Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spontaneous Sell-Off Consequences

killing free radicals only interferes with survival
Critics doubt whether oxidative stress even exists
no effect – positive or negative – on survival

might actually increase the risk of death
a landmark global study has found
does not know how to protect its industries

disavowed some severe capital market restrictions
indicating the flight from global equities slowing
eliminating free radical “messenger molecules”

--Clark Allison

Airbus to Cut 10,000 Jobs Over 4 Years
Overseas Markets Continue Downward Slide
Vitamins could be killing you

Monday, February 26, 2007

Illegal Pirated Genocide

Gordon the Bosnian video-sharing cabinet
Failed to discuss genocide with Bremner
And ordered justice for BitTorrent

Gordon the Bosnian video-sharing cabinet
Exonerated Ubisoft early on Monday
Downloading songs by Muslims

Gordon the Bosnian video-sharing cabinet
Rang the Chancellor to direct justice games
But once rang failed suspects to prevent a reshuffle

--Will Scott

Court: Serbia failed to prevent genocide
Is it legal to impersonate a minister?
BitTorrent to offer movies, TV shows for downloading

Sunday, February 25, 2007

No Rodents Tomorrow

In a city like New York,
Vermin seemingly caught on tape,
Invaded a former playboy body.

In a city like New York,
Rodent officials focus on Sky News interview.
In the morgue a probing derailment.

In a city like New York,
Patrons do not see creatures.
They will be distributed to the endless wage.

--Kelly Tapper

New York food establishments wage war against rodents
U.K. Rail Crash Report Due as Early as Tomorrow
Still no rest for poor Anna

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Regulator Snipes Back

Critics arguing were lost hopefuls and fat children
Critics arguing would not appeal to corrupt FBI agents
Critics arguing leave broadcasters jumping ship

Critics arguing mean that the government's successful
Critics arguing confirmed that media junk rules
Critics arguing veto a shootout at Pine Ridge Reservation

Critics arguing has become impermissible
Critics arguing will be banned from January 1, 2008
Critics arguing was one of the primary reasons for the Fall

--Martin Stannard

Ukip told it cannot change its name
Junk food ban will cost U.K. TV
Why Geffen Dislikes Clintons--Meet Leonard Peltier

Friday, February 23, 2007

Microsoft Spanking Britney

For 24 hours Microsoft kicks, throws shoe,
chokes Britney for offenses.
Mother punishable for patent verdict.

Anyone involving troubled technology
retreated, shaking, and proposed San Diego
instead of digital custody, iPod jail.

1.52 billion baby objects offered for
18 closed fist firms, lawmaker said.
Estranged music threatened massive failing.

--Robert Woerheide

Proposal to ban spanking is revised
Microsoft fined US $1.52b in MP3 case
Britney Spears Wants The Kids, Can’t Escape Rehab

Peace Not Contest

We were dressed in cream and silver but put off by
The hundreds of genuinely interested other artists
Who phoned in before apparently becoming involved

In an illegal war they had no chance of winning
We were dressed in cream and silver but put off by
A banner on the back of the large black police lorry

It said the timing wasn't right to make the argument
Peace and protest had been plausible in previous years
We were dressed in cream and silver but not put off

--Martin Stannard

C4 facing huge phone bill
Eubank arrested after protest over prince's deployment
Morrissey says 'no' to Eurovision

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Delivery Wants Repair

Children in Eden
Desperate girls doing E!
Tied doubled to Cross

Record-setting retraction
Progress jettisoning crewmen
Cutting tie and retract outpost

On their disorder
Psychiatric attention developed
Guides and drugmakers needed

--Steve Donovan

Marcia Cross' Dual Delivery
FDA Wants Clear Warnings on ADHD Drugs
Spacewalkers Repair Antenna Near Outpost

Investors Trouble Points

The company will pay and will assume millions of debt.
Investors applauded the announcement
then adorned the kids with some new tattoo work.

Due to apparent instability
tonight should be clear with
a bitter cherry on the already spoiled cake.

The deal seems to be a positive
and the paparazzi was subsequently seen partying.
Shareholders reportedly canceled plans.

--Rupert M Loydell

Weather service points to high winds
Whole Foods Delights Investors -- For Now
Britney Spears, A Mommy In Trouble

Gates Contaminated Girls

American researchers report
according to parliament data
purchased media be discarded

analyzed a variety of girls
they were over sexualised
emotional and physical problems

a warning to all consumers
of harmful media objects
vaccine maybe developed

--Melissa Gray

FDA Warns of Salmonella-Contaminated Peanut Butter
Media cited for showing girls as sex objects
Gates joins Canada in AIDS fight

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Three Million Sandwich

Almost everyday snow storms stranded,
Slowed momentum too long,
For tarmac travellers, hunched, safe still.

Ice skills at keyhole.
Move forward, step toward,
Introduce and cancel.

Blue delay, promising action,
Repairing reputation, staving off pushing.
Sitting with thoughts and apologies.

--Patrick Davies

Class-action peanut butter suit filed in Seattle
Surgical success linked to skill at video games
JetBlue vows to compensate delayed fliers

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lighting Ivory Moon

Like a giant incandescent trampoline,
A patiently waiting ancient downlight hangs,
Historic ivory fluorescents.

Fascinated millions capture lunar lights,
Intelligent creatures, watchers, like upside down trees,
In both living and dead reality.

Their sentinel mission of refuge to settle,
Install, establish homes amidst the bayous habitat,
And last much longer.

--Patrick Davies

Upside to down lighting
Moon Settlers May Be "Ski" Racers, Helium Miners, TV Stars
Robotic Cameras Join Search For Ivory-billed Woodpecker

The Happy Version

Wait to be a part of stars
To come away from
This truly amazing us

To live is what honours
Lighting the field
Is an honour

Who best prizes the Holy
Will do anything
To be steeped in this

--Martin Stannard

Muse to headline at Isle of Wight
Mark Speaks About Robbie
Sondheim triumphs at Olivier Awards

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Elusive Snow Bird

Long beaks in the suburban meltdown
Drivers confirm robotic birds

Across the market
Officials with red beaks
Feared and flapping

In the city
A snow angel
In search of the first

--Katie Bowman

Robotic cameras join search for elusive woodpecker
Tests confirm H5N1 bird flu strain in 2 Moscow districts
Snow-angel makers await Guinness nod

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stricken, Unraveled, Still

Meanwhile, keel down among spacewalking
whales, the gun-toting crew protects astronauts.
Saturday’s ordeal killed our principal, the Ocean.

To hijack speed and power, trick Earth's substorms.
Just brandish abandoned satellites and rockets.
Yesterday, the single latitudes worked.

Holy Canary! The fire doused physics.
It’ll be one sad stopover.
Coffee and carcasses. Cake.

--Lance Newman

Bumpy landing foils plane hijacker
Whaler refuses Greenpeace help
NASA launching 5 satellites on one rocket

Friday, February 16, 2007

Contaminated Friendly Latrine

Peter Pan thrown inward, outward--hails of friendly fire
Nut borne bacteria killed bravery
shot it hopping a fence, contaminated.

It rose in the west, salmonella stung eyes
Snubbed the royal revellers
Sniped Victoria and forgot our hero.

Danced in the Sherbert Mardis Gras
Infected the comrades
Showered and slipped down the latrine.

--Megan Crump

Restaurants offer Mardi Gras reinforcements
The Hunt For Peanut Butter Salmonella Source Continues
'Friendly fire' may have killed VC paratrooper

Life Jars Baby

Pinpoint any amount of whitefish
through cracks in the rock:
Streams, lakes, rain contain the germ.

Salmonella sandwiches people
surrounded by jelly:
Better behaved children suspect Peter Pan.

Smuckers taken by a powerful camera
revealed pregnant life, doctors have warned:
Butter women who do not eat.

--Niall Byrne

Grandest canyon may hold key to life on Mars
Dirty jars suspected in peanut butter contamination
Eat fish to make your baby brighter, women told

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baghdad Killed Image

Troops tighten up their grips for a city as
convoys of weapons searched for rush-hour commuters.
Suspects lamented on bombings that killed 191 leaders.

Spain’s image of a place of doom and gloom.
Searching on a summit of heightened security for leaders
of terrorist Thursday.

More checkpoints attack problem Baghdad with
a trial into image problems that attack suspects,
stopped and searched for brutal bombings.

--Holly Williams

Trial opens in Madrid train bombings
Troops increase checkpoints in Baghdad
Union leaders try to defuse crisis in Guinea

Evolving Better Innovation

After a series of flip-flop battles
an intelligent designer has devised
a way to triple the amount of memory.

The pendulum has once again swung
back on the educational menu.
Most of the static random nasal spray

is typically stored on a live chip and
stimulates debate in the blood and nose.
God would help unclog crippling bottlenecks.

--Rupert M Loydell

Oh God, an evolving saga continues in Kansas
IBM announces chip memory innovation
Study: Nasal spray better than flu shots for children

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fortune Dodge

Writer seeks sceptical
comedian work
nothing incumbent

Impassioned babe will plea
slapped judge blames her
common denominators

Lineup colleagues paid blitz
besmirched leadership dangled
promise hikes leave echoes

-- Bob Garlitz

Does Al Franken have a chance?
Judge issues order on Nicole Smith's baby
Chrysler to cut 13000 jobs

Coast Lights Everything

Rainbow colour communication in bright flashes,
Clean up, disorientate, victims of dollars and scandal,
Revealed in light, despite magical devise.

Million bright flashes, claim vomiting headaches,
Toxic apple, aloof and frightened,
Tens of thousands capturing light inactive.

Flapping forwards, rapid bending,
Forbids future and all its forms
You can only see backwards.

--Patrick Davies

"Dirty Deal" For Victims Of Ivory Coast Waste Scandal
Large squid lights up for attack
Everything but the iPhone

Monday, February 12, 2007

Anti-War Talks Bombs

21,500 pools of blood.
Tigris River. 2 AM. A late-night heart negotiation
shattered. 78 living mannequins blackened by

21,500 pools of blood.
Crowded governments lost marathon killing. House
Democrats rolled parked cars, turned will, encouraged

21,500 pools of blood.
Thunderous blasts and dense debris--denuclearization
pending. Negotiators. Car bombs. Draft. Upside-down.

--Robert Woerheide

Breakthrough Comes in North Korea Nuclear Talks
Car bombs blast Baghdad marketplace
House Democrats Unveil Anti-War Bill

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Honeybees Appeal Law

Tens of thousands of Roman Catholic beekeepers
champion fresh killing, or at least a detailed abortion
of specific colonies rising up.

Affected black man is seeking pollination, emphasizing
honey crops low, production cold. White House pledges
Colony Collapse Disorder is all-inclusive.

Freezing voters stay fresh, answer, “Honeybee
eloquence and charisma extraordinary.
Overturn mysterious conservative illness!”

--Robert Woerheide

Portugal fails to overturn abortion law
Mystery Illness Killing U.S. Honeybees by the Thousands
Obama seeks ‘stay fresh’ formula as he tries to widen appeal

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Unreal Astronaut Ban

iPod oblivion has gotten people killed:
electronic pedestrians on the streets,
robotic arms and plows gone wrong,

iPod oblivion has led to chain-reaction crashes,
detachment from real communities,
folks unaware of a world beyond.

iPod oblivion has led to slick white stuff,
leads to love triangles on the drive,
kind of effective before the break up.

--Rupert M Loydell

NASA weighs consequences of astronaut love triangle
New York Mulls iPod Ban on City Streets
An 'unreal amount of snow' in U.S.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Last Country Remarks

"I want to get a shotgun, abduct a woman,
Put all of my parking tickets on my mum's card,
And rob a bank like they do in England," she said.

"Apparently there is still a sense of inclusion lingering
Among drug dealers and prostitutes and cops everywhere
But I'm sure we can put it to bed," authorities said.

I just smiled to myself in the rarefied air
And said "I love like a romantic shit. Here's my book.
I thought you might like to read it."

--Martin Stannard

Monday: Pop Shots
Gerrard plays peacemaker over Barton
Astronaut accused of flighty behaviour

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some Triumphant Appearance

Sparkling in sequins, plumes and diamonds
The talismanic children remain sharp
After an absence that bordered on torture

In a typical display of arrogant skilfulness
Bill Python is especially chilling:
The unhappy and bloodied "free world survivor"

It's the miracle boys of The New World Order
With a gloriously funny crudity of expression
Yoked to a secret political position. Hmm.

--Martin Stannard

Jonny Bionic: Wilkinson's amazing comeback
Survivor Kylie breaks up with her 'protector'
Short, sharp and shocking

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spellbound Global Jigsaw

The juggernaut of hype
sent a shock wave across the lucky
millions of people worldwide

Intense hurricanes and cyclones
have certainly transformed
hundreds of scientists worldwide.

The last remaining problem
is accelerating human activity
on the path to independence.

--Rupert M Loydell

Global Warming Shock Wave Awakens World Leaders
How JK Rowling has us spellbound
Balkan jigsaw seeks final piece

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crush. Contrite Thinker.

You’re so deeply under 39.
Two devices make friends
on impact.

Boisterous Mayor, phones, sorry bombs
cost Time. Forced grins’ll melt
Climate Teen.

Rise firm, finest advertisements! Show
Half Scientific, Inc.
direst ice.

--Lance Newman

Warning on climate change threats
Newsom apologizes for affair
Company Will Pay Boston After Scare Over Ads