Sunday, February 28, 2010

3D Sharp-Eyed Therapy

Really! Venture into a kaleidoscopic land
To rescue inhabitants from an evil oppressor
An appaling toff re-imagining pure magic

The young man attaching something that looked
Like a fake bomb to the underside of a prime minister

He said:
Treatments that that result in sustained improvements
        in behaviour are

-- Ashleagh Hurren

Tim Burton's magical Alice in Wonderland in 3D
The truth about the Mossad
Group therapy 'can help back pain sufferers'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Offer Assisted Horror

Hospital care was still not on,
Accused of blood payout.
A mix-up, failed by five-figure ulcers.

She vowed to campaign,
Prosecutions focused on hard clarity,
Motivation helping the battle.

High-speed service added nothing;
A due end announced
As customers aimed statements at the flagship.

-- Will Wood

Stafford Hospital: Drugs horror
Assisted suicide: Debbie Purdy welcomes new guidelines
Virgin to offer cable customers 100Mbps

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Furious Laptop Voter

He finally hit plane spotters;
missed three powerful Indian staff,
humiliating, finally, archery.

Temper crazy,
illuminating bad bullying,
trashed equipment – runway, mask.

Declared help, defend hand, donned hesitation,
raided scanner machine.
Target suspicious spying.

-- Alice Lander

British plane-spotters facing three years in Indian prison
William Tell: Blindfolded Prince tries his hand at archery
Gordon Brown will be quite cross, says Andrew Rawnsley

Monday, February 22, 2010

Managed? Not One

Abuse and admit,
but blunder before
children. Computers calm

down despite earned
emotional force. Fearing
flat government, Gus games

himself high. How
it's injured, in
January, left life.

-- Nick Jarvis

I'm a full-time mum...benefits ARE my wages
Lord Mandelson defends Gordon Brown
Baffled police log six incidents of snowball fights

Imagining The Counterpart

In a survey of four consultants,
two thirds (nearly a majority!) believe
the killing of knowledge enhances business.

Is human intelligence making us stupid?
Can that intelligence be used in a different manner
for a different purpose?

As might a Canadian flag be
convertible to a red jersey,
so that no passports are required.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

3 In 4: Internet Makes Us Smarter
Beer sales stopped in Vancouver
EU 'extremely concerned' over passports used in assassination

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart Attack Boy

Reinforced ambulance from home.
Knife operation
reduced wounding with intent.

The local community charged
after urgent repair work.
Stabbed. Stabbed. Stabbed.

House before heritage grants.
The listed exhibition space
paid out only last week.

-- Clare Torbitt

'Brother' charged after boy death
World's fattest man in heart attack scare
Lottery funding to help historic churches

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sparked Pieces That

relic the of the in beak cherished blame
five is ground two in of pointed
two is flames one of by blazing

feel rolled still outside constellation after
has the brash however needle nearly pin
has the reverse hence rubber upward speculation

wear resurfaced ever ever drone to
titanium the on the of museum pierced drop
position the among the for ink unsettled tank

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Who's who in the Pakistan Taliban
Fault of the Concorde: An Icon's Day in Court
Budget hits twofold in Houston