Sunday, October 22, 2017

Being Surface Implications

plunged popularity political scandal
not all negative

make it to surface
in atmosphere breaks apart
scientific push missions manned and unmanned

creative skewering insults
verbal blunders end up being oddly serious
(and) less caustic

-- Clark Allison

What Abe’s win will mean for China-Japan relations
Chinese space station will crash to Earth within months
The Death of Stalin review – more bleak than black

Regime Will Consumed

unravelling seethes as fear increasingly unfocused contain
dark moods consumed brought into open losing step unstable
confidantes character of leaks cult of personality broken

aroused by ability to inflict pain and humiliation
lack of empathy will to dominate entitlement to harm
privilege and power worthless yours to eliminate

veil of austere pomp romance and gravity
backstabbing incompetence and scrambling farce beneath
snapping audience into check uncensored regime brutality

-- Clark Allison

Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is “Unraveling”
Fall of Weinstein should be moment to challenge masculinity
The Death of Stalin Review

Monday, October 09, 2017

Stop Market Consumption

homage to anthropologists not just laud their virtues
model of society challenging individual identity
consumption pattern and lifestyle values

not a huge surprise that Samsung struggled to top Apple
massively dominating the global phone market
shipping models cause concern improve product portfolios

at the same time has asked for mediation
vote ruled illegal by Constitutional Court
stop vote by force considerable number getting hurt

-- Clark Allison

Why Bruce Parry wants us all to live more sustainably
iPhone or Samsung? Most purchased phone revealed
Catalonia is still in the grip of turmoil

Sunday, October 08, 2017

O Charlottesville

saw a woman killed
dragged in flooding
wind speed falling

saw a woman killed
brief torch-lit rally
decomposing bodies

saw a woman killed
white nationalist protesters
the bottom level

-- Rupert M Loydell

White nationalists return to Charlottesville
Hurricane Nate Makes Landfall on the Gulf Coast
Man lived with bodies of mom, brother for year

Monday, October 02, 2017

Stephen Hillary Catalan

Try make suspend concertgoers 515 identified Vegas deadlier
stand get,” shooting NRA Stephen on he to “Our shooting U.S.
Worst and Casino "at the deaths Police opened new Madrid roo

m after Imagine hotel at in and Catalan in window room. Poli
ce killing his Paddock Spain, leaving Marilou silencers shoo
ter the Paddock, a he for had he about say the and governmen

t the voters hotel the had wants companion took politics whi
ch a found the put much the wanted mass after dead must inde
pendence imagine silencers since Police a time and overwhelm

-- Gavin Hedaux

Stephen Paddock: What we know about the Las Vegas shooter
Clinton talks gun legislation immediately following massacre
Catalan referendum: Spain region 'not seeking traumatic split'

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Express Persists Rien

hours in already warned might be borders closed
retaliate if persists critical of threats
temporary measures want to be a peaceful transition

no monkeying around not be fobbed off still subject
rien ne va plus finito la musica appeal to warring factions
lengthy transitional period want to get it done

everything prepared won't happen ballot boxes voting slips
need to express dismantle the infrastructure
closing rally democracy planned sleeping empty 6 a.m.

-- Clark Allison

As Kurdish Borders Close, War of Words Heats Up
Johnson lays out alternative manifesto for EU withdrawal
Catalans occupy voting stations to defy Madrid's order