Thursday, January 23, 2014

Email Reading Itself

To atone for posting fake software,
a robot phone plans to steal the Seven Golden Appliances
out of their twisting links of balance

in the League of Household Solicitations.
(That same robot once tracked the movements
of a missing refrigerator all over Queensland.)

If they continue walking long enough,
people tend to develop an extravagant winding message,
reasserted thrice yearly -- an annoying mystery.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Your Refrigerator Is Vulnerable to a Cyberattack
Study Decodes Text-Walking Body Language
Masahiro Tanaka gives the Yankees the man they sought

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Scenarios Reinvent Coup

a mess an opportunity an excuse to reinvent oneself
nobody journalistic to hear who excites or informs
malaise rooted in crippling reliance on opinion polls

hinges on our ability to establish what happened
different scenarios and assumptions foolish to speculate
400-metre police cordon expected in place until Monday

charges often vague evidence elusive arrests come swiftly
crush people angry enough to support a coup
silence dissent, ask very few questions

-- Clark Allison

The rising poverty of American political journalism
Wait to recover bodies following Norfolk helicopter crash
In Egypt, many shrug as freedoms disappear

Friday, January 03, 2014

Outside Meeting In

specks the light, gold. catching its on winter back
bird the creation, everyday. setting its in seed heater
door the the abandoned turns, , an arm as to

endless soon? and the way as bumped round it
mouth the boat, circular. leaning its from life houses
skis the road, bare. frothing its for concrete chatter

crowd the the perched record, , a birds into to
box the the warmed slip, , a thermos of to
imaginable little? but the tube as whispered short they

Glenn R. Frantz

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Cambridge man sets bird-watching record