Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Oblique Adapted Cases

highest rises since began sheer number of cases stemming
warned risk remains very high three-quarters unvaccinated
reporting delays Christmas period fourth wave of pandemic

the self described non-musician stunning
solo work brave collaborations reputation a favorite
muse draw an oblique strategies card treat your ears

more woke nonsense from the Beeb an adaptation
of wonder triumph of the quiet competent man
loosely based rather than adapted from the novel

-- Clark Allison

US reports record infections as Europe's Omicron cases soar
5 tracks producers need to hear by… Brian Eno
BBC Around the World in 80 days flooded with criticism

Monday, December 27, 2021

Shame on You!

chilling footage
jeers and cheers
viral claims not based in fact

video revenge
Queen investigated
viral claims not based in fact

we can’t speak
but we can look
viral claims not based in fact

-- Rupert M Loydell

Funeral director’s viral claims about vaccinated people not based in fact

Emotions run high as annual Boxing Day hunt met with jeers and cheers
Met probe video ‘of crossbow-wielding man threatening to assassinate the Queen’

Monday, December 20, 2021

No Rules Broken

The Christmas lights are twinkling under pressure
and there is the sight of scores of Conservative MPs
voting against public health measure proposed last week.

Many of us think we have a novel inside us:
because they want to keep partying,
Boris sees himself as an energetic fiddler.

Don’t start a sex scene when your mother-in-law is visiting,
it doesn’t make sense. Sleaze and parties turn voters off,
they have little festive cheer. Bring in all the precautions.

-- Rupert M Loydell

‘Don’t start a sex scene when your mother-in-law is visiting’: how I wrote a novel in a month
No 10 struggles to defend garden ‘party’ as poll shows Britons think PM on way out
‘I couldn’t vote Conservative again’: sleaze and parties turn Tory voters off

Headlines Remain Controversial

such huge change make sense of it for viewers listeners
readers what feels like decades’ worth of headlines
the most turbulent political times in living memory

said she was backing remain in Britain’s economic interest
to leave EU badly hit interests of businesses
communicate real impact on the ground doesn’t affect me

overall economy sweeping and controversial changes
to electoral system a new stage of restored order
erosion of democratic elements diverse political views

-- Clark Allison

Laura Kuenssberg to step down as BBC political editor
UK’s New Brexit Negotiator Said Leaving Would Spell Disaster
Pro-Beijing candidates sweep controversial LegCo election

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Leaked Party Rules

Boris Johnson has not apologised
Boris Johnson has not ruled
Boris Johnson is minded to move

The PM said he was taking people for fools
The PM said no rules had been broken
The PM should just admit what had happened

Boris Johnson is a party joke
Boris Johnson is laughing at the Covid rules
Boris Johnson makes a mockery of us all

-- Rupert Loydell

Boris Johnson sorry for offence caused by aides joking
Downing Street party video makes a mockery of us all
Boris Johnson minded to move to Plan B of rules this week

Fools Breached Boycott

gale-force winds Tuesday flood alerts in place wreak chaos
in the wake of the storm captured local flooding extent
sea breached chalets surrounded by water

busy having boozy not-parties make light of
lockdown measures the impression it gives offence caused
millions think taking for fools assured no rules broken

not sending officials no ministers expected to attend
effectively diplomatic boycott American athletes will
compete China’s government said allegations fabricated

-- Clark Allison

Storm Barra leaves cars submerged as Scotland struck by rain
Allegra Stratton quits over Christmas party jokes
Boris Johnson confirms UK diplomatic boycott of 2022 Games