Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hold The Leaves

A week of strange plates. Bears
sweeping up sapphires
for the farm engagement, a crying pair

of cubs. The protestant tried a “popular
outdoor lookalike” on
worshipers. A replica bear recently walked.

Tian Church sounds its 1000’s | a hugely curious
cub-mother from HONG KONG picks out
a twin souvenir. Dozens of mugs gather in a home.

-- Annabella Massey

Royal Wedding: China's big souvenir takeaway
China detains Protestant Shouwang devotees
Twin bear cubs rescued by Chinese farmer

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Year's Programs

As nobody said, "Myopia is the testimony of the recent
against the many." So instead, I added a history jury.
Most of them didn't swear much,

except for one brontosaurus that had a cynicism deficit.
Unlike "The Loudest Obstruction Diet,"
there are not scads of prizes. (Or a severe skin reaction.)

Al Capone counts to a trillion
while he smiles at a baby grand.
And voilá, the new episode of "Brazen Justice"!

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Barry Bonds convicted of felony
Cannes Film Festival: What Directors Are Saying
Mr. Prudent: Obama Preaches Deficit Sanity