Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mind Media Player

Channels have sensitivity to sequence, praise, and humor.
Commentary adapted for a transition glitch
started stories pleading sweetly, futilely little.

Have deleted, to fierce praise, a humor microblog
adapted from a blueprint glitch: positive stories,
commenters sweetly criticizing; little nudge.

Deleted channels: fierce sensitivity; a sequence microblog;
and from commentary, blueprint for positive transition.
Commenters started, criticizing, pleading, nudge futilely.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Google pleads for YouTube real-name use
China censors Beijing floods coverage
Olympic ticker: North Korean flag flap

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rethinking Joyful Fate

We don't know anything about creative
solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems,
or Russia's once-vaunted superhero.

We have no idea when the movie ends.
Certain people spend days on Facebook,
to avoid spinning around the Earth.

I believe in a combination of accidents,
an experimental science lab playing the guessing game.
Among other things, fate is the final scene.

-- Chris Canella

Joyful crews unite aboard space station
The speculation rises over Batman's fate
Rethinking the Concept of "Outliers"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

tyler finds plankton

one boson spoke currently. actually.
which achieve sun Wolf place extremely bloom
colorful still "greening," bursting, "whitening,"

throwing fully. afloat, Tyler the Creator jabs water.
an immense week. color changes in stages, right?
love didn't summer the one-in-3.5-million.

Love is photosynthesis, Tyler. Sigma sigma.
and by extension is them, the possible significance
is in the swirling merry whirlpools.

-- Paul Christian

Will Frank Ocean's Revelation Change Odd Future?
Swirling ocean prompts plankton blooms, suggests study
How to Be Sure You've Found a Higgs Boson

The Wry Commons

The kind chief of midsummer, a Swiss man of answers,
admitted the scandal in sympathy.
He was the plant on the secret committee

seated at the bottom of the Thames
to escape meltdowns in the reactors of government.
I was sinking, bumrushed, cooling the evasive philosophy

that the eyebrows of parliamentary alacrity
openly pleaded for. His deft suffering humor
could provide a whimsical treasury of wisdom.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Japan's nuclear disaster was 'man-made'
Roger Federer sets up Wimbledon showdown
MPs admit they let Diamond slip away

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Scorching Death Conflict

Mr. Diamond was picked up by the local
authorities. He lost days from a violent
weekend. He killed at least 18 people.

Unable to run, some died in the midst
of oppressive power. Some people lost
their senses amid the local "death spiral."

High concerns escalated after
Mr. Diamond was threatening to mount
a highly aggressive comeback.

 -- Chris Cannella

  Scorching heat roasts eastern United States
Barclays the Loser in Diamond Conflict
RIM CEO: No, really, we're not in a 'death spiral'