Monday, April 30, 2007

The Glorious Well

If you are stimulated by resplendent imagery,
spend less time with family and friends,
drive drowsy and be late for work.

Station a cat at each rat hole—to watch
the rats. A desperate survey. Blood
and the desperate courage of the rats.

Like the Battle of Thermopolyea,
Inelucatable trouble. One cat,
keeping eyes, keeping days and nights.

--Heather Cousins

Bloody ‘300’ – Literally
Gabe Pressman's View: A Dangerous Waltz
Expired story

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beer Tanker Slump

It collapsed on on on the the culprit.
But still thinking,
“Is it over?”

Freeways bounce like deficits
and, worst of all, second-degree air.
One percent -- that's radio troubles.

Wow, scene it
for Commerce.
The shots practically career.

--Lance Newman

Economy crawls, raising recession fears
Fire From Crash Collapses Calif. Freeway
Gordon wins under caution at Talladega

Friday, April 27, 2007

Landmark Wheelchair Entourage

Hawkish, not-for-profit
Zero Child Technology dives
on news of ludicrous jet

caretaker machines.
Since that Russian October
triggered formerly cold space,

physicists can’t abide
military weightlessness
for $100. Not even for a nickel.

--Lance Newman

Now it's one laptop per 1.75 children
Putin attacks US over anti-missile plans
Physicist Hawking gets taste of zero-gravity

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Struggling Democratic Demands

Every charismatic President Union
To fire the affect on the other
A mockery of Yeltsin's Russians

Vladimir Volunteer
The decision of his Saviour stunt
The shift; standoff; death

Yeltsin furious for his reformer
Military fairy Kevin
The Yeltsin legend

--Jonas Aneskans

They told us lies about our Pat
Thousands of mourners pay final respects to Boris Yeltsin
Despite hype, war fund not running dry soon

Monday, April 23, 2007

Motivating Proxy Dismissals

to weigh desire for freedom against need for security
the threat that is motivating some decisions
went up and gave a very candid assessment

answered every question he could possibly answer
piles of sandbags, trenches, and barbed-wire
hardly unheard of to step aside, or be pushed aside

accused of being manipulated by external forces
repeated and irresponsible resolutions that undermine
        regional peace
the festering feud still bitter over their proxy war

--Clark Allison

Bush Reiterates Support for Gonzales
Police chief among 33 killed across Iraq today
Fighting escalates 'humanitarian crisis' in Somalia

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bible Study Shootings

A town bewildered by bloodprisms, throats
shooting dummy commentary at their youths,
saying guns, weapons, what? headlines, what?

automatic risk, mental health, what? what?
A trump analysis. A policeman throats
a negative and atrocity types our youths.

And murder pills a spree of youths
to firebrand nationalists, surprised by what
depression scales and trials their throats.

--George Ttoouli

Va. Shootings: What the World is Saying
Study supports antidepressants for youths
Christians at Bible publishers have their throats cut

Well-being Behaviour Order

Neighbourhood Nazis present massage and yoga.
After months of weight loss stress and misery,
and increasingly granny, he took yesterday off

to bolster his iconography at a cosmetic
beach retreat in Torquay, these fantastic apologies
becoming increasingly more popular, like detox, Speer diets.

Hell-raising in the life-buildings: on harassment
holidays traditional treatments were history.
There she was. ‘You beautiful’, he crooned.

--Pam Thompson

Hell’s granny with an Asbo
Bryan Ferry apologises over Nazi remarks
Stressed Britons opt for ‘well-being’ breaks

Monday, April 16, 2007

Queen Capsized Tethered

Rig diligent and outside jail, a king to tow
and currently tipped Prince, an off pop east sweetheart
replace months from cannabis and posh hooking.

Youth spanking salvage work sank
with the future of metres, of England
where last emails unearthed her, dirty as a job.

So, a mobile undercover of she water;
a private yesterday and exchange working for
the alleged superstar and currently tipped basketball inmates.

--Pam Thompson

Britney for queen
Drugs violence and corruption at private jail
Sunken rig ship's owners consider salvage operation

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Body Games Search

Youth sexual policymakers tracked similar numbers
as evaluated sexual partners faced initiated
sex also of and sex at the sample sexual age.

UK researchers think index susceptibility
helps regulate genome-wide epidemic. European
descent confused body-mass FTO cohorts.

Skyrocketing teens lured retro parents
to warehouse-turned-addicting arcade --
wind power shriveled dozens of bulky hipsters.

--Bob Garlitz

Abstinence Education Does Not Impact Sexual Behavior
Obesity Gene Discovered
'Barcade' renaissance for old-school games

Saturday, April 14, 2007

His Own Trace

In time he shed the voices of sequenced thought
witnessing the indifference of his silent cure.
A vision of extinct counterculture became his god.

He found a living population perfectly preserved by war
and utterly caught up in the idea of discovery.
Their soft bones became his tissue, their young cells his blood.

He raided classic religions for alternate ideas
either to reveal relationships or replace aged ones.
Now, he has a new thought and this time it’s all his own.

--Tom Trusty

Voice of America's counterculture falls silent
Stem Cell Therapy, Possible Cure For Diabetes
Protein links T. rex to chickens

Friday, April 13, 2007

Out of Life

A trashed street light at night
May not explain why some people
Think the news today was filthy

If you lose your stars
A cause of descent
Across the country occurs

"Home Sweet Home": it's screwed
And the fat in the big boys
Is pretty much vomit and urine

--Martin Stannard

£20,000 MySpace house trashing
Kepler telescope primed to search for earth-like planets
Obesity Gene Discovered

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Strangeness of Prospects

“a vertical and unwavering band of light”
containing a wealth of digressive discussions
the discontinuity of chronological structure

the strangeness of intrusive events
sub-prime mortgages, bankruptcies and foreclosures
the pleasure of someone involved in the act of rediscovery

eyes that express a weary melancholy
“Nothing has changed my portrayal of violence”
“My art, my voice, my imagination, my characters”

--Clark Allison

An Interview with Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
I don't think sex or violence is harmful in movies
Outlook brightest since 60s, says IMF

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Distinguished by Behavior

At the flick of a switch common sense
Defeats things like the vast of night
For some edged and fallen people

But to be lulled where the things that make people's lives
The inspiration for a false sense of hope are being fitted
Would feel closer to anti-social behaviour

To be introduced brightly
Following a welter of criticism
Appears ever more the worst thing

--Martin Stannard

‘Talking’ CCTV to be installed
The Beeb 'review their decision' to axe Moira
Arteta puts Fulham on slide

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gracious Volcanic Gourmet

Charles, 45, orbits United Arabia
warming to his apricot confit,
mostly missing Maud with his fanny.

Our software world's passengers,
disproportionately billionaire ducks,
provoke the will to engineer.

After that breast sunk in semolina,
after that magazine cake, evacuation.
The hard up climb the coast on ladders.

--Lance Newman

Global warming will 'hit poorest hardest', says IPCC
Divers search for 2 missing after Greek cruise ship sinks
Martha Stewart Picks Space Pal's Menu

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beat Complete Answer

an emotional opening day
a big part of the poignant
black armbands

this plan worked
instead of testing gators

will grapefruit play more
sucked succinctly summed
with the game on the line

--Bob Marcacci

Yankees Beat D'Rays in Emotional Opener
Gators complete repeat in convincing style
Glaus, pen answer the call

Ultimate Possible Effects

Roaring like a jet plane,
with sparks flying overhead
and kicking up a long trail of dust

three double-decker cars zipped
through the countryside to applause.
A spokesman wouldn't confirm anything.

"Obviously it makes sense even though
it's the same songs and same game.
I'm proud to have fulfilled the mission."

--Rupert M Loydell

Scotty’s Off To Space
Guitar Hero rocks Xbox
French train sets rail record 357.2 mph

Monday, April 02, 2007

Left-hander’s Missing Component

Seven separate scientists
never in the hunt
lost three prostate studies

while an overcast man
last seen in Iran nearly a decade ago
reported 101 missing balls

and an agent – one of the best
rates his prostate robust as a left-hander’s bat
but the source for this information could not be found

--Martha Deed

Studies: DNA has definite role in prostate cancer
Cricket: One of my best, says Jayasuriya
U.S. Asks About Missing Man in Iran

Sunday, April 01, 2007

That DreamWorks Treadmill

Animated marines debut
the embassy a go go.
The marathon bungee revival.

We expected orphans on ice?
Time-traveling astronauts
face-to-face in bibs?

Teenage firecrackers detain
a mutant sailor in gold cords.
Bilateral youths box up another steep year.

--Lance Newman

Britain and Iran in Contact Over Sailors
'Blades of Glory' Wins Box Office Gold
NASA astronaut to run Boston Marathon -- on space station