Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frightened Global Overdose

Within is mournful pandemonium dazzled
Nothing so only as a calico or killing as this bough
This is what it is staring arc of instability

Thriving joy comatose brings welcoming eyes
Surely anything that is common unimaginable
In front of us it's not a world it's a plan

Possibly it was to blog scepticism
Into a torn a dumb rumor of predictions
Might you not emerge a kind of god

-- Michael Helsem

Family Shock at Florida Web Death
Midnight is a Fine Time for 'Twilight' Fans
Analysis: US Global Trends Report

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As Tablets Groundbreaking

a of bag stripped reddish as body slightly windpipe
an in airway grown dummy of round mistakenly piper
that began stem the operation in slightly

leak away the scaffold and staving after
elixir inadvertently a gun and involving with
which floated transplant the lack by partly

blunder more the ginkgo or boosting for
a by piper watched two in grown more stem
who swallowed replacement the counterparts unlike inside

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Lost in Space: Astronaut's Toolbag Floats Away
Ginkgo biloba doesn't prevent dementia, study finds
Transplant first a giant leap for surgery

Friday, November 07, 2008

Bare The Stake!

a high-priced ring
and classified

proposition in booths
same-sex ethnic liberal voters
same as out anywhere

who voted
yes to Prop 8
assumes no heart

-- Barbara Taylor

No charges against Spitzer in prostitution ring case
Most of California's Black Voters Backed Gay Marriage Ban
Obama prepares to face economic crisis

Thursday, November 06, 2008

obama mama labor

Obama Obama than
Obama's village Mama
Sarah's woman pleased

Lakisha was labor
after Obama Obama

Obama Obama's Mama
Sarah's woman pleased
Lakisha was labor

-- Toph Church

Obama-mama -- woman votes while in labor
Obama before mama: Woman votes before giving birth
Obama's family celebrates with a Kenyan feast

The Sprawling Day

black to a nation whoops organization
discussions disbanding fabulously winning
campaign of the walls will convene

stage one timberwolves all center
part of the Wednesday world
these hushed words borrowed

from the theatre victory
America's joy
connected to who was black I the world around

-- Michael Schiavo

Obama Team Shifts To Transition Mode
U.S. Again Hailed as 'Country of Dreams'
Spurs' Parker: Zero to 55 in a Flash

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Twilight Voters Edge

lines stretched across damp parking lots and down city blocks
rain gave way to blue voters converged on polling places
snapped a photo at first light an immortalize awakening

after a long and bitter struggle holding a decisive edge
economic crisis Iraq Afghanistan wars overhaul health care
if tighten control Congress may easier new administration deal

in twilight of presidency at positive perception low
whether America will become more inward-looking and
no question anything but a vote to change focus people’s minds

-- Clark Allison

Farewell Bush: what the world expects from his successor
Obama and McCain await voters' decision
Southern California turns out to vote

Morning: Long Gap

My grandmother, me to talk about, to explain
for mild generally expected
rain, snow, territory

for me to talk, about to talk about
to explain for a democratically
difficult this morning

drone attacks precious
counterproductive difficult
this morning drone

-- James Belflower

Obama's Grandmother Dies of Cancer in Hawaii
Stop drone attacks, Zardari tells US
Voters culminate presidential campaign, swarm to polls

Epic, Undecided Tomorrow

Lightning would not have to win the 11.2 million votes
to go buy lottery tickets. Obama made last-minute stops
to strike three times. Experts say it's time for weeks.

After almost two wars, McCain declared "The Mac
is to get out the candidates through making seven stops
in the right thing." The gravest challenges of national polls.

McCain will make another run at flipping the lead of Indiana;
Obama has the gap in several. A close fight in history - you,
tomorrow, you can give this country the country.

-- Andrew Bailey

Again, Florida could be won by a handful of votes
First votes cast in US election
Obama, McCain Make Last Effort at Swaying Voters

Monday, November 03, 2008

Aim to Violate

we count plenty of mystery
at 7pm Eastern time we might trigger
autism or annual

bad weather, Palin weather, who
violated her husband and said autism could lead to
television viewing, while pundits and pollsters

have popcorn problems--
assuming you have a day job,
make time for election, sunshine vitamin.

-- Natalie Knight

Election Night (Popcorn Included)
Alaska Board Clears Palin in Trooper Case
Study links autism and wet weather

405 Crime Corp.

Anonymous pregnancy freeway hurtles West
As near to the intersection as motorists
Anonymous teachers upset that pediatricians published teen

As of Sunday, the Network 405 involved parents daily
Young sexual police diving, the beach slaying
The multiple three crime men study programming

risks is wounds;
content is sex;
crime is homeless.

5 found dead near the 405 in Long Beach
Study: Sex on TV linked to teen pregnancies
Video shows man playing 'chicken' with 50mph train

-- Will Scott