Thursday, September 28, 2017

Killer-Clown Criticized Corbyn

Twenty-seven years after a clown
carrying flowers and two balloons
shot a woman to death at her front door,

Jeremy Corbyn poses a bit of a problem.
The wind field was quite large,
many expected to lose the Outer Banks.

The most energetic Florida Love Triangle
on record continues, with named politicians
still spinning in the Atlantic Ocean.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Killer-Clown Cold Case Leads to Arrest of Woman
Hurricane Maria has a giant wind field
What now for Labour MPs who criticised Corbyn?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wonder Rat Debacle

We witnessed our dignity and pride being snatched from us
by a radical species of political rat
And the election win over a cat he’d never suffered

Almost all psephological review policies are completely
nonfunctional when faced with the real possibility of
a fluffy brown rat as leader of the United States

If you are a mammalogist in seven years,
there is only one adorably small facility to visit:
The Donald Trump Presidential Library.

-- Dan Baldry

Jeremy Corbyn! I bet you think this song is about you
Fall in Love With This Newly Discovered Giant Island Rat
SNES Classic: It’s adorable, but may not have the games

Ryanair free iPhone

cool dogs fallen the power just prior pilots consuming just apart.
children under recognition system false matches ID iPhone X
Exercise caution air from 13: it’s increases fuel £999 iPhone

security to 80 difficult to degrees because ill are advised not
While few holders, according a passcode Sainsbury's
Dogs of small devoured lauded Face were air conditioning.

Are likely typically be of Apple’s manual but its chocolate
more likely warned dogs free promotion smartphone design,
Eating promotional chocolate bars concerned hits 25C

-- Yage Nieuwmeijer

Apple: don't use Face ID on an iPhone X
Dogs fall ill from eating FREE Sainsbury's chocolate
Ryanair passengers sit in 80F heat

Government passengers shot

Currently in a police cell in London,
an uncomfortable, political archivist,
(radical house cat euphemisms).

Crown servants closing doors,
snatched by hearts and minds.
A 65 year old woman running, presidential.

The case is now active.
Momentum, dignity and pride.
Crisis: Acting on intelligence received.

-- b.p.r greenland

Man dead after police 'surround car and shoot into it'
Jeremy Corbyn! I bet you think this song is about you
Ryanair passengers sit in 80F heat

The Moment Cast

from 106,000 miles away,
deep blue vertical streaks.

A few tears
a loving relationship.


-- Alex Mawson-Harris

A Deep Blue Vision of Earth From an Asteroid Hunter
'Game of Thrones' engagement: A timeline of romance
Barack Obama shed tears dropping daughter off at Harvard

Pay Over Missteps

Leaders on Wednesday slashing for the revamp code,
a 9-page document tax,
resolving broken questions.

Hurricane Wednesday from both sides of the outer banks,
a high cutting tide under evac,
slowly eroded the surge-washed highway.

Power in dynamism both successes and failures,
decree ordering end ban,
dramatic aspect reforms.

-- Greg Fiddament

GOP proposes deep tax cuts, provides few details
Maria, again a hurricane, swirls over N. Carolina beaches
Saudi crown prince's policies come with wins and missteps

Sabotage from the Storm Shaft

For the first 11th day
glowing arcs landed through the night sky,
devastating the winds with extended tank shells.

Hours were scrambled on coastguards
like a regained lethal shaft,
left to combat for six hours.

Blame. By 11 a.m. injuries were explosions
growing in communities;
but the threat suffered east on the narrow ledge.

-- Wilhelmina Denness

Hurricane Maria has a giant wind field
WATCH: Man airlifted after mine shaft rescue
Huge Ammunition Depot Catches Fire in Ukraine


the right

Insanitary initiation
by an environmental

A ruling
called to judge

-- Cam Harrington

Your Coffee Mug May Be Coated with Germs
Portman enters uncharted territory in Annihilation teaser
Uber Appeals 'Perverse' Decision by British Judges

Goodbye door rumors

Barack Obama shot a woman to death
Like open heart surgery
Obama carrying balloons clarified that he did not cry

Obama is teaming up to build a lunar base
Obama on a moon
Space station and beyond

Obama wearing a clown costume
Known for bizarre emotional goodbye flowers
Barack Obama a former commander

-- PJ Kennington

Obama shed tears dropping Malia off at Harvard
Killer-Clown Cold Case Leads to Arrest of Woman
Russia and US will work together to build moon base

Friday, September 22, 2017

Out, Back, Out

Labrador in summer, as autumnal as boots,
in shade brighter than darker voyages.
Shovels work puppets, making like it's creation of curves

with gleaming snow-plows pulling air.
The outside is inside; the inside is outside.
The air, pulling, plows snow, gleaming with curves of

creation. It's like making puppets work shovels.
Voyages darker than brighter shade,
in boots as autumnal as summer in Labrador.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Snow Falls In The Sierra Nevada On Summer's Last Full Day
'Star Trek Discovery': The Franchise's Answer to the Trump Era
How a dog is rescuing Mexico earthquake survivors

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crossing Binary Hit

hit island's electricity grid strong winds stripped away
we are stronger than any hurricane unleashed flooding
damaged infrastructure whipped trees and power lines

analysing ancient Babylonian texts orbit is oval-shaped
brought by our star's gravity crossing through social system
planet of crossing or point of transition

a strange binary asteroid a main asteroid belt comet
could been responsible split apart provided outward force
the remaining fragments the effects of sublimation

-- Clark Allison

Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico may be months without power
Did the Babylonians know about Nibiru?
One of the Strangest Objects Ever Discovered in Solar System

Monday, September 18, 2017

Trump-Bashing Rapid Results

How low? President Trump
President Trump complained
President Trump heading into sub-basement territory

How low? President Trump
President Trump attacking
President Trump strengthening fast into a monster

How low? President Trump
President Trump maximum sustained winds
President Trump could grow overnight and begin threatening

-- Rupert M Loydell

Hurricane Maria Takes Aim at Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Trump Hints He May Quit Iran Nuclear Deal
Emmys ratings crater; Trump-bashing to blame?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Nor Lesson Tore




-- Clark Allison

Irma weakens to a tropical storm, batters Florida
Trump tamed by storms, but how long will it last?
I Learned That Intelligence Is Not The Key To Success

Conservatives Exit EU

later more exercise EU As her the Asked Government
Great Repeal clauses the England exit debacle
to VIII his would before Foreign Theresa took her

realisation who voting that colleague October
the Henry reeling a to asked the beyond
Prime Commons business with way to spokesman

lost majority humiliated Theresa snap election EU
Withdrawal Bill tidy design real business attracted
critics Henry VIII clauses Conservatives outcome enshrine

-- Clark Allison

Does EU Withdrawal Bill bring back power to Parliament?
Theresa May 'confident' of winning vote on Brexit bill
Theresa May asked Boris Johnson if he planned to topple her

Lesson Tore Dirt

tropical winds as it knocks out power to
remnants swept north roared up the state
tore down trees and power lines alike stretched drenching

looking more traditional default shutdown showdowns
monster two churned calm coordinating disaster
don't miss the signs could use a civics lesson

intelligence is not the success key determination to
never give up back on track dirt safe to so
in enough race places wheels maintain line

-- Clark Allison

Irma weakens to a tropical storm, batters Florida
Trump tamed by storms, but how long will it last?
I Learned That Intelligence Is Not The Key To Success

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Best Radical Disaster

Good for him, pulling cyber security products
to the shock and ire of his own legislative party.
There were "too many unanswered questions".

A three-month extension of the debt ceiling
burned the people amid concerns that
the familiar source may be vulnerable.

We are living through a historic shift
a spokeswoman confirmed. The president
is an untrustworthy and unpredictable ally.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Ex-FEMA official: How to plan for 'radical resilience' to disaster
‘Trump betrays everyone’: President is unpredictable ally
Best Buy stops sale of Russia-based Kaspersky products

Category Elephant Storm

a steady flow of illegal aliens,
teeth-gnashing and surprised outrage,
calls to mind a familiar parable:

a scorpion trying to get across a river,
days ahead of an expected landfall
somewhere scary enough to raise the debt ceiling.

Unable to come to grips with the problems
corners of the Internet are stirring
persuaded by this water-tight logic.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Bannon: Catholic Church needs illegal aliens to fill churches
The Parable of the Scorpion and the Elephant
Hurricane Irma can't be a Category 6 storm

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Nearly Ghostly Phase

since maybe before Vietnam, Korea intense long periods
critical phase coalition launch airpower operation
dense neighbourhoods unyielding defense of tactics

besieged breaking a nearly three-year blockade
backed militias a step closer last inch
had fired at targets near city important strategically

a ghostly pale blue almost transparent
flagging as egg-bearing off-limits for conservation
weirdness of crustacean pulled up in a trap

-- Clark Allison

Military Under Trump 'More Aggressive'
Syrian forces break long siege of eastern city
Ghostly,translucent lobster caught off Maine

Monday, September 04, 2017

On More Than One Plane

Angered by her refusal to come down harder
I feel her absence often. Welcoming
a few reflections from the past allows her to

directly engage with memory, loss, and
the notion that one’s understanding of the past,
can alter over time, loosen her grip on

an unwavering version of the past
and finally comprehend the present.
This never made much sense to me

-- Rupert M Loydell

Germany’s Merkel Moves to Address Diesel Emissions
Obama urged Trump to guard ‘democratic institutions’
Twin Peaks: The Return Defied Nostalgia

Being a Hip Dude

I had a dream and then turned on the lights.
A man rushed past into a massive fire.
I think I did it. I can’t believe this.

50,000 people were facing a murder charge.
Firefighters pulled out of the plumbing profession.
I think I did it. I can’t believe this.

Authorities are investigating death.
A toxicology report is pending.
I think I did it. I can’t believe this.

-- Rupert M Loydell

Aspiring Pastor Accused of Killing Wife Blames Medicine
Man dies after rushing into Burning Man flames
Mario is no longer a plumber