Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Bad Thing

The greenhouse is a positive environment
but we are all happier in the dark;
seek weekday treats with metered-dose of humour.

But why the sense of narcissism?
That fruit is rotten so don’t call me “they”!
For a fiver you could be immune to this.

There is a toughness to this anxiety;
a lunge of both mental and meat.
Who told you about the shame?

-- Rebecca Eddy

Narcissists are happier than the rest of us
Asthma inhalers as bad for the environment as eating meat
We know a thing or two about being told we’re useless at our job

Hard Exotica Flaws

portraying saying more about makers than subject
walked across Tokyo’s most crowded zebra crossing
in on the joke exotica born out of mistranslation

tears up measure without bothering to repeal it
win leads to ruinous hard Brexit before formal withdrawal
returned to square one craves a safe majority

messy world alert to racial social discrimination
if casting stones good people have flaws
circular firing squad straying from purity on the issues

-- Clark Allison

‘So alien! So other!’: how western TV gets Japanese culture wrong
The only reason we’re having an election is because of MPs’ cynicism
Barack Obama challenges 'woke' culture

Monday, October 28, 2019

Other Routes

harrowing footage
three-question referendum
the sensible thing to do

muddy the issue
poised to fail again
the sensible thing to do

scenes of chaos,
dying friends
the sensible thing to do

-- Rupert M Loydell

No 10 sources say UK edging closer to a December election
Tony Blair ridiculed after calling for second Brexit vote
Two people feared dead at homecoming party in Texas

Monday, October 21, 2019

Impact Delay Costs

using tear gas state of emergency turned violent
firebombed company headquarters anger rising living costs
repeated attacks peso devaluation rising cost of energy

likely to face a legal challenge will not negotiate delay
not daunted or dismayed by defeat adopted an emollient tone
implored to throw weight behind shared crashing out destiny

host the event at his own resort, find a venue
800-acre 643-room facility appropriate federal
security vetting discuss all issues that impact us

-- Clark Allison

MPs put brakes on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with rebel amendment
Chile imposes state of emergency after Santiago riots
Trump awarded the G7 to his resort in Doral