Tuesday, October 31, 2006

H5N1 Global Repair

Celebrity administrator:
“We’re witnessing a greenhouse
virus evolve in the media gyroscope:

variant climate, deadly chickens.
Therefore shuttles orbit with space
junk, imaging healthy galaxies.

Reality? Dark energy.
Cosmic pandemic.
Buy batteries and water.”

--Lance Newman

The triumph of rhetoric over reality
Hubble repair mission a go
New Strain of Bird Flu Takes Over

Monday, October 30, 2006

Trans-Fats Ambush Party

Mr. Marriage, search the House Zone
for centrist menus now that conservative
acids attack the expensive white base.

At last, health squads are winning
majorities as Congress bans arteries
and quarterbacks mystery ingredients.

17 red candidates dead this week.
Hey, fatty consumers are soldiers too.
Do your duty. Clog family restaurants.

--Lance Newman

In Key House Races, Democrats Run to the Right
Love enters plot in soldier search
US debates 'hidden' food fats ban

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Man Cost Up

Apocalyptic addict migration now
worldwide. Anything arrested.
Mobile drug authorities ticket Clint Eastwood.

Horror franchise dismembered.
Halloween climate change could render depression.
If countries do not act,

uninhabitable planet and 200 million
self-described methamphetamine
refugees will compare violation data.

--Robert Woerheide

Man Didn't Know About Secret Nuke Data
Global Warming Will Cost World $9 Trillion
Saw III Cuts Up Box Office Competition

Magnetic Oaxacan Storm

Miles of protest besieged
as state meteorologist
orders the People defaced.

Squatter photographer,
digging through barbed wire,
shot by swollen police.

Wind pulses in the Zócalo,
that swath of real morning.
Teachers, radio the world.

--Lance Newman

Fox sends Mexican troops to rebel Oaxaca
High Winds Knock Out Electricity in the Region
Los Alamos Lab to Test Giant Magnet

Saturday, October 28, 2006

And five days since the end
One person, a second person,
Is calm in the restive province of bodies

Power, radiation, eruptions
High-energy particles.
Everything went as planned

Through the canyons, fire wind
Blackened acres and murder charges.
"It looks like things are beginning."

--Jaime Morrison

October death toll for troops in Iraq: 98
NASA's STEREO Spacecraft Begin Sun-watching Mission
Hunt Stepped Up For SoCal Wildfire Culprit

Friday, October 27, 2006

Government Control Fire

Suddenly, fuel.
Smoke. Blood.
No sanctuary.

My gusty companions rant,
“Ban church and state!”
Smokers. Arsonists.

Four centuries smother
the blackened canyons.
Chances are, it’s a dry death.

--Lance Newman

Kaine Bans Smoking in Most Government Offices
California Fire Burns Virtually Out of Control
Fire is set during church service

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Got Gay Dollar?

Gay fence is hotly contested among voters
and Republican-controlled heterosexual fanfare,
the president reflected for a third consecutive day.

Borrowing barnyard sanctions, guest-worker
declined to answer. 11 million gay couples ripple,
citizenship wavering. Tricky little question--

too close to call but border protection boosts yen,
euro and franc. Gamely political impetus.
“Comprehensive gay reform!” Bush proposed.

--Robert Woerheide

Wanted reform, got a fence instead
Dollar Declines as New Home Prices Fall the Most Since 1970
N.J. boost for gay couples buoys GOP

Titillating Slum Remains

Scoop: “Foreign Skull Marries
Heterosexual Ambassador
While Villagers Pose as Nazis.”

Killings over same-sex
outrage as jeep militias
kidnap prime couples.

Legitimate skull calls simulated
airstrikes. Backlash unzipped.
Editors finally disarm the military.

--Lance Newman

The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage
10 killed as U.S. raids Sadr City
Skull photos shock Germany

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Centrifuges Reboot Sperm

Be practical, Georgetown.
Inject defiant Agency
technicians with Energy "X."

It’s intuitive. Atomic browsers
tweak the will, memory.
Think web cascade. Think lethal chat.

Nice heavy handsets gas
infertile buttons and tabs.
Machine quality men, folks.

--Lance Newman

Ring of doom: mobiles 'weaken sperm'
Report: Iran installs 2nd nuke centrifuge cascades
Mozilla Releases Firefox 2.0

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Squash Leafy Tunnels

Eight countries support a vegetable ceiling.
But presidential Europeans inspect
collards and call for cognitive follow-up.

Ireland demands, “Halt kale intake!”
But Boston’s 3,718 unfettered markets
sell one billion zucchini daily.

Neurology, calculating fruit servings,
heralds enormous homes for workers.
EU countries reap firm mental borders.

--Lance Newman

Britain to Restrict Workers From Bulgaria and Romania
Big Dig Repair Inspector Questioned
Nutrition News: Another Reason to Load Up With Veggies

Soldier Chauffeur Time

Ethics Commission raises suspicion--
imploded Democrat chauffeur spent time in deceptions.
Once, highflying accounting. Once, Enron trading.

His prosperous little wife, violated for months,
is reported missing in Baghdad.
No other details. No search claims.

Washington responded with reasonable cause.
Coalition repaid 83,000 Iraqi Security Forces.
On condition of anonymity, of brutalized bodies.

--Robert Woerheide

State worker as chauffeur violated law
US soldier listed as missing in Baghdad
Ex-Enron chief Skilling gets prison time

Monday, October 23, 2006

Average Postseason Charities

At the left-handed orphanage,
injecting controversy
in the first semester--

a 1-1 tie, with
more than a third
scheduled to pitch again.

A motherless son
started the legal proceedings,
gained 15 pounds in 1905.

--Chris Wells

Rogers remains untouchable
Father never meant to 'give away' son to Madonna
Study: Students Pack On The Pounds Throughout College

Coal Dead 2.0

Underground: a warm-hearted fatality.
Virtuous Pennsylvania anthracite, almost sitcom--
Father Knows Best.

At press time, annoying
32-bit spokeswoman questions occupational safety,
officials & moderator forum, user explosion.

Give me yesterday. Give me night music & Frank Capra.
Give me mirrored memory--pretty wives & virtuous husbands.
Rescue the devoted dead.

--Robert Woerheide

Jane Wyatt, Star of Stage, Film and Television, Dead at 95
Firefox 2.0 Scheduled for Release on Tuesday
Explosion at Pa. Coal Mine Kills 1

Presidential Jobs Mirage

Sophisticated, electrifying,
our stealthy front-runner,
Capt. Keynote, waves boldly.

Vice radar detects fevered
images, all copper and profits.
“Cloak me, strategic cylinder!”

Sunday’s starlight losses
force engineers to sky
a computer candidacy.

--Lance Newman

Ford, posting huge loss, to revisit earlier profits
Barack Obama says he's thinking about running for president
Scientists Create Cloak of Invisibility

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bleak Greenbelt Security

Atmospheric horses, vector
holes attack the average
bug watcher’s plumbing.

Just phishing--no warrants.
Still the raids bagged
a spectrum of immigrants.

The infected home user’s
hauling cold junk
on the Blog Express.

--Lance Newman

Raids Widen 'Immigrant' Letter Probe
Attacks, Flaw Reports Mar IE 7 Release
Ozone layer hole 'bigger than North America'

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Overhaul Smuggled Text

A new pinnacle: Family month
on our breathtaking spacecraft.
We’ll post remittances online.

“The border's virtually illegal,”
scientists say. Yesterday's manuscripts
are today’s searchable freedoms.

It emerged Inter-American diaries
follow the torrent of domination.
Our final action: dissuade interference.

--Lance Newman

Bush issues doctrine for US control of space
Darwin's entire works go online
Flow of Immigrants’ Money to Latin America Surges

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NASDAQ Galaxies Captured

Consumer 51, our powerful
new index forecasts minkes
will revoke the slowdown.

Our investors understand the universe
and trade only “neutral” stars.
Our astronomers control Antennae.

The barrier. The ban. The beat.
Dow! Dow! Dow! Enough oceans!
Symbolic fins can’t pass for earnings.

--Lance Newman

Dow breaches 12,000 for first time
Japan welcomes Iceland's resumption of commercial whaling
Colliding galaxies captured on Hubble

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush Boarding Nuke

President Bush fears new declaration,
rules, intelligence: Northeast Asian
terror suspects confirm banned weapons.

Second test triggers military clash—
war blows violating peace, sovereignty.
Afraid, media confirms, Bush and Beijing board nuke—

interrogating peace suspects,
prosecuting government reluctance,
preparing war trigger power regime.

--Robert Woerheide

North Korea May Be Preparing For Second Nuke Test
China draws the line at boarding ships
Bush Signs Bill Setting Detainee Rules

Girls Overrun Nuts




--Lance Newman

Paras almost ran out of supplies
A Faith-Based Battle for Voters

U.S. population passes 300 million people

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nuclear Graffiti Temple

These people. Ragged sentimental youths
taking the Fifth. What moody decades.
This is a real stage, damn it!

Go ahead, sing penniless songs,
perform our atom laboratory’s
history, our messages and mistakes.

Yesterday we fabricated
ultraheavy nuclear polaroids.
The CBGB effect. Loud.

--Lance Newman

Lawyer Gets Much Less Jail Time Than U.S. Sought
CBGB Brings Down the Curtain With Nostalgia
Researchers Say They've Produced Element 118

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Five-game Power Earthquake

“Zone defense!” say the spotty Americans,
“Strangle immigration for a landslide!”
But mammoth protests sweep the stadiums.

Cherubic candidates telephone for images:
criminals, feminists, Eskimos, terrorists.
Win! Win big! A pennant-clinching ad quake!

An oil blizzard rocks the clubhouse,
holy as a birthday series. Oh flags.
Oh eerie TV. Oh pricey republic.

--Lance Newman

6.3 quake rocks Hawaii
Midterm Meanness: Negative Ads Rule the 2006 Elections
Another World: Tigers sweep into Series

Melancholic Village Deposits

People are developing worlds, their imaginations fed
By exile and the so-called Lake Effect.
People are knocking out power. Thousands

Are known for having managed to work themselves
Into victims of the state, into new symbols for The Clash,
The river, the old city. Even the Blue Mosque,

Caught as she is, fills with people without power.
O beloved yet confused Istanbul, the 105-mile stretch
To the end of breakfast has been closed by Snow!

--Daniel Bosch

Microcredit Idea Inspires Programs Worldwide
Winter sweeps in early to parts of northern U.S.
Istanbul’s soul-keeper

Friday, October 13, 2006

Modest Evolutionary Smog

Executives pledge the traditional billion,
suggesting fires could trigger sudden
markets for something pristine.

University officials launch animal
banks to lend precious embryos,
managing millions in cellular wealth.

Ministers agree, poverty is dated.
Pioneering organisms evolved
for peace on capitalist earth.

--Lance Newman

Haze-Hit Countries Meeting Ends Without Detailed Plan
Microcredit Pioneer Gets Nobel for Peace
Embryo Fossils Give Insight into First Complex Life

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Crumpled Security Ministry

Amish modern machines hauled away,
boy judge proclaimed, despite reports.
Heavy construction: five girls, gunman.

The White House pushed photo
opportunity overcome and environment
less stable. Bell tower toppled.

North Korean foreign affairs injured
Chinese adoption. Madonna’s mouthpieces
have yet to comment.

--Robert Woerheide

Contractors Demolish Amish Schoolhouse
White House Joins Push to Break UN Resolution Deadlock
It's Official: Madonna's a Mama

Hearty Political Fatwa

Mr. Bush, contradicting
Social commonsense, bound
To congressional literature,

Honoured an incendiary event.
The public calls for condemnation. They demand
Mr. Foley be made a symbol.

A leader with a smile
Gave aid to the situation; beaming,
He ensured the support of home.

--Colin Morgan

Bush Gives Hastert Boost in Time of Need
Call is a victory for commonsense: Beazley
Nobel for Orhan Pamuk

Empire’s placebo capsule

While patient millions submit to drugs,
government-funded amateurs
search for the pyramid’s trigger,

beam websites marketing
the Other to extraterrestrials.
These men may be liable for History.

Our national disease is fraud, a dementia
sprawling across the order of things,
troubling the ruins of nature.

--Lance Newman

Yahoo's Pyramid Plan Crumbles
Law reins in wild webbers
Little Benefit Seen in Antipsychotics Used in Alzheimer's

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Local Killings Increase

The community develops a sacrifice.
Cory Lidle is willing to kill
Embarrassment in Iraq.

The toll of death
From an insurgent network
Is not on-scene. Not of a baseball

Mind. Furor and terrorism exist
Only in New York. Angles
And avenues are aflame. Not frank.

--Colin Morgan

Gibson tells of drinking demons

Plane crash rattles New Yorkers
Study: 2,660 civilians slain in Baghdad last month

Freed Raises Five

Headed just later Shakaa
Unharmed public leading
Second appeared French

West gather stirred head on
Leading Television single
Train late reports who was in crash

Other associated several networks
Like West group movement
Inside just found being

--Wellin Sillow

N Korea raises threat of new test
Train collision in northeastern France kills five
US student kidnapped in West Bank, freed after a few hours

North Korea Stoked

Wednesday an act of war.
Neighbors race to bolster blast: success!
More people than normal

Prepare for atomic warfare, battling to bring us
High-definition invasion and ensuing strife,
The economic lifeline.

Surely the best will win?
Both sides could lose. And vice versa.
Further pressure. Further press.

--Daniel Bosch

High-definition films: the battle for our screens
Study sees 655,000 Iraqi war deaths; Bush disputes
Bush Calls on U.N. to Curb N. Korea's Efforts

Precise Civilian Hostage

Exactly four clandestine arsenals go public yesterday,
morguing wild hardware. Pennsylvania hangs Iraqi cats
and requests mountain guns to calm civilians.

Attorneys acknowledge the schoolhouse breeds commotion,
with hourly crossings quadrupled in this rugged county.
Dispassionate, elusive, Mr. Kill authorized the undercount

when sneaking jaguars screamed, “No Baghdad!”
Check back for margins. Everybody’s precise: smugglers,
dispatchers, government. Formidable accuracy’s American.

--Lance Newman

911 Transcripts Are Released in Amish School Shooting
Iraqi Dead May Total 600,000, Study Says
Gone for Decades, Jaguars Steal Back to the Southwest

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hidden Lettuce Bomb

Pages plant luxury seed, nuclear crops, media damage.
A leafy spokesman-type denies reality:
the North’s purported ally, reclusive consumers.

Spent investigators contact Pyongyang, threaten scandal.
China's communist farmers launch bacterial standoff.
Should Russia know? Should the World?

Concentrate, Congressman: Aren’t wilting
nations the problem, alongside the ministry? Think.
Executive suite. Six-party morning. Miles from anyone....

--Lance Newman

Voluntary Lettuce Recall Creates More Worry for Farmers
Hastert: Anyone who knew about Foley 'should go'
U.S. rejects direct talks with North Korea