Tuesday, May 29, 2012

While revolution flashes

Wes made a menopausal recommendation to the thousand ablaze.
Others called the replacement office to record the sweat while
several of the protestors forced a big round hormone history.

Flashes of a square, angry multiplex
who aimed the chanting, who made a revolution up.
Such an average face at moonrise racked with hopes and harms.

Not a 1960’s quirky dramedy of the heart.
In this memorial kingdom, the dreamgirls take kicking medicine
and the others budget in the bone of former wilderness.

-- Davi Rutenberg

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Ask The Oracle

Precedents are quickly spoiled,
like a cartoon snowball rolling downhill,
a catastrophe guaranteed to keep everyone in stitches.

Predictions are often doomed by someone else's stubbornness.
It seems nothing was learned,
aside from the fact that I was blatantly misquoted.

But how feeble an oracle would I be
if I had no delusional suspicions?
Disappointingly, they are not copyrightable.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Optimistic Summer Weekend

One who starts out early can run a long way
with a baton, on a beach,
on which the high tides have imprinted a natural timeline.

He describes the way the brightest part of the sky
coincides with the closest show of folksy marketing,
but he won't be superstitious in the 7-Eleven.

Michael Jackson's new video, "the MAking of SODA pop"
reportedly will feature one billion cans of Pepsi.
(Also, werewolves.)

-- Glenn R. Frantz

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