Sunday, May 16, 2021

Squids Dumped Planet

mysterious              creatures never seen
eyewitnesses           claiming, they are elusive
Giant squids           prove they’re scientists

expensive           crematoriums      firewood scarce
corpses             dumped                 in rivers, victims
            believe                the dumped corpses

cataclysm               in outer space
radioactive             stuff raining down
created       rare       Planet 

-- Ruchi Chopra

Scientists just caught a giant squid doing something they’ve never seen

The bodies of suspected COVID-19 victims are turning up in Indian rivers

Freshly Made Plutonium From Outer Space Found On Ocean Floor

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Underscoring Claims Legitimacy

lift most coronavirus-related restrictions
infections have declined sharply as vaccines distribute
underscoring how the virus is in retreat

the Big Lie turning their back on the rule of law
no evidence of claims manipulated voting machines
failure to provide evidence in string of legal defeats

Arizona hard at work recounting votes to prove fraud
far cry stadium rallies days, fixated on results legitimacy
no real laws politicising an administrative process

-- Clark Allison

New York and neighbouring states to lift Covid restrictions
Liz Cheney hits back at Donald Trump using “the big lie”
Trump appears on Mar-a-Lago bandstand