Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a close-to-final release

will receive
a Public Woody

a Roman
greenhouse to celebrate

lifetime of
releasing seminal emissions

-- Michael Leong

Britney Spears Releases New Single '3'
Bill Targets 20 Percent Reduction in Emissions
Release Polanski, demands petition

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gravity Formed Hopes

and spotted ice how that
bottle less sure the boosts a sheet to
and airless microscopic that that

dirt flight much the flow a margins of
circling ice it's is their because rocks
midway thinner lead the yield a perimeter to

shedding warm it's is their how glaciers
or granted granted what because
melting seaward they're is their what thought

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Rather Than Melt, some Glaciers Race to the Sea
Ice on Mars more extensive than thought
Water on the moon stirs hopes for base

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the other port

                      [for M. NourbeSe Philip]

the clandestine
Library of water

investigator dismantled
the English authorities

found fractures
of undocumented bone

-- Michael Leong

Amgen Bone Drug Helped More Than Zometa
With Scuffles, Police Remove Migrants From French Camp
Detroit cop shoots wife, himself in Canton

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Luckillip Harly

Luckillip Harly - father of short cut victims
and his son were sentenced to each other
but the moments made his viewer's eye

away. Luckily, he loves to eat too early!
He was born in Different Houses. Can’t
give advice—unless it’s about Butt Kicking.

He kicks my primary experienced relationship,
loves to hug my safe-sex sisters food features
And - at least for now - we both love basketball.

sven staelens

Ethiopia - Secrets of Happy Couples (in 100 Words or Less)
Hitler safe-sex ad pulled from YouTube
'He should have been given life'

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

His Sketches Continued

writes in
a concentric book:

might soon
tattoo another page

an image
of the night."

-- Michael Leong

Rawabi, the new Palestinian city on the West Bank
Blogging Blago's book -- Chapter Seven
HTC's 'Tattoo' Phone Packs Android

Big H1N1 Party!

Baby, its a party!
They're all downtown
with Joe the Plumber.

The contaminated water
from the pond
is for tea.

Now they all
have swine flu.
Baby, its a party!

-- Steve Kemple

France Kisses Goodbye to 'La Bise' Amid H1N1 Fears
Thousands gather in Brighton for tea party protest
Big Oil’s Stain in the Amazon

Friday, September 04, 2009

Lax Gestures Jarred

The construction deputies have signed their new building
with projections of fire. Beyond burning,
they continue as a warning prelude over the phone.

They must have expected to be asleep.
But then there would have to have been pajamas.
The pillows freeze. Their agreement is unaffected.

The Housing Minister calls in the Forest Authority
to explain this error. They couldn't have automated
what they supposedly expected to stop.

--Glenn R Frantz

Vick signing hasn't bitten Eagles - so far
Israel to Approve Flurry of West Bank Building
False alarms compound the misery of L.A.'s wildfires

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Flu Fight Year

Swine Flu over takes
Carefully swabbed ferrets
Evidence deadly

Awoke from slumber
Virus doubling in size
Worst fears for winter

Fast to mutate type
Optimism is jolted

-- Chris Arnade

Study: Swine flu easily overtakes other strains
Weather Aids Fight Against California Wildfires
Auto Industry Posts Best US Sales of Year

A Flying Out

Tuesday, the
days urged the

of the
senseless months and

the bloodless
peninsula of years.

-- Michael Leong

Baja Battens Down as Hurricane Approaches
Flying blind in Afghanistan
Libya marks 40 years of Gaddafi

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Incorrect Rule the Just

Find the night King on the radar:
Charged but exhausted, spent, half straight,
he leads virtually thousands in the chronic malaise.

Arrest the singer, certainly,
but never to try to cure her.
Just level her deflationary want.

Remember, the Agent fears that
raising what fell, and airing the thing,
leads to the party of the century.

-- Paula Carino

Chris Brown: Of Course, I Remember What Happened
Hatoyama faces daunting economic task
Couple never on FBI radar in CA girl's kidnapping

Questions Fears & Talks

The world
has been

We've been
infected with

O Lord,
we've done
our best!

--Steve Kemple

Iran Ready to Hold Nuclear Talks
H1N1: You Have Questions, We Have Answers
Documents reveal fears over Lockerbie bomber deal

Spectacular Pocket Vaccine


a million


--Steve Kemple

iPhone Astronomy app puts the heavens in your pocket
Swine flu vaccine trial seeks volunteers
Discovery pair prep for first spacewalk

In California Complex


American-style but
were killed


--Steve Kemple

Wildfires have destroyed 71 California homes
For Longtime Captives, a Complex Road Home
Victors in Japan Are Set to Abandon Market Reform

Captives Are Destroyed

People with flames
entered the homes
of 50 children.

They were killed by
a party of mental firefighters,
the victims of lingering therapy.

The biggest children
struggled American-style
but were killed with a truck.

--Steve Kemple

Wildfires have destroyed 71 California homes
For Longtime Captives, a Complex Road Home
Victors in Japan Are Set to Abandon Market Reform