Thursday, June 09, 2016

Rough Climate Under

jigsaw melting pieces multi-layered and loop atmosphere
unique stability that underpins unique
feedback open amplification advanced and push atmosphere

air meteor that have destabilizing
winds monstrous eye warming and swallow temperatures
land patterns up which it could have or raise

speech flag that keep babbling
makes leaves together what they might have or throw
bit bit again what they might could or do

-- Glenn R. Frantz

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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Transparent Celestial Brightness

Astronomers have produced the
most brilliant planet of all, the
sun sets and Johns Hopkins University,

that allows scientists to get in
19 different galaxies, and in
the south-southeast glows amber colored

Mars, we can see while low in the
cloud tops, unveiling massive movement
of time to measure distance. Soon.

-- Ada Hoffman with jGnoetry

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