Thursday, December 20, 2012

Own Suited Features

fingers even only have what grip odd
thumb odd especially has which grips even
geometry a spurred question to rein a within

apple the shown a being potatoes relative that
means the means a urging hand destructive that
force a rein doubt to spurred a against

scope tiny well had which palms giant
palm giant enough might that enlist tiny
potatoes the found a looming apple constructive that

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Obama Splits Republicans With CEOs Favoring Tax Increase
The evolution of the hand: Making a fist of it
Apple's patent victory may be small in larger battle with Samsung

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Approved As Appropriate

Which of the initial snippets will be badly repeated,
when the anchoring watchdog on committees of snippets
condemned or intended for the so-called

Internet, underpinned by enshrining licensing engines,
has to ban their standards and publish their transgressions?
If you want to discuss a collision,

you must take a collision course.
The latter regulator would argue with prohibiting criticism,
although the former passages reassure statutory amateurs.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Golfweek: You can argue, but anchoring ban a done deal
Leveson Report calls for media watchdog underpinned by law
Google fights proposed German law on news links

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Famous Planet

Much as wings believe feathers to be thought,
the path to camp or pinnacle advanced by glittery devices
on a treacherous catwalk of miracles 20ft over the Earth,

over sweet flags of playful crystals,
over hoops and lashings of glowing Tiger Lily,
and ranged on stone wings of lightweight microlith,

relishing its blunt unsuitable edge
fashioned by a complicated hammer
to follow the small and cunning years.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Communist Party Congress: Hu Jintao dismisses hopes of reform
Victoria's Secret: Rihanna performs as Brits invade the catwalk
What made us human? Being ARMED with lethal ranged weapons

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Political Alcohol, Punctuated

Eight days before voters
go to the environment
as he addresses the storm.

Campaigns ads are still running
on TV. In
an appearance in the universe, it

might be less common than we
previously thought. A new study
suggests it may be the storm.

-- Eric Elshtain

The nearer the bar, the greater the chances of risky drinking
How hurricane Sandy tests Obama, Romney
Asteroid Belts Could Be Key to Finding Alien Life

Monday, October 22, 2012

Airship Socialized Parachutes

The truth is that the Wall
Street lobby has spent more than three
quarters of the impression

that led to the herald.
Lance Armstrong was at the herald.
Two people were aboard. No

one was injured in the
country? No one was injured in
the country? Witness the U.S.

-- Eric Elshtain

World Cycling Body Strips Armstrong of Titles
'Romney Blimp' Crash Lands in Florida
Viewpoint: How Wall Street Rigs the Game

Friday, October 19, 2012

While Over Meanwhile

in events globe bugs suggest first a format
as analyzed prehensile and transition presence added
as converged microscopic and subscription context clashed

of be these could antennas and
of air salt trolleys bark both a country
for summit ferries amber hitchhike winged a million

for be tree's will audience and
as perched mobile and beasts flights unearthed
by part measures partnerships spread staged a parliament

--Glenn R. Frantz

Greek Unions Stage Strike as Samaras Attends EU Summit
Tiny ancient critter hitched rides on insect wings
A Turn of the Page for Newsweek

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Its Curious Islands

Sidelines of the canton.
The 100th neighborhood playground opens.
Lizards and salamanders.

The biology of construction is hot assembly.
Raising reefs up to islets.
To regrow a spiny new sea.

The trust administers its guitars by a field.
Fire transformed an uninhabited parcel.
Painted scene of a picnic.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

African Mouse Can Regenerate Skin
A Century of Memories
China cites Japanese wartime history to bolster Senkakus claim

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Brother Machine Launch

First the wife time
that a seven-inch firm urges
service to the cause, mortem.

Second, the Neighbouring Foundation
will match deaths with details
in the run-up to kick

twice the brother
over 11-hour Alps.
Give it resolution.

-- Jude Cowan Montague

Alps shooting victims shot twice in the head
Amazon launches new Kindle Fire
Stoptober anti-smoking campaign launched by Government

Thursday, September 06, 2012

For Baggy Reasons

New findings in molecular radio show that
the DNA code has within it many little comments.
They are thought to have been published previously

by animals and such, as a living valentine
to encode the frustration born of
all the complex effort underlying nature.

But human scientists are not afraid.
The levers may twist with strange causes, but
joking can help create enthusiasm.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

DNA's 'Junk' Now Seen as Lever Controlling Future Health
Flying Vladimir Putin leads birds on first ever migration
Outburst shows strain on Bobby Valentine

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guessed Despite Appearances

inadvertently an at recognition buttoned asking
barely the like stems identified having
a won't song awkward playing desist

an hasn't recognition absent asking changes
the don't stems wild having switch
won't apparently awkward from desist imagined

hasn't inadvertently absent at changes buttoned
don't barely wild like switch identified
apparently a from song imagined playing

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Silversun Pickups Ask Mitt Romney To Stop Using Their Song
Facebook using Dublin HQ to avoid software change
Pussy Riot verdict caps Putin's hundred days

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mind Media Player

Channels have sensitivity to sequence, praise, and humor.
Commentary adapted for a transition glitch
started stories pleading sweetly, futilely little.

Have deleted, to fierce praise, a humor microblog
adapted from a blueprint glitch: positive stories,
commenters sweetly criticizing; little nudge.

Deleted channels: fierce sensitivity; a sequence microblog;
and from commentary, blueprint for positive transition.
Commenters started, criticizing, pleading, nudge futilely.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Google pleads for YouTube real-name use
China censors Beijing floods coverage
Olympic ticker: North Korean flag flap

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rethinking Joyful Fate

We don't know anything about creative
solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems,
or Russia's once-vaunted superhero.

We have no idea when the movie ends.
Certain people spend days on Facebook,
to avoid spinning around the Earth.

I believe in a combination of accidents,
an experimental science lab playing the guessing game.
Among other things, fate is the final scene.

-- Chris Canella

Joyful crews unite aboard space station
The speculation rises over Batman's fate
Rethinking the Concept of "Outliers"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

tyler finds plankton

one boson spoke currently. actually.
which achieve sun Wolf place extremely bloom
colorful still "greening," bursting, "whitening,"

throwing fully. afloat, Tyler the Creator jabs water.
an immense week. color changes in stages, right?
love didn't summer the one-in-3.5-million.

Love is photosynthesis, Tyler. Sigma sigma.
and by extension is them, the possible significance
is in the swirling merry whirlpools.

-- Paul Christian

Will Frank Ocean's Revelation Change Odd Future?
Swirling ocean prompts plankton blooms, suggests study
How to Be Sure You've Found a Higgs Boson

The Wry Commons

The kind chief of midsummer, a Swiss man of answers,
admitted the scandal in sympathy.
He was the plant on the secret committee

seated at the bottom of the Thames
to escape meltdowns in the reactors of government.
I was sinking, bumrushed, cooling the evasive philosophy

that the eyebrows of parliamentary alacrity
openly pleaded for. His deft suffering humor
could provide a whimsical treasury of wisdom.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Japan's nuclear disaster was 'man-made'
Roger Federer sets up Wimbledon showdown
MPs admit they let Diamond slip away

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Scorching Death Conflict

Mr. Diamond was picked up by the local
authorities. He lost days from a violent
weekend. He killed at least 18 people.

Unable to run, some died in the midst
of oppressive power. Some people lost
their senses amid the local "death spiral."

High concerns escalated after
Mr. Diamond was threatening to mount
a highly aggressive comeback.

 -- Chris Cannella

  Scorching heat roasts eastern United States
Barclays the Loser in Diamond Conflict
RIM CEO: No, really, we're not in a 'death spiral'

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decapitator Wide-field Pennsylvania

while searching for planets blah blah blah we see
cluster vampires get sliced and diced you’ll likely enjoy
how history prefers to get all of the stars

right from the start victims try to resolve claims the
earth-like planets i blame the mainstream media
as the sun or smaller it wants to wrap up

this historical horror fantasy is waxing privately
expeditiously and fairly address the ax-to-grind
but also to help them or at least semi-seriously

-- alana madison

Penn State signals wants to close Sandusky sex abuse cases
Movie Review: Lincoln has an ax to grind with vampires
Star Cluster Could Help Astronomers Find Earth-Like Planets

Thursday, June 14, 2012

When The Sidewalk

butter sunset echoes with addled the
maladroit flatters lake the at choreographer
is field as a as youngest afternoon

their sweetest the gracefully bid way admits of
tricky open eye the like photographer
their little the firmly champions sticker brushes in

is sound as a as oldest morning
incumbent tour rounds the on deliverymen
bumper sunrise resonates for amplified the

-- Glenn R. Frantz

President Barack Obama seeking to recalibrate
Again, an event for the ages
Adam Shankman rocks 'Rock of Ages'

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

While revolution flashes

Wes made a menopausal recommendation to the thousand ablaze.
Others called the replacement office to record the sweat while
several of the protestors forced a big round hormone history.

Flashes of a square, angry multiplex
who aimed the chanting, who made a revolution up.
Such an average face at moonrise racked with hopes and harms.

Not a 1960’s quirky dramedy of the heart.
In this memorial kingdom, the dreamgirls take kicking medicine
and the others budget in the bone of former wilderness.

-- Davi Rutenberg

Hormone replacement caution
Demonstrators angry at Egypt runoff candidates 
'Moonrise Kingdom' sets per-screen-average box office record

Ask The Oracle

Precedents are quickly spoiled,
like a cartoon snowball rolling downhill,
a catastrophe guaranteed to keep everyone in stitches.

Predictions are often doomed by someone else's stubbornness.
It seems nothing was learned,
aside from the fact that I was blatantly misquoted.

But how feeble an oracle would I be
if I had no delusional suspicions?
Disappointingly, they are not copyrightable.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Euro Crisis: Is the Currency (Finally) Doomed?
Caught Holding the Facebook Bag
Google is cleared of Java patent infringement in Android

Friday, May 11, 2012

Optimistic Summer Weekend

One who starts out early can run a long way
with a baton, on a beach,
on which the high tides have imprinted a natural timeline.

He describes the way the brightest part of the sky
coincides with the closest show of folksy marketing,
but he won't be superstitious in the 7-Eleven.

Michael Jackson's new video, "the MAking of SODA pop"
reportedly will feature one billion cans of Pepsi.
(Also, werewolves.)

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Zuckerberg Plays Host in New Facebook IPO Video
Michael Jackson To Appear On Pepsi Cans
The Supermoon is Upon Us

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret Cosmic Nun

Sitting on how she thought they are likely
Not speaking out of the official version
Of the collapse of the men, and in a

Mystery of the reputation of
The leadership, another prostitute,
One. There are extraordinarily powerful

Explosions in outer space. Cosmic rays
Are likely not potential culprits, with
A spat that tracked with the Hotel Caribe.

-- Edde Addad, using the jGnoetry interactive poetry generator

Vatican orders crackdown on American nuns
Escort Recounts Quarrel With Secret Service Agent
Bizarre cosmic ray mystery deepens

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Its Day Lasted

wake only patrol the short foolproof when break
sleep purposefully sleep the sheer Arctic where birds
ice rhythm skirts over and cycles the

break iceberg lag into and glaciers the
gripped birdlike who travelers
slept flightless when dinosaurs

circadian perished among or gigantic
longer tipped in and disrupted
devise also shift the each due what remains

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Small icebergs can be the real killers
Dinosaur Egg Fossils Discovered In Patagonia
Why Shift Work and Sleeplessness Lead to Weight Gain and Diabetes

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ministers of Controversy

The implicit promise of changing a story
is to make people notice how dumb it is.
But the group has no inclination to shed its mind.

Like the wallflower dragon whose bullying lawyer
leaked a hot publicity fondue,
winning a palace despite being downgraded

from a pricey crystal nugget to a set of chocolate shoes.
That's one of the perks of ridiculousness.
Everything changes, but nothing draws attention.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Farewell fondue sets: EU tighten sanctions on brutal Syrian 
     regime with shopping and travelling ban on Assad's wife 
     (but there's nothing to stop her from returning to UK)
Etch A Sketch flap cheers Bryan firm
Appealing an MPAA Rating Is Pointless (But Studios Should 
     Do It Anyway)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Always Bill Down

An unlucky defender
rushes emotional aid
attacks sexual frequency

Amorphous dozens
hack left field
heretical members

Franchise love play
pullout group swipe
adult life lasts forever

-- Jeff Nichols

Anonymous claims to bring down Vatican website
Bill  Maher to liberals: Accept Limbaugh's apology and move on!
Manning says "I'll always be a Colt" amid emotional release

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ability of Counterparts

They chase jumping mammals they were paid to dig with.
Serrated insects were tired.  Out after tough sleep,
unearthed a switch that triggered swaps.  Bodies with edges

feathered and springy.  Bonds said to reveal the middle
questions for their ancestors.  They chase jumping mammals.
They were paid to dig with serrated insects; were tired out

after tough sleep.  Unearthed a switch that, triggered,
swaps bodies with edges.  Feathered and springy bonds,
said to reveal the middle.  Questions for their ancestors.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Greece Default SWAPS Don't Have to Pay: ISDA
Prehistoric fleas were bigger and meaner, but couldn't leap
Adults in Their 80s Report Sleeping Better, Says Study

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Highest British Trial

His London, as left to the judge, is a compound without peace
Drowning the follow-up fruit of the defense
His wife established in 95% of British crimes, over the years

Norwich women found pleading parole to Nairobi citrus men
As women of Uganda eat U.N.-backed oranges from Somalia
Unusual, though observational, and a Federal issue in London

Gabe, at highest risk, said the judge issued life without acquittal
To men without oranges, due process involving impressive
And an ambitious jury of colleagues

-- gabrielle brabazon

Ala. judge acquits man accused of drowning newlywed wife
An Orange a Day Keeps Stroke Away
Somalis Unconvinced by London Conference

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sound of Paying

Sparked the hand a wireless wave, spring-driven
Sparked streaming, in the automated offspring
Sparked Mademoiselle, the miss sound of the gong

Sparked Balance, sparked a complex system of
Honorific sushi traffic jam, sparked tears of parting
Sparked hunger in the morning, four brass kiss

Pictures, poems banished from mechanical forms, mapped
Pockets sparked bank account rent solidarity fast
Sparked the hand a wireless wave, spring-driven

-- Andrew K. Peterson

Pa. museum automaton has link to Scorsese's 'Hugo'
'Mademoiselle' Exits Official France
Tibetan New Year begins on a 'somber' note

Blue Smoke Standing

like a waiter’s nightmare at a luau
like plump hands on the honeymoon table
folding up three seconds in eternity

like mixing then folding of cut
salt raised from the lake, leaving
like thin palm rounds scarcer than hunger

like ordering rounds of city in a half-purse moon
like the rolling occasion of unscheduled leaving
like blue smoke standing

-- Andrew K. Peterson

How Waiters Read Your Table
Kidnapping Survivor Elizabeth Smart gets Married in Hawaii
Tibetans' (Forbidden) Special Treat

Sinking Says Killing

Officials said faulty brakes were suspected
Of pharmacists and witnesses said the
Medicines for people aboard the

Implantation cannot force pharmacies
To a fertilized egg, killing. Officials
Said the implantation of a fertilized

Egg, operator of drugs. The state's
True goal was to dispense such medicine.
A statement by their probe into the implantation.

-- jGnoetry and edde addad

Italian Investigators Expand Cruise-Ship Sinking Probe
Argentine commuter train crashes, killing 49 people
Judge says Wash. can't make pharmacies sell Plan B

Sunday, February 12, 2012

49,000 fatal photos

This struggling chassis is lightweight
than its University consumers twice.
Top-to-bottom Marijuana marijuana.

Flash-memory: Experts were over Canadian
Beyoncé. Yes, but of what? Digital motor face
is by hot bod battery revamp.

blood collision will further alcohol distribution
opportunity. Ivy is hoping driving strutting next
to Blue ultra-thin traditional exit drugs.

-- Paul Christian

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Share First Photos of Baby Blue Ivy!
Apple to disrupt notebook space with MacBook Pros
Don't smoke pot, drive -- you're twice as likely to crash

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Every Number Positive

in ever cheerfully enticements seasons current slow
under the years episodes intuitive
to ever now perceptions math fringed longer

papers talented of presence and rhythmic
at the pencils tremors tiny
by the canteen belt telltale

conveyer successful by couple and one
things enjoyable in masquerade or warped
to ever equally palm hand acceptable fictitious

--  Glenn R. Frantz

Hugh Laurie on the last episodes of 'House': interview
Tai Chi May Help Parkinson's Patients Regain Balance
Russian city bans spreading of 'homosexual propaganda'

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Surrealist Land Grab

On Pennsylvania Avenue, a brittle
Richard Nixon enters a hallway filled
with a long series of identical doors

leading to an empty room. On Wall Street,
a giant yellow sunflower illuminates
two entranced young women capping

a plastic Immaculate Conception. While
on Main Street, 99 percent of Americans
living at home are sleeping on taboo ground.

-- Angela Genusa

Occupy Has Captured Nation's Attention, If Not Its Cities
February 2012 Contemporary Poetry Reviews
Dorothea Tanning, Surrealist Painter and Poet, Dies at 101

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a cappella snow

the most petrifying electric lip-sync meltdown
a joyride to the house of his drug dealer leni riefenstahl
a cloudburst that always knocks the wind out of me

an experimental teenage bloodhound psychopath
seizing the murky underbelly of small town america
a vacant government building not far from the train station

visit the ghostly unused offices better even than morphine
large marble letters like white noise that canceled the pain
a west point grad who suffered extensive burns gas-huffing

-- Alana Madison

David Lynch's musical magic
A Virtual-Reality Game To Distract Burn Victims From Pain
As Neo-Fascists Claim Ezra Pound, His Family Says, 'Hands Off'

Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Fucking Apple

a banal 1970s pop tune out of dust cloud blotting
then you read a meme about stepping into the surf of
more hookers, less yoga studios like cool water dropping

allow us to present everything on the other side
he’d heard it on the radio drowns the snarl of traffic
you don’t belong to the evening sky parching

a whiff of intimidation about it spread right through
yellow fields of mustard to flow elegant brief and knowing
unfettered stench of dust and smoke on 9/11 hey, fuck you!

-- Alana Madison

Shit Native New Yorkers Say
Jaipur losing its soul?
Poet is inspired when startled

Inspired by Trash

Billy Collins read a banal poem about
Bollywood, hookers, and yoga studios

the really rude shit new yorkers say
in the room leaves you shaking your head

but a whiff of mustard fills your nostrils
and the shitty poetry flows unfettered

-- Angela Genusa

Shit Native New Yorkers Say
Jaipur losing its soul?
Poet is inspired when startled

Really Shitty Poetry

how difficult it is to write something elegant and brief
the whiff of a Billy Collins poem fills your nostrils
the stench you struggled for hours to get out of your head

shit leaves you shaking your head in disbelief
drowns even the clamor of your own thoughts
a tableau of trash lying about in jute bags

and an orange evening sky in a Collins poem
makes up the backdrop of many Bollywood romantic moments
hey, fuck Collins, and fuck you! how's your mother?

-- Angela Genusa

Shit Native New Yorkers Say
Jaipur losing its soul?
Poet is inspired when startled

Modern Poetry Convulsions

Is poetry living or dead? A frantic friend told
a 911 emergency operator that it had "smoked
something" and was suffering from "convulsions."

Said friend then contradicted himself and told said
911 operator that poetry was found in the Hollywood
Hills—"just a severed head." A survey, however,

showed that poetry is now made in China "by crude,
cynical squirrels and other wildlife" and "lives unnoticed
at the edge of society." Laureates, have a seizure now.

-- Angela Genusa

The dogs on the trail of the severed head
Battle of words over the future of poetry
Demi Moore 'Smoked Something' Before Being Hospitalised

Saturday, January 28, 2012

synthetic dante results

the best gift a writer can have is an unhappy childhood
shipped abroad after being “cooked” in make-shift lab
editors slapped a silly headline on though

flooding the global market on an almost unprecedented scale
he had his first (and second-to-last) glimpse of Beatrice
fieldwalking flint enthusiasts are participating

human heads deposited in the walbrook stream
include ecstasy and methamphetamine
the first star of the Romantic period -- and indeed

-- alana madison

Exclusive: Canada's illicit drug export boom
Lively costume drama dramatizes birth of a poet
Recent Archaeomags

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shit Robert Burns Says

My most famous poem is "To Ruth Lily: On Turning
Up in Her $200 Million Nest With Mousie and a Plough."
Who throws a haggis party in Chicago (seriously)?

But, Ruth, O wad some Power the $200 million giftie
thou gie us. Still thou art best, compared wi' me! I check
in on Path in my kilt, an' then send it to Foursquare an'

Tumblr, an' Tumblr auto posts to Twitter an' Facebook,
an' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain an' bagpipes. But
oh! I "get" TechCrunch, but I just canna "get" Harriet.

-- Angela Genusa

A century of "Poetry"
Someone Finally Makes "Shit Silicon Valley Says"
Hoot mon! Louisville celebrates Robert Burns

Monday, January 23, 2012

As Day Falls

There's a point where stories circulate out of our history
and hit back at the rudder that attention draws in space.
These precious patterns that counterfeiters improve:

They fought piracy with a branded cow,
and everyone sells adverts around them.
The warming carbon is absorbing emissions,

especially carbon-14. There's danger in rainfall, chairman,
and in not passing quickly on the freeway.
Therefore, you dream more, and point to the Shift key.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Time to warm up to this study, if we want to stay cooler
Rupert Murdoch Sopa attack rebuffed by Google
Keeping Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream alive with stories, art

Thursday, January 12, 2012

dead art horse

Damien Hirst declared dead,
his daughter missing (to murder),
the army bombs grip King Kim.

On all rifles, they defend American paintings.
New York fears Korea’s globalizing galleries,
on and before and after September 11.

Hirst’s disappearance was meaningless.
Simultaneously, keeping most contemporary,
Gagosian might spot a dynasty the capitalist could use.

-- Paul Christian

Hirst’s Druggy Spots Circle World in 11 Gagosian
Shows Kim Jung-un tightens grip on power
Alabama judge to declare Natalee Holloway dead

Aggravated American Children

Two police men club ANOTHER mother,
The Ravens were sporting sexual assault,
but peanut mouths die he child hospital.

Salt growing on her breasts, unclear
He’ll what’s anaphylaxis but approached
to the girl, grabbed her false elbow.

Yes, the crime the woman go detective
Space-age playground and had a dance and
A dance and then a can with him. (He’s 23).

-- Paul Christian

Man charged for stabbings, sex assault at SLC night club
Girl's death highlights allergy safety in schools
GEORGE CLOONEY: I'm Goin' Under the Knife AGAIN