Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Nearby Comforts

Packing for a surprise trip to empty hotels
in the winds on a sunny mountain.
Can't figure out bowling.

A mark on the clock, at the nine,
changing the direction of the melody.
It turned as though past surprise.

Called out over the forest and the anticipated lake.
The combined appearances of cabins and condominiums
convened a peaceful outback.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Zach Johnson shakes off defeat, leads at Muirfield
6,000 flee peaceful California resort as wildfires approach
Zimmerman jury sequestration included steaks, pedicures

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Episode of Alienation

He is remembered a villain.
A fresh body, he is traveling by soul
to board his memory.

Sepia-toned films cut his mind—
toxic remedies portraying residues of human reason:
A man, but titan, he ate tormented hearts.

He is vermin, the monstrous dark a pesticide—
an ambiguously familiar comrade
transformed to fate.

--Xannie Corlett

Pesticides found on Chinese herbs bought in Canada
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One Steadily Abusing

On a Monday in June,
in the highest, poaching weather,
Her elephants age.

Her air will season the ivory’s degree,
and her soaked, soaring atmosphere
blasts these heavy tusks and teeth.

Temperature, known as The Woman of Peak,
faces the deem of the animals
to rape its identity.

-- Xannie Corlett

Could nuclear weapons save the elephants?
Death Valley sets all-time June nationwide record at 129 degrees
Police: Ohio woman cites diet pills in sex abuse

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Orbiting Design Boundaries

habitable planets orbiting sun-like stars
a combination of slow and rapid environmental changes
oceans will have evaporated extinction of all species

restricted to few scattered reservoirs of water
falling carbon dioxide extinction of plants and animals
veiled boasting, gushing romantic posts incessant updates

more than a quarter found users' posts too personal
fold up desk free wi-fi and 40inch smart screen TV
some people just don't seem to set any boundaries

-- Clark Allison

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