Saturday, December 30, 2006

Frail Cult Broken

Outside the peninsula's first church,
three surprise assassinations.
Seismic family collapse.

Styled military pomp eclipsed
undercover mourner troves.
Absent bugles, hometown strategists

ordered laboratory discipline.
A toppled blouse earthquaked
history's registered desire.

--David Stinson

Violence marked his rise, rule and fall
Vast ice shelf collapses in the Arctic
No Pomp for a President in Repose

Friday, December 29, 2006

Submarine Skeletons of Scottsdale

A former heavyweight sailor
in Noida shocking young children
like half-a-dozen news agencies.

The buzzing industrial dry gutter of a Capital,
cocaine-powered, sexually revealed,
suffered a minor domestic discovery.

All skeletons detained
in the sheriff's vehicle, officials said,
were to be freed under supervision.

--Brendan Lee

Recovery of skeletons of children sends shock waves
Mike Tyson faces cocaine charge
Two U.S. sailors die after falling from submarine

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fated Sin Emissions

Hatred of
their drastic industries,
hatred of their legal rituals

the filtered night, stark as
a spiritual malnutrition.

pilgrim, your animal
climate cleanses the black valley stone.

--David Stinson

Saddam's spiritual letter denounces hatred
Plight of polar bear forces Bush to recognise climate threat
3 million Muslims begin annual hajj pilgrim in Mecca

death, a risk

troubled heart, witness my life. sacrifice popular
therapy. the hip rush to the surface. drugs be hanged! over
the long term, failure will make fractures influence

celebration, but god will use his explosive influence
to make millions. it may seem weird to be popular,
to be greater than most, more profound. over

and again, true men suffer, their cries written over
ulcers, echoes of the underdog, while killings influence
or inhibit bewildered lawyers who want to be popular.

--Evie Shockley

Saddam Sees Death as Sacrifice
Remembering a Legendary Underdog
Fracture Risk, Medication Link

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ceremonial Mall Science

Not happy with Christian civilization?
Don't delay! We've got promotional prices
on Muslim, Jewish, even Mormon values.

Find allopathic evidence lacking?
Try Ayurveda! Let our yoga gurus
fashion a beautiful mantra for you.

Redeem a pranayama gift card.
Holy cures 50 percent off. Markdowns
on everything! Buy! Buy! Buy!

--David Stinson

Shoppers hit malls day before Christmas
Ramdev invites Ramadoss
VA Congressman's Comments Sparks Religious Controversy

Astronaut Seeking Operations

Redundant astronaut seeking long-term attention
including unique nurses to participate in
somewhat uncommon operations.

Activities conducted with proper care,
but some doctors arrested, incarcerated,
then released and followed.

Only three outcomes possible so far
but none avoid collapsing consolidation.
Few losses, one exception excluded.

--Tom Trusty

Health Care Shortage in L.A Jail System Leads to Death
NASA has had a wonderful 2006: on to 2007!
Airline Mergers: Ready for Takeoff?

Rosie Trumps The (loathsome) Donald

In their winsome epithets whir
Rosie’s no slouch with rich

words. His net worth’s a comb-over
to a bankrupt snakeoil salesman!

To which the Donald poisonously
slagged: She’s a slob! And also

talks like a fat truck driver. Rosie,
trump-fully back: Donald, sit & spin on it.

--Ed Higgins

Rosie Beats Trump, By Numbers
Trump, O'Donnell trade blows

Christmas Cranks 2006: Trump and O'Donnell tie

Security Pounded Titans

hesitate flight of outrageously nuclear
came Santa Claus from however afraid
stole comb-over despite associated

continues ambitions for annually alert
remains months in further private
bans the night through much alleged

leave pursuit across outrageously sweeping
boosed reindeer in however serious
tracks bemusement through annually first

--Michael Helsem

U.N. Security Council Passes Iran Sanctions
NORAD Keeps Track of Santa
Christmas Cranks 2006: Trump and O'Donnell tie

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Today's Fallen Witness

I woke up this morning to cagey
government forces in a war of words.
These two billionaires baited

cowering civilian officials for talk show
accounts. Their concern was heavy
as Christmas charity. Subsequent BBC

video images: nightclothes peppered
with bloodstains, rumbling tanks convoy
to Haditha, a local explodes.

--David Stinson

After Charges, Looking Back on Haditha
Somali civilians flee fighting
Rosie Beats Trump, By Numbers

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Global Liver Hurricane

What transplanted family finally
states its daughter--no remedy--
married a future corpse? She’ll bag custody,

share the will. Legal custody,
Dr. Dignity, is not medical, never finalizes
the pressures of that fatal remedy,

that failure of eleventh-hour remedies
for overdoses on Christmas domestics. Custody
rides on real medicine cabinets. That’s final.

--Lance Newman

More Troops? Come on.
Warnings on common painkillers may get stronger
Eminem's divorce finalized

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Miss Down Process

dipped bad-girl
mainstreaming dementia chic,

power glam
for soft-core casual.

plunging galaxies
for jigsaw fame.

--David Stinson

In Miss USA drama, comeuppance for US 'raunch culture'
The dawn of time - after 13 billion years in the darkroom
'Tis nobler in the mind to read Shakespeare

Gold Trumps Rehab

Another fixed-wing pageant
till Kentucky’s

discover pretty Sheriff
Tara’s rewired

Will someone crown
Spacewalking Joe

--Lance Newman

Trump Lets Troubled Miss USA Keep her Crown
Dead climber's photos lessen hope 2 others alive
Discovery crew begins trek home

Memorable Alibis Shuttle

After a final inspection,
The man who gave us
Our lovely childhood bid farewell

And then headed into the spaceship.
The red light. The critical shield.
The rookie left behind where all

The innocent worked. Who on this planet
Has not heard of these?
I'm not entirely sure.

--Jason Gray

Second arrest in uk prostitutes’ killings
Astronauts bid station crew farewell
Thank You for the Cartoons, Mr. Barbera

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Burden of Fury

A soldier, a convert, he sees
nuclear Christians loosed
on his eternal country.

They plagued the North with narcotic
Rapture, leveraged Revelation on young
brothers for capital in heaven.

A political Saturday in Arizona,
his unifying blood prayer said,
he steps out among the people.

--David Stinson

US Senator Asks Europeans To Send Troops To Southern Afghanistan
Bitterness in Beijing over North Korea's betrayal may mean war
Grand Theft Christianity

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bye-bye Electrical Houston

Welcome to our first online execution.
The condemned array themselves
in masks, with swords and clubs.

Angel-headed gamers balked,
botched the topless killings
of three criminal spacewalkers.

So, our final method:
Reroute console wires past
the straps for lethal burns.

--Lance Newman

Sunita takes her first walk in space
Botched killing puts Death Row on hold
Flying Wii remotes prompt world recall

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ancient Fighters Identified

A war community, fossilized
in some prehistoric

with a genetic clan perception.
A function of country

the inhabited sky. Drugged city
mammals embargoed the

--David Stinson

Researchers Find Gene Tied to Perception of Pain
Looming Somalian war menaces whole region - UN
Squirrelly little guy flew with the dinosaurs

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Long Blue Fear

Another serial American killing days, years
by the moon. I conquered migrant miles,
a rushed spree asteroiding to death,

dicing weekend planets on liquid death.
Brazen walker, enigmatic searcher, the years'
feint orbit mapped titan miles

on my naked body. Surprisingly, new miles
arrive tarlike, natural as a wary death
and I volcano each discovered year.

--David Stinson

Missing Texans and New Yorker all seasoned climbers
Police in race to save life
Mountains and more revealed on surface of frigid Saturn moon

Kilometers of Suicide

Known once as invasion,
apartheid is to industry
as antidepressants to alone.

Savage movie churches hunt
adolescents in hinterlands
abandoned to superhighways.

Warning: native ancients monitor
checkpoints, the settlers occupied
with a thrilling veneer of atrocities.

--Lance Newman

FDA: Suicide Warning on Drug Label
Carter’s Rhetoric of Apartheid
'Apocalypto' does disservice to its subjects

(Photo: Genocidal Press)




--Lance Newman

FDA: Suicide Warning on Drug Label
Carter’s Rhetoric of Apartheid
'Apocalypto' does disservice to its subjects

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Deep Element Meltdown

desert star,
warm this tomb.

us over
barren polar floes.

ice animals,
endangered earth children.

--David Stinson

Ice Age 2040: The Meltdown of the North Pole
Astronauts prepare for Tuesday spacewalk
Angelina wants more than 3 kids

Monday, December 11, 2006

Unknown Weapon Census

London, we’re killing Omaha
with radioactive moons. That abdominal buzz
says, “Go to the unmistakeable Kingdom.”

London, we’re killing Omaha
with Jurassic plankton. The “chewing” disease
says, “Soft hotel in underwater Scotland.”

London, we’re killing Omaha
with kidney investors. The murder dick
says, “It’s an open market planet, marine.”

--Lance Newman

'Walking Dirty Bomb' Tells of London Meetings

Taco Bell Distributor Passes Inspection
Jurassic shrimp resurfaces

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our Miraculous Shipwreck

First the birds leak outside,
awakened in a brouhaha of prayers.
Guadalupe's apparition warmed blood

stained flags. Blessed Muslim mother,
what oil war frees your tradition?
We're blogosphere incarnate here.

Book five to one on catastrophe.
This hulk's shipping water
and all we do is pray.

--David Stinson

At swearing in, congressman wants to carry Koran. Outrage ensues.
Mexico's patron saint impacts lives worldwide
At Pearl Harbor, a cautious wait

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Behind Obscure Witness

Predawn hostage checks his tower,
and dismissed the gunshot sky.
Exiled gazer, downtown hammer.

Unable to make it to the spy house,
he turned east and yelled it won’t be him.
Defected witness, chained director.

Viewing in the very skies he dismissed,
hundreds of planets twinkle in snarled orbit.
Obscure commuter, armed critic.

--Tom Trusty

Planetary triple play on deck Sunday
4 dead in Chicago office tower shooting
Traces of radiation linked to Litvinenko case found in Germany

Friday, December 08, 2006

Lightning Strategy Killed

Rumor blast: The U.S. state's hot. Nuclear.
The Group’s official shares look south.
Theory? Foreign merger activity died.

Who briefed the Street by handheld?
In the Bank underground, secure
deposit fever ignited three agencies.

Their nowhere sector’s happened and done.
Rescue workers start Monday at Congress, Ltd.
Any port in a firestorm. With company.

--Lance Newman

Lightning bolt blamed for explosion that trapped miners
U.S. plans nuclear scans of cargo
Bank Of America Looks Abroad

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

His Extraterrestrial Saturday

If the event appraisal features barren images
take an expert along. Skirt the current
and follow, say, Josephine, your wife.

The swamp, full of daughters. Your wife
irresponsibly spins the mountains. Imagine
if spacecraft believed reasonably current

maps. I mean Mars could help our current
strategy for incentivizing life. Ask your wife,
does a Red executive make a Gold image?

--Lance Newman

Expert on Iraq report: Elephant produces mouse
We've found water on Mars, scientists say
Missing dad leaving clothing and map markers

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

U.S. Hunt Past

invasion prescription.
Rescuers search profitability.

drug to
sustain Iraq withdrawal.

flatly dismissed
winning honest praise.

--Robert Woerheide

Analysis: Pfizer's heyday might be past
Searchers keep up hunt for CNET editor in rugged terrain
Gates admits U.S. not winning Iraq war