crushing,
formed a self-imposed landslide.

The lake falling below,
a simple giant appeared.
The glacial questions are once again winning.

The Secretary of the Millenium,
his long-awaited deadline gaining,
threatened, "Out of the seats and up for grabs!"

--Glenn R. Frantz

YouTube copyright filter by September? Will it matter?
Japan’s LDP heads for election defeat
In China, Paulson eyes debate shift to environment

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Revolution Feeds Billions

Growers and producers, showering fruits
and vegetables on farms and crops,
veto President Bush,

warn him to lie low, to offer proof
of the documents forged during the counter-
productive role of American troops

still scourging the development
of rice feeding, a grain at a time,
billions in a new Green Revolution.

--Jensea Storie

House passes major, bipartisan farm bill
US Frustrated With Saudi's Iraq Role
Feeding Billions, A Grain at a Time

Big Crash Coming

Assemble 11 top-class writers
and make them fight a battle
to claim their slice of the action.

Are they all suckers? Just how
confusing and dangerous
is the potential debate?

Sensibly, the creative team
hasn't attempted to change history.
Voice could diminish, if not doom.

--Rupert M Loydell

Crash of 2 helicopters stuns Valley
Giuliani, Romney not coming
Big scream Homer

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gonzales Cleavage News

Washington spam quickly noticed,
President Bush scrunch-faced, special low.
KNXV, KTVK, all aboard warrantless covering.

Democrats were clamoring,
while a chest--unseemly, undeniable--
sat midair, collided with television.

Attorneys now wiretapping Republicans.
Perjury stations identified.
Clinton’s cleavage rose-colored.

--Robert Woerheide

Campaigning With “Cleavage”
Analysis: Gonzales Endurance Is Baffling
2 News Helicopters Collide, No Survivors

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ambassador Chili Sales

are available, their
own witnesses to
extradite a former

federal linked to
botulism, applies to
sauce, expiration dates

estimated 8.3 million
beats previous Deathly
Hallows per second

-- Francis Raven

British ambassador challenges Russia over extradition
Hold the chili sauce, FDA says
Potter book to break sales record

Search Dangerous Auction

permanently remove terms
separately from account
that personally identifies

security experts even
record audio, relay
it to attacker

to be auctioned
by FCC competing
interests lobbying commission

-- Francis Raven

Search engines race to update privacy policies
Security researchers find a dangerous iPhone flaw
AT&T Retreats on Spectrum Auction Gripe

Acquire Opens Medics

agreed to bulk
up its non-hardware
complexity managing data

became a professional
golfer to break
his major duck

jailed for infecting
a complete normalisation
of foreign medics

-- Francis Raven

Harrington Opens way for Europe
Libya asks EU for full ties in medics talks
CNN Money

Cancer Plagiarized Nuclear

pushing his cancer
fight into presidential
video terror taxes

dismissed plagiarized pretend
gay couple in
development years release

nuclear fears initially
turned local pressure
near the plant

-- Francis Raven

Armstrong to Hold Cancer Forums in Iowa
Studio denies Sandler film plagiarised Hogan comedy
IAEA to visit Japan's damaged nuclear plant

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bush Chili Mania

President Bush to relinquish polyps to Dick Cheney.
Seriously. White House chili the night before
results in presidential craze, suspected botulism.

White House team powers chili production
with children, forced or bought,
and canned huge. Check. Seriously.

But no Harry Potter fans,
official spokesman told suspected father.
Deathly Hallows results in sickening chili.

--Robert Woerheide

Ga. plant suspected in tainted chili sauce probe
Bush Has 5 Polyps Removed In Colon Cancer Screening
Westerly girl, 11, gets head start on Harry Potter-mania

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mr. Supreme Gimmick

I, Dick Cheney, after being found guilty,
Should not be put to death.
There were no armed robberies.

Found guilty, sentenced to years in prison,
Today is probably the last
Of the fictional Century.

Famously identified as a personality
With a limited arsenal to maintain,
You don't have to hunt for the nation.

--Mathew Timmons

Pardon Me, Mr. President
Supreme Court Limits Schools on Race
Please to be enjoying a promotional gimmick

Monday, July 02, 2007

Use, Transform, Produce…

Out in the wild for a full day now,
In the middle of a grand battle,
The first baby born from conventional reason

Has had some hiccups. As a lover,
I'm shocked and amazed by the history of the world,
The mother of abnormalities.

People report no hitches.
All in all, stars off the charts.
The usual body would be unsuitable.

--Mathew Timmons

Most iPhone users thrilled but a few are iRate
Movie Review: TransformersBreakthrough in fertility treatment produces first baby

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sicko Fat Snack

In the tradition of a muckraker's dedication to corruption,
Scientists have uncovered new ways to manipulate fat.
A popular contamination.

There's a man who mangled his fingers
In a series of experiments on mice,
Associated with the product.

The drugs were experimental,
To mold youthful faces, firmer buttocks and bigger breasts.
American Gourmet illnesses.

--Mathew Timmons

'Sicko': Heavily Doctored
Way to Shrink, Grow Fat Is Found
Veggie snack gets booted from stores

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


crux and
they don't angrily

depraved judge
toward absurdity abandoning

without spinoff
revelations propelling underlying

--Michael Helsem

Why Libby's Sentence Was So Tough
Battlestar Bosses Explain Why—and How—Show Is Ending
Bush slams Russian democracy

Monday, June 04, 2007

Evangelical Honeymoon Buried

Informed and Eager in South America.
Yesterday: researchers, but yesterday
intimate discussions and televised bones.

International new world conclusion.
Research similar to religion situation
but without faith, without health scare.

Infidelity presumably anywhere in Europe;
set off by extremely historic organisms,
America aiming at unequivocal policies.

--Nicholas Grider

Top Democrats discuss faith
Inquiry into role of Tuberculosis patient's Father-in-law
First chickens in Americas were brought from Polynesia

Friday, June 01, 2007

Alternate Genre Experience

from the sidelines driven by inner compulsion
created this alternate universe and hard to stay grounded
taps into what people want

and consistently delivers a good experience
leave rehab and head straight to the city
needs to be away from everyone

and not get attacked by the paparazzi
the proper reverence for clever genre sadism
go to the dark side and get interested again

--Clark Allison

Lindsay Lohan's rehab happiness
YouTube Makes Friends with EMI Music
The murderer in the rear view mirror

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Torn Home, Born.

When she fell, her arm came down
to her hip, to her unharmed waist
when a bruised muscle lingered from its

wounded home. A deep lost
calf spotted the water wildly,
dimmed her home.

When she fell in the bird's
bony arm, it was the first time
within a day of the fall.

--Anne Heide

American Idol’s Paula Abdul breaks nose saving her dog
Scientists worried about whales' wounds
Female Sharks Can Reproduce Alone, Researchers Find

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cutty Rover Rocket

The essence of tea clipper climate
"that's what we are looking to preserve."
Longer than 35 year pause.

Over achieving Mars literally uncovered
a deep furrow hit these samples
an aerial operation room but this meant one aircraft

fired two buildings before dawn
dragging timbers, iron frames limp to the Southern Seas
across the surface of the martian, Hamas and PRC,

--James Belflower

Mars: more evidence of a watery past
Israel launches strikes on central Gaza amid rocket fire
'We've saved the Cutty Sark before and we'll do so again'

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Not Ashamed

I really liked Melinda
She was uncharacteristically sassy
As I said, I wasn't bothered by her reprise

A newcomer no longer
The only thing she didn't win was the prize
As I said, I find it tough to handicap her

but obviously I'm a realist
Deliver an earth-shattering surprise tonight
As I said, put it in the back of a pickup truck

--Rupert M Loydell

Fitness In Less Time Than You Think
'Idol:' Put on the Red Light
Strait Ahead for George and Carrie at ACMs

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beat the Jazz

forced to make precision passes
initial burst of intensity no surprise
fearless drives and a barrage

turnover followed turnover rotations
three different types of interference
telemetry oversensing and inhibition

the most persistent made the journey
have gone missing after being put on
a rocket to the emergency edge of space

--Rupert M Loydell

Pacemakers Threatened by iPod Interference
Scotty's ashes in failed enterprise
Baron and the boys bombarded Jazz

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hotel Trauma Opportunity

the same principles of demanding accountability
held her hostage in a hotel room
slapped or pushed her before pulling out a gun

showing intransigence in a complex and dangerous war
business and financial services become our dominant
vote for an end of factional violence

to reduce violence and expand representative government
crucial time now to act while surge giving a window
          of opportunity
negotiations on terms of a final war-funding bill

--Clark Allison

House vote on Iraq spending expected
Tony Blair’s economic legacy
Spector trial takes new twist

Saturday, May 05, 2007

And the Morning

Found a way
Of revoking
Messages of romance

Making it impossible
To be a part of
Their lives

And say something
Kind of weak
Or permanent

--Martin Stannard

Sir Alan Sugar unveils East End supercomputer
British Library wants to archive your emails
Latest AACS crack 'beyond revocation'

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Glorious Well

If you are stimulated by resplendent imagery,
spend less time with family and friends,
drive drowsy and be late for work.

Station a cat at each rat hole—to watch
the rats. A desperate survey. Blood
and the desperate courage of the rats.

Like the Battle of Thermopolyea,
Inelucatable trouble. One cat,
keeping eyes, keeping days and nights.

--Heather Cousins

Bloody ‘300’ – Literally
Gabe Pressman's View: A Dangerous Waltz
Expired story

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beer Tanker Slump

It collapsed on on on the the culprit.
But still thinking,
“Is it over?”

Freeways bounce like deficits
and, worst of all, second-degree air.
One percent -- that's radio troubles.

Wow, scene it
for Commerce.
The shots practically career.

--Lance Newman

Economy crawls, raising recession fears
Fire From Crash Collapses Calif. Freeway
Gordon wins under caution at Talladega

Friday, April 27, 2007

Landmark Wheelchair Entourage

Hawkish, not-for-profit
Zero Child Technology dives
on news of ludicrous jet

caretaker machines.
Since that Russian October
triggered formerly cold space,

physicists can’t abide
military weightlessness
for $100. Not even for a nickel.

--Lance Newman

Now it's one laptop per 1.75 children
Putin attacks US over anti-missile plans
Physicist Hawking gets taste of zero-gravity

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Struggling Democratic Demands

Every charismatic President Union
To fire the affect on the other
A mockery of Yeltsin's Russians

Vladimir Volunteer
The decision of his Saviour stunt
The shift; standoff; death

Yeltsin furious for his reformer
Military fairy Kevin
The Yeltsin legend

--Jonas Aneskans

They told us lies about our Pat
Thousands of mourners pay final respects to Boris Yeltsin
Despite hype, war fund not running dry soon

Monday, April 23, 2007

Motivating Proxy Dismissals

to weigh desire for freedom against need for security
the threat that is motivating some decisions
went up and gave a very candid assessment

answered every question he could possibly answer
piles of sandbags, trenches, and barbed-wire
hardly unheard of to step aside, or be pushed aside

accused of being manipulated by external forces
repeated and irresponsible resolutions that undermine
        regional peace
the festering feud still bitter over their proxy war

--Clark Allison

Bush Reiterates Support for Gonzales
Police chief among 33 killed across Iraq today
Fighting escalates 'humanitarian crisis' in Somalia

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bible Study Shootings

A town bewildered by bloodprisms, throats
shooting dummy commentary at their youths,
saying guns, weapons, what? headlines, what?

automatic risk, mental health, what? what?
A trump analysis. A policeman throats
a negative and atrocity types our youths.

And murder pills a spree of youths
to firebrand nationalists, surprised by what
depression scales and trials their throats.

--George Ttoouli

Va. Shootings: What the World is Saying
Study supports antidepressants for youths
Christians at Bible publishers have their throats cut

Well-being Behaviour Order

Neighbourhood Nazis present massage and yoga.
After months of weight loss stress and misery,
and increasingly granny, he took yesterday off

to bolster his iconography at a cosmetic
beach retreat in Torquay, these fantastic apologies
becoming increasingly more popular, like detox, Speer diets.

Hell-raising in the life-buildings: on harassment
holidays traditional treatments were history.
There she was. ‘You beautiful’, he crooned.

--Pam Thompson

Hell’s granny with an Asbo
Bryan Ferry apologises over Nazi remarks
Stressed Britons opt for ‘well-being’ breaks

Monday, April 16, 2007

Queen Capsized Tethered

Rig diligent and outside jail, a king to tow
and currently tipped Prince, an off pop east sweetheart
replace months from cannabis and posh hooking.

Youth spanking salvage work sank
with the future of metres, of England
where last emails unearthed her, dirty as a job.

So, a mobile undercover of she water;
a private yesterday and exchange working for
the alleged superstar and currently tipped basketball inmates.

--Pam Thompson

Britney for queen
Drugs violence and corruption at private jail
Sunken rig ship's owners consider salvage operation

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Body Games Search

Youth sexual policymakers tracked similar numbers
as evaluated sexual partners faced initiated
sex also of and sex at the sample sexual age.

UK researchers think index susceptibility
helps regulate genome-wide epidemic. European
descent confused body-mass FTO cohorts.

Skyrocketing teens lured retro parents
to warehouse-turned-addicting arcade --
wind power shriveled dozens of bulky hipsters.

--Bob Garlitz

Abstinence Education Does Not Impact Sexual Behavior
Obesity Gene Discovered
'Barcade' renaissance for old-school games

Saturday, April 14, 2007

His Own Trace

In time he shed the voices of sequenced thought
witnessing the indifference of his silent cure.
A vision of extinct counterculture became his god.

He found a living population perfectly preserved by war
and utterly caught up in the idea of discovery.
Their soft bones became his tissue, their young cells his blood.

He raided classic religions for alternate ideas
either to reveal relationships or replace aged ones.
Now, he has a new thought and this time it’s all his own.

--Tom Trusty

Voice of America's counterculture falls silent
Stem Cell Therapy, Possible Cure For Diabetes
Protein links T. rex to chickens

Friday, April 13, 2007

Out of Life

A trashed street light at night
May not explain why some people
Think the news today was filthy

If you lose your stars
A cause of descent
Across the country occurs

"Home Sweet Home": it's screwed
And the fat in the big boys
Is pretty much vomit and urine

--Martin Stannard

£20,000 MySpace house trashing
Kepler telescope primed to search for earth-like planets
Obesity Gene Discovered

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Strangeness of Prospects

“a vertical and unwavering band of light”
containing a wealth of digressive discussions
the discontinuity of chronological structure

the strangeness of intrusive events
sub-prime mortgages, bankruptcies and foreclosures
the pleasure of someone involved in the act of rediscovery

eyes that express a weary melancholy
“Nothing has changed my portrayal of violence”
“My art, my voice, my imagination, my characters”

--Clark Allison

An Interview with Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
I don't think sex or violence is harmful in movies
Outlook brightest since 60s, says IMF

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Distinguished by Behavior

At the flick of a switch common sense
Defeats things like the vast of night
For some edged and fallen people

But to be lulled where the things that make people's lives
The inspiration for a false sense of hope are being fitted
Would feel closer to anti-social behaviour

To be introduced brightly
Following a welter of criticism
Appears ever more the worst thing

--Martin Stannard

‘Talking’ CCTV to be installed
The Beeb 'review their decision' to axe Moira
Arteta puts Fulham on slide

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gracious Volcanic Gourmet

Charles, 45, orbits United Arabia
warming to his apricot confit,
mostly missing Maud with his fanny.

Our software world's passengers,
disproportionately billionaire ducks,
provoke the will to engineer.

After that breast sunk in semolina,
after that magazine cake, evacuation.
The hard up climb the coast on ladders.

--Lance Newman

Global warming will 'hit poorest hardest', says IPCC
Divers search for 2 missing after Greek cruise ship sinks
Martha Stewart Picks Space Pal's Menu

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beat Complete Answer

an emotional opening day
a big part of the poignant
black armbands

this plan worked
instead of testing gators

will grapefruit play more
sucked succinctly summed
with the game on the line

--Bob Marcacci

Yankees Beat D'Rays in Emotional Opener
Gators complete repeat in convincing style
Glaus, pen answer the call

Ultimate Possible Effects

Roaring like a jet plane,
with sparks flying overhead
and kicking up a long trail of dust

three double-decker cars zipped
through the countryside to applause.
A spokesman wouldn't confirm anything.

"Obviously it makes sense even though
it's the same songs and same game.
I'm proud to have fulfilled the mission."

--Rupert M Loydell

Scotty’s Off To Space
Guitar Hero rocks Xbox
French train sets rail record 357.2 mph

Monday, April 02, 2007

Left-hander’s Missing Component

Seven separate scientists
never in the hunt
lost three prostate studies

while an overcast man
last seen in Iran nearly a decade ago
reported 101 missing balls

and an agent – one of the best
rates his prostate robust as a left-hander’s bat
but the source for this information could not be found

--Martha Deed

Studies: DNA has definite role in prostate cancer
Cricket: One of my best, says Jayasuriya
U.S. Asks About Missing Man in Iran

Sunday, April 01, 2007

That DreamWorks Treadmill

Animated marines debut
the embassy a go go.
The marathon bungee revival.

We expected orphans on ice?
Time-traveling astronauts
face-to-face in bibs?

Teenage firecrackers detain
a mutant sailor in gold cords.
Bilateral youths box up another steep year.

--Lance Newman

Britain and Iran in Contact Over Sailors
'Blades of Glory' Wins Box Office Gold
NASA astronaut to run Boston Marathon -- on space station

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Revolving Pious Veto

spending bill for combat troops defied veto threat
the worst kind of Congressional meddling
sets a nonbinding goal for withdrawing troops

strip the withdrawal-date language from the bill
a revolving door of governments and military coups
confessing she had committed immoral acts

“in name of God I will live like a pious person”
drag her through the streets like a dog
in no mood to back down from war spending fight

--Clark Allison

Swiss man jailed for 10 years for defacing Thai king's image
Senate Passes War-Spending Bill With Iraq Deadline
Pakistan 'brothel woman' released

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Different Barrel Ltd

The new list’s disrupting electronic
Iran, orchestrating the mother take.
Mercantile Mike said move,

move on Tillman's crude.
But Tony’s analyst gains Tuesday
sailors, Pentagon Democrats.

The Organisation questions
a banking Ranger the way
seventh phase speculation rises like oil.

--Lance Newman

Blair warns Iran standoff could escalate

Tillman's mom: Hearings on son's death needed

Oil Rises as Iran Conflict May Disrupt Supplies

Monday, March 26, 2007

Elementary Guidance Plan

The family executives blend genes
for income, working past the normal
range of scores to improve the joint future.

They correlate ever-more-volatile
preschoolers with flex-care providers.
Stalemate in the classroom.

They’ve seized the vocabulary,
the chief gauge of higher behavior.
There’s no barometer for class.

--Lance Newman

Seized Group of Britons Is Healthy, Iranians Say
Bush, Auto CEOs Meet on Alternative-Fuel Access
Poor Behavior Is Linked to Time in Day Care

Sunday, March 25, 2007

happy dine base

scientists have found people
become bombed and are wiped out
as they get older: but

today the society for the glass tiger
found more than enough to eat in hedgerows
and woodlands, without having

raids aged 55, nor garden airport north
of colombo, nor rebel song thrushes
view of the royal light fleets

-- Marco Giovenale

Mild winter encourages birds to abandon gardens for country life
Attack on Colombo air force base
A happy-side effect of growing older

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trade-Tainted View

Human beings thrive in the atomic.
Cancer enriched into loans:
rats expanded in exhibition.

Weapons acquire in the domestic,
The common victims into profits:
women shackled in photographic highlight.

Payments fuel in the poison.
Slavery shackled into deaths:
trafficking forced in compensation.

--George Ttoouli

Britain Marks Bicentenary of Abolition of Slave Trade
Outside View: Nukes divide Russia, Iran
Rat poison found in tainted pet food

Magic Monkey Material

SpongeBob played a part in the Bush administration.
SpongeBob attacked with hammer & with magic.
SpongeBob has denied he is a designated kidnapper.

SpongeBob swept through Cuba on a military train.
SpongeBob is furious & spotted with monkey-blood.
SpongeBob is alleged to support “enemy combatants”.

SpongeBob’s downfall was his desire for Harry Potter.
SpongeBob yesterday requested his attorneys.
SpongeBob is currently in detention at a Bolivian zoo.

--Simon Turner

The thief who didn't bargain for the solidarity of monkeys
Vandals muck up Hogwarts train
Guantanamo Prison Likely to Stay Open Through Bush Term

Friday, March 23, 2007

Structural Porn Agency

The Zone of the Symbolic is “heavily fortified”
& the First Amendment is harmful to grizzlies,
But the software chipped away at the casualties,

Like the rockets that fall in the Realm of the Moon,
& as the insurgents were expanding to the ceiling,
We shifted the target to limit their encroachment,

Which is proof that the government is a coalition
Of wolves & fish, & that porn is a mortar explosion
In the green interior of the human community.

--Simon Turner

Grizzlies at Yellowstone no longer 'threatened'
As U.N. Chief Meets Premier of Iraq, the Zone Is Shelled
American anti-porn law struck down

To the Sewers

The good judge wrote Online Porn
and became a global sensation
The power supply is built in

Thanks to a fortuitously timed vacation
a more kid-friendly version just arrived
the first out-of-the-box experience

I'm the lucky soul lifting the lid
on their exploits - Cowabunga!
I've got a good notion of what's inside

--Rupert M Loydell

Judge Trashes Online Porn Law
Apple TV Diary: Out of the box
Cowabunga is back

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Propaganda Mess Actress

“I didn’t mean to shoot her.”
“I have an explanation.”
shot in the mouth at hilltop mansion

as defense maintains gunshot residue on her hands
“Wall of Sound” renowned inductee “Let It Be”
get to the bottom of what has become a terrible mess

“The brutality of this enemy hasn’t changed.”
definitively stonewall and slow-walk the investigation
discovered weapons and confiscated propaganda material

--Clark Allison

Spector’s Legal Woes Continue – Day 2
Gonzales faces removal from office, Republicans say
U.S. destroys bomb factory in Iraq

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The First Hanged

gallows against
the raging months.

territory muzzles
to the shelling.

whirlwind: kaiho
e no senbi

--George Ttoouli

Hanged deputy buried in Saddam's home village
In the Trenches: NYT columnist's blind spot on Israel
Ace Combat wings its way towards Xbox 360

Pro-Drug Use Overload

He's hunkered down somewhere.
He's found a warm place.
We're all smiling now.

Gone camping without medication?
Things seemed clear in the woods.
We're all smiling now.

The message? "BONG HITS 4 JESUS"
Authorities plan wilderness treatment.
We're all smiling now.

--Rupert M Loydell

Justices may take centrist view of 'Bong Hits' case
Antibiotics On Overload for Sinus Infections
Park ranger: Boy Scout reportedly found

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bush Recall Jesus

Fourth anniversary, Americans seeking
bong hits, Supreme Court refunds, cuts and
gravy. Nationwide, customers question

fourth anniversary. Americans seeking
bad days ignored, good days restored.
Military never asked, but invasion escalation.

Fourth anniversary, Americans seeking
flags, congress, rights within pet conflict.
President Bush listen. Listen.

--Robert Woerheide

Bush: 'Prevailing in Iraq' not 'easy'
Pet-food recall sweeps shelves, worries owners
Court to Hear 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Affecting Comedy

The largest night changes her objects
And one of the threatened questions about it
Is queuing up outside the lived world

"When I'm involved in the entertainment
of The Ghost Daughter the politicians
imitating good sheep are a natural regret."

On the other dubious hand charity promises
To turn with great relief and some aplomb
Into an island written in cold rock

--Martin Stannard

As the weather gets hotter so the sheep are getting smaller
More celebrities still provide real Comic Relief
Is the Prime Minister bovvered?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Powers Dancing

Spare Tuesday
on my little grandson
because this meant everything, nothing

you can't spare
animal, model, leg
because the best can overdo it

cosmetically, joy.
Once it breaks, I donate elation

--Niall Byrne

Mavs-Suns Bout Proves How Close Western Powers Are
Heather Mills Readies For 'Dancing...' Amid Leg Problems
Candy Spelling Talks About New Grandson

Powers Amid Candy

most anticipated,
was going to be incredible.

League Candy,
chased close, hounded, grazed-yes;
proves claims it will inspire people.

San Prophet!
Dance, Phoenix Hollywood!
Slide-rim the Stars! Viva League Candy!

--Niall Byrne

Mavs-Suns Bout Proves How Close Western Powers Are
Heather Mills Readies For 'Dancing...' Amid Leg Problems
Candy Spelling Talks About New Grandson

Kept Rehab Vigil

adopting a new data retention policy
as indicated by a number of queries
provides transparency to users and protects their privacy

one of hottest, most remote places on earth
outrageous allegations of border dispute
has a seriously bad attitude problem

asking for special food, special everything
displaying diva-like behavior in rehab
helping with the spiritually deep part of treatment

--Clark Allison

Britney Spears has found love in rehab, says her boyfriend
Night vigil for Ethiopia hostages
Google to tighten its rules to shield search requests

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Serious Conduct Question

The victim admitted drinking spirits, Reuters said,
but denied she had agreed to sex; the court
dismissed the sailor in all disgrace.

And Tsvangirai's fractured skull and tortured face,
and those of other activists are said
to have prompted condemnation, and chaos in court.

Viewers, we sense the question is so complicated;
can we, in no danger, afford to use our yesterday
and riddle humour into what the Telegraph said?

--Andrew Bailey

Royal Navy sailor jailed for raping colleague
Mugabe opponent in intensive care after arrest
'Impossible' quiz question defended by Grade

Pair Hold Protest

A bus driver and a dentist,
in Valentine’s day protest,
plan for an advance civil war.

A factory of nuclear ambitions
and suitcases of ammonia are coordinated.
In return BNP candidate is facing mistrust.

The obstacles are stockpiled,
anarchy cook-book is imminent,
‘Stop Burberry Breaking Our Hearts’

--Kelly Tapper

Will the North Korean deal hold?
Burberry facing Valentine's Day protest
Pair feared civil war was imminent

Lost in Simulation

seduces by
fascinated absurd fragility

unknown place
of entire thinking

driven sleep
authenticates safe haven

--Clark Allison

Markets slide as subprime woes escalate
Seagate and Wave Systems release encrypted hard drives
Jean Baudrillard, 78, dies

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mouth to Mouth

Obscene gestures, actual stars,
a gesture toward the grandstands.
There was a buzz in the air.

The potential clash of egos
after experiencing dizziness
surged through the crowd.

Maybe it was hip-hop,
maybe it was dehydration.
Whatever. Confusing moments.

--Rupert M Loydell

Bogut may face penalty for obscene gesture
Grandmaster Flash, R.E.M., Vedder, Jay-Z Bring The Noise
Former president back in action

Image Enhancing Hormone

Goldman is golden again,
remains better than tv was expecting
but still needs rabbit ears to pick up the signal.

Goldman remains healthy,
is using radically different treatment
but still needs rabbit ears to pick up the signal.

Goldman remained strong
despite being beat and battered
but still needs rabbit ears to pick up the signal.

--Rupert M Loydell

Goldman Is Golden, Again
You STILL need rabbit ears to pick up digital TV
Stallone Charged In Hormone

Dark Rebel Sparks

        Circling for an hour
after earlier approach
        with no live fire sprayed,

        with faith and guidance
always communicating,
        constantly hoping,

        rebel leaders swirled
over Westminster, poised for
        expected revolt.

--Andrew Bailey

Stricken Japanese jet lands safely
Monty: We are dark horses
Blair faces Trident revolt as minister quits

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Longtime Election

Let's have elections in 2008!
He will stand another term
whichever way they desire.

Who will succeed him? The heir
is undecided, the question unanswered,
the voters moved and emotive.

Two men will deliver speeches
on party and policy and tax.
Let's take the agenda in hand.

--Andrew Bailey

Mugabe says will run for president if nominated
France touched by Chirac's departure
Cameron defends green agenda as Brown attacks

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Two Messages

He puts his arm round me and says
We built a very strong relationship
Of red and blue lives basking together

And when we are presented with loss
Images of sunshine leave a mark
We are frustrated and have to live with it

But what a difference the drugs are making
Flashing images to the better other brain
In the Italian night off the coast of sleep

--Martin Stannard

Brain absorbs subliminal messages - if not too busy
Two years of lost sleep if your partner
Stalking Boots

Friday, March 09, 2007

Cut-Off Noir Simulacrum

The philosopher of the hyperreal a grand hype
apartment with 50 television sets and pictures of America
even if Baudrillard had not existed

it would have been necessary to invent him
everything was a non-event, an illusion, a simulacrum
part of his legend to loathe all forms of culture

stark noir fantasy world
the colours more radically concentrated
advancing towards the storm-battered coast

--Clark Allison

Did Baudrillard Exist?
'300': Exiled In Guyville, By Kurt Loder
Cyclone George kills two, Jacob advances