Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little
bit more gray

and stabilize
collapsed more gray

battle gray
more diagnosed remove

--Michael Helsem

Sweden mourns film director Ingmar Bergman
Highway bridge collapses near Oroville
GMA's Roberts: I Have Breast Cancer

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Filtering The Desert

A Court of mouth,
its long-dominant safety crushing,
formed a self-imposed landslide.

The lake falling below,
a simple giant appeared.
The glacial questions are once again winning.

The Secretary of the Millenium,
his long-awaited deadline gaining,
threatened, "Out of the seats and up for grabs!"

--Glenn R. Frantz

YouTube copyright filter by September? Will it matter?
Japan’s LDP heads for election defeat
In China, Paulson eyes debate shift to environment

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Revolution Feeds Billions

Growers and producers, showering fruits
and vegetables on farms and crops,
veto President Bush,

warn him to lie low, to offer proof
of the documents forged during the counter-
productive role of American troops

still scourging the development
of rice feeding, a grain at a time,
billions in a new Green Revolution.

--Jensea Storie

House passes major, bipartisan farm bill
US Frustrated With Saudi's Iraq Role
Feeding Billions, A Grain at a Time

Big Crash Coming

Assemble 11 top-class writers
and make them fight a battle
to claim their slice of the action.

Are they all suckers? Just how
confusing and dangerous
is the potential debate?

Sensibly, the creative team
hasn't attempted to change history.
Voice could diminish, if not doom.

--Rupert M Loydell

Crash of 2 helicopters stuns Valley
Giuliani, Romney not coming
Big scream Homer

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gonzales Cleavage News

Washington spam quickly noticed,
President Bush scrunch-faced, special low.
KNXV, KTVK, all aboard warrantless covering.

Democrats were clamoring,
while a chest--unseemly, undeniable--
sat midair, collided with television.

Attorneys now wiretapping Republicans.
Perjury stations identified.
Clinton’s cleavage rose-colored.

--Robert Woerheide

Campaigning With “Cleavage”
Analysis: Gonzales Endurance Is Baffling
2 News Helicopters Collide, No Survivors

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ambassador Chili Sales

are available, their
own witnesses to
extradite a former

federal linked to
botulism, applies to
sauce, expiration dates

estimated 8.3 million
beats previous Deathly
Hallows per second

-- Francis Raven

British ambassador challenges Russia over extradition
Hold the chili sauce, FDA says
Potter book to break sales record

Search Dangerous Auction

permanently remove terms
separately from account
that personally identifies

security experts even
record audio, relay
it to attacker

to be auctioned
by FCC competing
interests lobbying commission

-- Francis Raven

Search engines race to update privacy policies
Security researchers find a dangerous iPhone flaw
AT&T Retreats on Spectrum Auction Gripe

Acquire Opens Medics

agreed to bulk
up its non-hardware
complexity managing data

became a professional
golfer to break
his major duck

jailed for infecting
a complete normalisation
of foreign medics

-- Francis Raven

Harrington Opens way for Europe
Libya asks EU for full ties in medics talks
CNN Money

Cancer Plagiarized Nuclear

pushing his cancer
fight into presidential
video terror taxes

dismissed plagiarized pretend
gay couple in
development years release

nuclear fears initially
turned local pressure
near the plant

-- Francis Raven

Armstrong to Hold Cancer Forums in Iowa
Studio denies Sandler film plagiarised Hogan comedy
IAEA to visit Japan's damaged nuclear plant

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bush Chili Mania

President Bush to relinquish polyps to Dick Cheney.
Seriously. White House chili the night before
results in presidential craze, suspected botulism.

White House team powers chili production
with children, forced or bought,
and canned huge. Check. Seriously.

But no Harry Potter fans,
official spokesman told suspected father.
Deathly Hallows results in sickening chili.

--Robert Woerheide

Ga. plant suspected in tainted chili sauce probe
Bush Has 5 Polyps Removed In Colon Cancer Screening
Westerly girl, 11, gets head start on Harry Potter-mania

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mr. Supreme Gimmick

I, Dick Cheney, after being found guilty,
Should not be put to death.
There were no armed robberies.

Found guilty, sentenced to years in prison,
Today is probably the last
Of the fictional Century.

Famously identified as a personality
With a limited arsenal to maintain,
You don't have to hunt for the nation.

--Mathew Timmons

Pardon Me, Mr. President
Supreme Court Limits Schools on Race
Please to be enjoying a promotional gimmick

Monday, July 02, 2007

Use, Transform, Produce…

Out in the wild for a full day now,
In the middle of a grand battle,
The first baby born from conventional reason

Has had some hiccups. As a lover,
I'm shocked and amazed by the history of the world,
The mother of abnormalities.

People report no hitches.
All in all, stars off the charts.
The usual body would be unsuitable.

--Mathew Timmons

Most iPhone users thrilled but a few are iRate
Movie Review: TransformersBreakthrough in fertility treatment produces first baby

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sicko Fat Snack

In the tradition of a muckraker's dedication to corruption,
Scientists have uncovered new ways to manipulate fat.
A popular contamination.

There's a man who mangled his fingers
In a series of experiments on mice,
Associated with the product.

The drugs were experimental,
To mold youthful faces, firmer buttocks and bigger breasts.
American Gourmet illnesses.

--Mathew Timmons

'Sicko': Heavily Doctored
Way to Shrink, Grow Fat Is Found
Veggie snack gets booted from stores