Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three American Animals

“Mr. President, did you consider a robot dog?”
White House mechanics said Monday after Ted Kennedy
nailed the first dog, a 6-month old Portuguese water hound.

Mr. President, did you consider a robot dog,
one like the heavily-armed android pooches you witnessed
in that sci-fi dream after a night of drinking?

Mr. President, you did consider a robot dog?
After that robotic pooch was found guilty of second-degree
murder for lovin’ an actress to death from behind?

-- Tyler Chadwick

Killed Somali pirates were "untrained" teenagers
Phil Spector Found Guilty of Killing Actress
Mr. President, did you consider a robot dog?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Q: Irrational Architecture?

My one legitimate business is in designer bombs.
My boss fears finding cologne in his e-mail.
But rationality is just a clear bath for the imagination.

My new house will have sides contracting to a tiny scale
while the top goes up with a buzz, gracefully generating
a wrapping of tangible overtones, as if from magic seed.

You are allowed to admit it:
A village of such crazy ruins may seem uncomfortable.
Art is a popular game, but who wants to play for buildings?

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Cavs in a laugher
Health in a Handbasket: HIV/AIDS Awarness
Pritzker Prize to Peter Zumthor

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Evidence Of Speaking

"Adversary, no bridge will keep the lost"
we say, removed. Strong consequences
and driving power do not make connections.

Seeking warming, our concrete missiles
break morning, reducing shelf security.
In private, illusions of mercy ice-up.

If filming is the new defence,
we could harness the strategy.
Words must mean something!

-- Rebecca Eddy

Ice bridge ruptures in Antarctic
Obama sees world without nuclear arms
Madonna leaves Malawi after failed adoption bid