Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Hour of Earth

The sudden skyscrapers embraced their second
climate change. The obviously usual individuals
answered far short. Massive. Thousands. Green.

A switch flicked in disappointed harbourside
gone dark. Hundreds of Earth. Thousands
of Hour: Then Atlanta and the big chicken.

A phenomenon. Massive. Varsity gone north and wild.
The expecting answer, far short. Be.
Less predictable gathered important short time.

-- Jeff Hansen

Lights off! Sydney supports Earth Hour
Lights to go out in Atlanta for Earth Hour
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pregnancy engagement falling

Among the important issues raised by the pregnancy of Oregonian Thomas Beatie is whether a female-to-male transgender person who becomes pregnant might be endangering the fetus, especially someone like Beatie, who has been taking testosterone for at least 10 years. There's very little research on the subject to date, and some experts are at odds about it. Any possible damage done by 10 years of testosterone would be irreversible, he said.

Jamie Lynn Spears amped up her own engagement rumors Tuesday by showing off a sparkly rock during a Kentwood, La., coffee run. Of course, if it is an engagement ring, she's wearing it on the wrong hand. But those Spears sisters always have done things...uh, a little differently.

"It was like any other night," Raul Navaira, 40, said Wednesday.

Except it wasn't.

"The next thing I knew, I felt stuff falling over me," he said.

-- Mario Puente

Transgender Man's Baby May Have Health Problems
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Rejecting Backgrounds Speculative

Time in at this point,
the keeping in with futures,
and nowadays shimmering impenetrable the at odyssey

View in at this barrier,
the piercing in with refusal,
and paradoxically compared cracked the in think

Exiles in at this sentinel,
the including in with fiction,
and more adopted imaginary the for information

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Some Tibetan Exiles Reject 'Middle Way'
State Dept. contractors access Obama's passport records
Where few have gone before

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Balls to Paul

engagement ring
burn in bin

the tatters
of this union

wake tensions
in fiasco supporters

-- Andrew Bailey

How 'gay' became children's insult of choice
Tensions rock at No 10
Paul Burrell 'Took Engagement Ring Off Diana's Body' Claim

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Callous Celebrity Shots

risk being damaged by the cult of celebrity
worst excesses of celebrity may lend to lurid
sustained and cumulative casual sadism way these

encouraged visceral killing with little alienation or
no more violent than episode of 24 or Quentin
        Tarantino film
believed academic success unnecessary make fame
        reality TV show

committed to making great interactive entertainment
balconies laden with potted plants facades festooned
        with flowers
housed in a glass cabinet, dreamt up by spiritual

-- Clark Allison

Ban on 'sadistic' video game overturned
Celebrity culture 'harms pupils'
Cartagena: Love in the Time of Cholera

Friday, March 07, 2008

Forces Of Erosion

Through this canyon a million years in construction,
as water broke over the banks, deposits some mineral,
prospector banks on mineral, deposits $100.

The old carved cream, too tangy for amazement,
cut no ice amid fears of money -- to borrow from the earth,
to move out of caves and rent a grand new shed.

There's no reason geologists could lose their jobs,
but water ice manufacturers are unexpectedly predicting
flavors slightly off.

--Glenn R. Frantz

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Targeted Chemical Powder

advanced technology jet fighters flew over bombed non-stop
failed to achieve aims military operation against guerillas
militants killed dozens of hideouts ammunition depots

ground assaults and air raids targeted rebel positions
spraying car with bullets and killing two of his guards
not clear substance summoning ambulance respiratory

several vials of powder found in a plastic bag
did not give more information about tabbed book
don’t know an awful lot about him

-- Clark Allison

Way Is Clear for the Execution of ‘Chemical Ali’
Guns, 'Anarchist Book' Found With Ricin
Turkish military operation failed: PKK leader