Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trump sidesteps wrong

fear the political consequences
ferry the faithful
ruin that surprise

an unauthorized passenger
swerved the question
according to the source

it’s not just any station
London has avoided opening
in the next few years

-- Rupert M Loydell

Prince Harry sidesteps Obama-Trump wedding controversy
Israeli minister wants to name train station after Trump
Plane returns to LAX after flying with wrong passenger for hours

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Anti-Corruption Monstrosity Shifting

Le jour de gloire est arrive ex-banker with no backing
anti-corruption rigid labor laws swept aside ancien regime
open and closed visions of society looked unreformable

legislative first a monstrosity of doctrinaire conservatism
broken regressive loophole-riddled tax code
justify cutting spending on pensions and healthcare

lie untruth omission of facts didn't use veto
power plates shifting not adhering to sanction
use every lever can pressure apply to change behaviour

-- Clark Allison

Trump's tax bill has nothing to do with economics
The Economist reveals its country of the year
North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Orchards In Translation

The mysterious Department of Fire Protection:
Is it protection for fire? From fire? By fire?
As for that eerie inaudible sound escaping from

ocean waves, the nineteenth century, and golf courses:
Just because it has a hum, does not make it human.
And let us not lead humans to hunt for the Earth.

(Prayer proposed by a usually serene avocado.)
So, why does the Earth hum?
Because it knows not the wording.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

New wildfires torch San Diego area
Earth's Hum: Scientists Record the Very Sound of Earth
Lord's Prayer: Pope Francis calls for change