Saturday, June 29, 2013

Along Floor Midnight

feathers sneakers the orange sleeping long for
fort locations the orange sweeping pink for
a who filibuster whistleblower slip

a who whistleblower tightrope speak
as filibustered dream transit that perfectly is
as undescribed asylum flight it coolly is

booze correspondent the overnight declining school of
feathers dream the ironic living erstwhile of
a when construction stunt disrupt

-- Glenn R. Frantz

New flame-headed bird species discovered in Cambodia
Opinion: Snowden flight turns into farce
Texas Abortion Defender Wendy Davis Was Amazing 
     Way Before We Knew Her Name

Goal Stunning Goal

The teenager was arrested on suspicion of theft
of seismic devices to overhaul his undocumented associates.
Seven years in jail under the supervision of U.S. security.

The three-time playoff MVP headed toward a deal on
high-tech surveillance equipment for sex at his mansion.
Extra border security scored 17 seconds apart.

The mail goal of federal agents: win votes, pressure police,
draw some abuse of power under the pathway to citizenship.
The media mogul is paying a minor a landmark $50 billion.

-- Theric Jepson

Italy's Berlusconi found guilty of paying a minor for sex
Late rally propels Blackhawks past Bruins, to Stanley Cup
Senate immigration deal would double U.S. border agents

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Demonstrated Traffic Plan

rainfall rainfall rainfall football
rainfall football rainfall floods
about below submerged askew / askew below below askew

rail rail sharp debater / curiosity sharp debater
deluge deluge damage meter / rainfall meter rainfall rail
neither deluge deluge meter / rainfall football rail debate

official traffic rainfall landing
neither northern neither nor / rainfall city high askew
eastern heavy eastern search

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Debate analysis: Something slightly askew in first debate
Germans Join to Battle Rising Floods Threatening Elbe Towns
Mars Rover Curiosity Set To Move From Plains To Mountains

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jellyfish Push Against

accelerating its push into cloud computing
will become the foundation for a new service division
projected that revenues would generate incremental growth

accessed from any Internet-connected device
project to track the rise in the number of jellyfish
global warming overfishing clear way for them to prosper

problem is at its greatest in the open sea
banks several kilometres long density of 30 to 40 jellyfish
continues to wage war against cultural impact of internet

-- Clark Allison

IBM extends cloud services with SoftLayer acquisition
Jellyfish surge in Mediterranean threatens environment 
         – and tourists
French oppose digital revolution to protect culture and language

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Completely Static Account

Amanda’s $150—despite the devil-possessed
fine fed Father with wigged-out eyelids
who zoomed to Mars muttering many a good update—

Despite him and a similar Sighting,
Amanda owed a woman's account,
a mosaic of reckless, wandering colors.

Buffs lobby to makeover her system—
Lower! More! Wrong! Always!
—that camoflauged curiosity between two rocks. . . .

-- Eric W. Jepson

Microsoft will retool Windows 8 after complaints
Amanda Bynes is like Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist'
'Mars Rat' Taking Internet by Storm