Monday, December 10, 2018

Dazzling Delay Prospect

Faced with get out choice.
May’s delay will cost credibility.
She’s taken an axe to her hapless government.

firm hollow empty words Trump warned jailtime prospect
illegal hush-money evidence at centre fraud investigation
long road controversial developments potential indictments

Special Counsel impeachable territory global Sino-centric
decline of Pax Americana fantastic dazzling point of view
rights authoritarian powers difficult and dangerous times

-- Clark Allison

The country will pay the price for May’s Brexit vote delay
President warned of impeachment and jail time as probe escalates
China, America and the road to a new world order

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Torched Deal Topple

still could win vote
told of attempt to topple
a real risk

Paris riots to meet groups protest
peaceful giles jaunes turns violent
torched cars set fire to banks

declared a violation regime test-fired missile
US tensions continue to rise growing missile proliferation
call upon to dismay cease tore up curbs deal

-- Clark Allison

Brexit: Gove warns of referendum if MPs don't back PM's deal
Paris riots: PM to meet protest groups after worst unrest in decade
Iran 'test fires multiple warhead capable missile violating UN resolution'

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Reject Ferocious Questions

Vast swathes of Britain could be struck
by widespread strong winds and
the question of another vote.

Theresa May will turn down Nicola Sturgeon,
batter parts of Jeremy Corbyn
and mitigate most of the impacts.

She is set to crash through the UK.
Forecasters warned of nasty conditions
and the Treasury published an analysis

-- Rupert M Loydell

Theresa May vows to reject any independence bid
Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict
Storm Diana to bring ferocious 80mph winds

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Words Alleged Ambitions

reliably churned out hard-line immigration legislation
supportive of words and deeds policy priorities
see their efforts languish to scrutinise administration

picked up by French security services investigation
suspects and alleged plot not yet released
criminal terrorist vague ill-defined stage republic

core module attraction southern coastal city
symbolises country's ambitions first permanently crewed
conduct microgravity research 60-tonne orbiting lab

-- Clark Allison

Mid-term election results: What it all means for Trump
Macron: Six held in 'attack' plot against French president
China unveils new ‘Heavenly Palace’ space station

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Surreal Yet Political

like mother of all bombs flattens beach town
yet to report fatalities got to hardest-hit areas
smashed into state's west coast carry out thorough search

curious slightly bemused Manhattan woman stopped in Park
inexplicable call mesmerising formula of political chaos
surreal stories subconscious inexplicable parallel universe

from policy or strategic perspective a fool's errand
latches onto something generally speaking every day
surreal meeting levers of the visual filling the airwaves

-- Clark Allison

Hurricane Michael flattens beach town like 'mother of all bombs'
Haruki Murakami: ‘You have to go through the darkness before you get to the light’
Donald Trump's dream presidency is happening now

Monday, September 17, 2018

To Foil Time

broke silence on possibility of a second vote
throw to chaos vote troubling and interesting
whole mistake process seeing through profound betrayal

a striking contrast most powerful foil still taking shape
have almost nothing in common redistricting expected
prioritize races key to winning House and Senate

to avoid breakdown acrimony antagonism of citing fault
legislation governing divorce notify of intent
if separation is mutually agreed time ripe to change

-- Clark Allison

Labour trying to 'frustrate' Brexit process after second referendum call, Tories claim
Barack Obama is back to fire up the base – Democrat and Republican
No-fault divorce rule mooted to end 'blame game' in break-up

Monday, August 20, 2018

Ideologically Persuaded Consequences

final third bailout programme having avoided Grexit
unknown territory crash out damage lenders a close watch
wrong path harmed country high taxes austerity persuaded

exuded extraordinary calm trying to deal with consequences
no stranger to controversy unachievable and thankless tasks
five veto-wielding permanent members conflicting interests

lost out to the mainstream bid to be official Brexit
a sensible thing to do obsessed ideologically
to cause dedicated absolutely giving a meaningful vote

-- Clark Allison

End of Greek bailouts offers little hope to young
Kofi Annan: a kind statesman and a gifted diplomat
Brexit: Tory MPs warn of entryism threat from Leave.EU

Friday, July 20, 2018

Comes Tectonic Sky

From on high by satellite,
continents with textures of glass or snakeskin
(translucent, like actual Gondwanan snakes)

with the usual scratch and impact resistance
of million-year-old amber.
Tracked by ancient streamers,

the movements of Australia and Madagascar,
the further evolution of India,
and the missing paleontologists.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Glass phones are about to get really, really cool
First fossilized snake embryo rewrites history
Comcast Drops Out of Bidding War for 21st Century Fox

To Alternative Culture

raise confidence in our culture visuals special effects
hotly anticipated very imaginative backers said
inspired by Tibetan Buddhist mythology

some claimed fake news to be expected opponents schism
Nato a mafioso racket follow lemmings into apocalypse
out of touch with priorities and values

comes to a head before and after the vote
misunderstanding sheer dishonesty worth trying
won't fly favoured alternative trade agreements

-- Clark Allison

Brexit Meets Gravity
The Nato summit proves Europe doesn't get Trump – or the US
China's most expensive film is withdrawn after it flops

Monday, June 25, 2018

Cross-Border Tensions Flows

migrant crisis flows towards Europe reduced
everybody's responsibility and a spirit of solidarity
share burden and pressure our history our rights efficiency

trade wars easy to win effort to correct injustices
tensions between the two continued to fray
a war of words hit hard vital component

Brexit cross-border movement scale of the challenge
less interesting choice decline in popularity apparent
possibilities better been long-term desirable position

-- Clark Allison

Macron warns Italy 'France has NO lessons to learn'
Chinese tariffs aim to hit Trump in his electoral base
London still most desirable city for overseas workers

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Of Conciliatory Mysteries

working to resurrect inappropriate anger open hostility
conciliatory statement productive talks necessary extended
growing weapons arsenal historic realistic verifiable

swirling rumours another poll this year
ready for any surprise ballot rebellious
of permanent notice for snap general election

a cup of tea a bit of cake not our private possession
a celebration of the mysteries be received
bread into body wine into blood apostles in memory

-- Clark Allison

Jeremy Corbyn puts Labour on 'permanent notice' for snap general election
Meeting with North Korea? That requires some cold-eyed realism
Cardinal: Communion cannot be shared with non-Catholics like beer or cake

Monday, May 07, 2018

To Identify Possibility

utterly evaporated pessimism voted to stay
complaint of a generation for their part
swapping theoretical sovereignty for actual power

big sprawling annual developer conference
smarter more forward-looking structural overhaul
visual interface design improvement understand identify

seemed outlandish possibility trading threats and insults
exact actual relinquishing of weapons preserved to deter
withdrawing quixotic move uncertain demands intentions

-- Clark Allison

Britain was utterly wretched in 1975. No wonder Europe seemed a better bet
Eight things to expect at Google I/O 2018
Trump says time, place set for planned U.S.-North Korea summit

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Damages of War

cold no longer cold war back with a vengeance
pitch of paranoia less communication
jostling scrum of major powers

locked and loaded Russia strikes illegal
chemical attack on rebel-held territory
prepared to sustain pressure test of will

unlikely to shift course of war
at pains now to avoid further escalation
more of a psychological nature few damages

-- Clark Allison

Danger awaits in rush for influence on crowded battlefield
Trump, May and Macron agree Syria strike "had been a success"
U.S. says air strikes cripple Syria chemical weapons programme

Monday, April 09, 2018

Delete All Bliss

policies in the wake of positive world force
clearly all options on the table
mix more action associated with fake news

prevent these tools to delete accounts
not 100 percent certainty what materials
if you haven't beaten the game yet

failed completely to halt ominous regression
final choice spoil all three endings resist
apparently teleports around brainwashing cloud of Bliss

-- Clark Allison

Zuckerberg to defend Facebook as 'positive force in the world'
Trump vows quick action on 'barbaric' Syria chemical attack
Far Cry 5’s Ending Is Pretty Bad

Monday, March 26, 2018

Guessing Shot Learning

about to fall sky debris lost contact thin footprint
mess of ultra-hot supersonic space junk
guessing game re-entry rips off solar panels

dangerous to crowded European airspace
lot of talk complicit in use era of great tension
gradually deteriorating relations simulate shot down

more human-centric AI lethal autonomous timescales
weapons hacked in undesirable ways deep learning algorithms
ways to oppress accurate diagnosing purposive refit

-- Clark Allison

China's 9.4-ton space station is about to fall from the sky
It's not a new Cold War - but the Putin era is just as dangerous
Public policy needs to confront AI's benefits and dangers

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dark Repeat Control

to history repeat unique coalition difficult to replicate
watched helplessly special magnetism subset of electorate
different in ideology and temperament a cultural phenomenon

clear dark skies free of light pollution
increased magnetosphere activity primary impact area
weak power grid fluctuations localised within polewards

embark on path of improvement youth and quick wit
almost total control of the state Stalinist repression
exposing corruption acquitting innocent dialogue real

-- Clark Allison

The Obama history that Trump may be doomed to repeat
Solar storm set to shower UK with Northern Lights on Wednesday night
In Russia, Everyone Is Tired of National Politics

Friday, February 16, 2018

Between Opposite Leaves

The new water is only a single atom thick.
It moves furtively in the quadruple games.
He is an electrical engineer;

that means he works at conducting electricity.
His weekend's intensified by layers of militant carbon.
The edge of the soil is Earth's electrical blade.

A plant drinks from the covert shift.
Emboldened, water illustrates (as with snow) that it is
clear embedded flakes, like a tattoo but rotated.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Iran, Israel battle openly in race to define 'rules of the game'
U.S. figure skater Vincent Zhou makes Olympic history by landing incredible quadruple lutz
New 'tattoo' could lead to drought-tolerant crops

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Viral Parade Triggered

The North boasts parade setback
Exposing Trump, goodbye mohawk!
66 million spew out of crater sun.

Force shape with another breeze
Often warming ties over the TV.
Vaporized scientists choking life for decades.

Data to spew out of the bottom,
North’s event announced Saturday:
Stick scalp on social media.

-- Amanda Cooze

North Korea holds military parade ahead of Winter Olympics
Is Donald Trump going bald? Viral video exposes harsh reality of hair loss
That dinosaur-killing asteroid also triggered massive magma releases beneath the ocean, study finds

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Powerful Rocket Winner

woman who bought a Powerball
constitute a significant invasion
could have remained anonymous

earthquake struck
posted photos
Beautiful Life Hotel

electric car
spaceflight company
which carried six crews

-- Emma King

Winner of $560 million lottery says she made a 'huge mistake'
Powerful earthquake strikes off Taiwan's east coast
SpaceX's First Falcon Heavy Rocket to Launch 4th Electric Car to Leave Earth

Hot Kill Curse

I know she didn’t trust him,
He choked her in spit.
So, boom! That’s on me.

Be careful what you wish for,
She may claim her prize.

Drinking hot tea on Monday is often fatal.
Alcohol is killing cancer.
Smoke acid.

---- Katie Dickens

Quentin Tarantino Tells All About the Uma Thurman ‘Kill Bill’ Car Crash, Defends Spitting on Her While Filming Scene
The 'curse' of winning the lottery?
Hot tea linked to esophageal cancer in smokers, drinkers

Wave broke Monday

300,000 rivers and reservoirs,
Outpouring the border.
Violent battery of the free dictator.

Unthinkable, unreported.
I named the wall Monday and
Came by the secret district.

U care not for the people,
Because Monday broke in thousands,
And failed their system.

-- Sam Barnes

Report: China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to North Korean Border
As Germans celebrate the absence of the Berlin Wall, a new piece of it is discovered
Fact Check: Trump’s Criticism of U.K.’s National Health Service

Expel Legit Script

shared widely non legit bogus claims staged
rigged no record lawyer found in New York car
corporate greed anarchist groups exonerated

immune system about to expel infection
asked if the right place winter 1974
standing outside an old movie theatre

going off script old grudges benefits of tax reform
chilly reaction deplorable working against
strongest when unscripted go on road sell tax reform

-- Clark Allison

Fake news: A look at completely untrue headlines this week
Defeat is inevitable. Everybody knows it, even Trump
In Ohio to celebrate tax reform, Trump returns to old grudges

Monday, February 05, 2018

Snowstorm Threaten Winter

A weekend-long snowstorm
seeking to score
who died after being imprisoned

more than a month’s average
In a move sure to annoy
is scheduled to join

In a city
who is one of the most senior
after he allegedly stole

-- Jordan Lam

Massive snowstorm delays flights, cancels school in Moscow
US and North Korea's political games threaten to overshadow the Olympics
The Father of Otto Warmbier Will Be Mike Pence's Guest at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Attack on Dead

Deadly darkness slammed into a
Fierce battle,
Through the early morning.

An officer sent,
To persuade the house,
To show his hand.

A concealed weapon,
A deadly wreck,
Feet dangling, two dead.

-- Caitlin Corcoran

Amtrak crash in South Carolina leaves 2 dead, more than 100 hurt
Republican lawmakers distance themselves from Trump on memo
Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer

Nuclear Love, Secretly.

Secret allies surprised,
Forces in a battle,
100 strikes against us.

Going against the trend,
Have the blessing,
Take the initiative for us.

It’s no longer surprising,
We are very happy hardware,
We desperately needed help.

-- Ashleigh Vasey

Egypt, Israel are secretly fighting against ISIS together
China derides 'Cold War' US nuclear plan
Even Amazon is surprised by how much people love Alexa

Shot in Hollywood

Jungle violence, and firearms.
Initial shots were fired
And clashed with the night.

15 years old,
And he broke
He’s not afraid of getting killed.

He was fury and sadness
A couple of kids and crying teachers.
This is day one of forever.

-- Amber Newton

Calais migrants: Five shot in mass brawl
'I've had such a terrible experience': Comedian and singer Tim Minchin says he's returned to Australia 'forever' after being chewed up and spit out by Hollywood
Rose McGowan says another Hollywood power player sexually abused her

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Civil Anger Can

Red rights
the unusual moment
as the biggest fire,

A municipal immigrant,
where the anger in a young woman
gaining a chance connection

According to threat
and a massive regret,
would deter the cold.

-- Morag C Smith

Inside the FBI: Anger, worry, work — and fears of lasting damage
Man shoots, wounds at least 6 ‘people of color’ in Italian city amid tensions
Russia: US nuclear policy poses a threat

A Staggering Giza

Female Necropolis Tikal
Tree of canopies
Tombs were surprised

Mud brick monkey
Hunting Old Kingdom
Belonged to a woman

Male rats emitted
National cellphone Toxicology
Harmful around their hearts

-- Nofel Nawras

Lasers Reveal a Maya Civilization So Dense It Blew Experts’ Minds
Egypt says 4,400-year-old tomb discovered outside Cairo

Jungle Faces Firestorm

Hopes that were never prepared
and undetected fears were found
with the gasoline being thrown over millions.

A dense jungle of obstruction
is building its defence in the heads
of the people with a heritage of anarchy.

Discoveries have lived with speculation,
meaning people might have to prepare
for the days of disaster and fire.

--Chloe Webb

Massive Mayan society discovered under Guatemala jungle
The Memo: Firestorm over Russia probe intensifies
Cape Town faces Day Zero: what happens when the city turns off the taps?

Collusion is dead

Why does the media refuse to write this?
Alleged experience with disgraced movie mogul,
his last name in quotation marks.

He led her down a hallway,
forcing himself on her,
she carefully declined to speak.

respondents disapprove,
come forward to speak out.
This is an American disgrace.

-- Katie Dimech

Uma Thurman Accuses Weinstein of Sexual Assault and Claims Tarantino Almost Killed Her in Stunt Gone Wrong
Trump claims GOP memo ‘totally vindicates “Trump” in probe’
Trump's Approval Rating Is the Highest It's Been in Nearly a Year, Poll Finds

Zero Water Society

Day zero, Outbreaks and anarchy, due to water taps.
The apocalyptically named four:
Water shortages, sanitation failures, disease, inequality.

Researchers, the military – we were prepared.
The plan – a no-water scenario,
The world to turn off the taps.

An industrial crisis production,
An alliance of poorer and high-income residents.
People may have lived. The climate prepares change.

-- Luca Iacobucci

Cape Town faces Day Zero: what happens when the city turns off the taps?
Cape Town’s water crisis highlights city’s rich-poor divide
Mayan civilization was much vaster than known, thousands of newly discovered structures reveal

Stab Spaghetti Suitcase

Wednesday, category B jail, multiple stab wounds
Inmates charged: 23 year old man released
Wormwood Scrubs, multiple violent incidents.

Man strangled his scarf before dumping in suitcase
Tragic mum angry and started seeing other men
Couple sold retail giant NEXT last year.

Polar snow moves in to wintry country
Spaghetti stream spreads over next week
An evening of pressure makes it cold and strong.

-- Michelle Worsdell

Snow forecast track: Spaghetti models show path of freezing jet stream heading for UK
Three men charged with Wormwood Scrubs stabbing
'Cowardly' husband strangled ex-wife to death before dumping her body in a suitcase

Scavenging the Passenger

He fled the depraved regime, he was a
defector. North Korea to the Oval Office.
President Trump was a human face.

On Maui’s narrow, the sisters in argument
plunged. Not deliberate found the judge.
The identical twin was acquitted of murder.

From the Maryland sky, a dead goose caused
injuries. The geese were fired on overhead.
He, the hunter, had a waterfowl incident.

-- Joe Bagshaw

'Like leaving another universe': North Korean defectors tell Trump what it's like to escape
Woman acquitted of murdering twin sister in car plunge off Hawaii cliff
Dead goose knocks out hunter on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Friday, February 02, 2018


Frightened police officers are not common in L.A.
Thursday morning, students had been shot
News helicopter showed scenes of anguish

Executed. Fatally shot the girls and smiled
Liberty and Faith put to death
Witnesses to the execution, a scheduled visit

Attempted homicide to please fiction
Stabbing in the woods
Breaking into tears, sorry.

-- Joe Clark-Skinner

Middle school shooting renews debate over how L.A. Unified keeps students safe
Texas dad who killed daughters while on phone with estranged wife taunts her at execution
2nd teen in 'Slender Man' stabbing case to remain in institutional care for 40 years

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Screaming Colours Underground

900 trapped underground; believed to be safe
they suffer; dehydration, some lack access to medication
while they await evacuation

We’re engulfed in flames; screaming
fires emanating from both inside and outside
an icy stab in the heart; we have little hope of surviving…

Faces of men half-buried; burned away,
Days later, Kadir recognized his friends
only by the colours of their shorts

-- Rhianna Gibbs

900 workers trapped in South African gold mine after outage
Fans capture spoiler-y images from the 'Game of Thrones'  
Dozens Discovered Buried in Myanmar Mass Graves

Commons Red Circumstances

Pressure, finger quickly exclusively red.
Danger zone destination edge position and threat rising
Today on the radio Mrs May vocal--speaking a Tory programme.

Extraordinary senior model conversation deliberately bad,
Intended to show considered maligning; all negative.
Airing, suggestion, servants in second, a service to officials;
       ‘Commons’ negative claims.

Gorging online propaganda brainwashed a man--been
      convicted of murder.
Hate Speech. Terrorist. Van into Muslims, intended to kill.
The circumstances warn of a extremist problem growing.

-- Jenny Jasper

Are the Conservatives now unleadable on Brexit?
Brexit minister accused of maligning civil service
Finsbury Park attacker found guilty of murder

Verdict Flight Backlash

Get to the airport,
To the airport,
To the upcoming intent of a new experience

"Good Morning Japan"
Flight, late. Route, interesting. Location, lifeless.
These are the knocks of travellers.

The boy, the victim, the traveller,
He stresses the message of warning:
The prevention of the weary.

-- Beth Pritchard

Google is now using machine learning to predict flight delays
YouTube star Logan Paul on suicide video backlash
Verdict on Truro stabbing

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

President Eclipse Parade

of the 45th
eclipse occurs during
two diplomatic sources

to “give to “give
are event that some have started
Olympics is planning to show

and recommend legislative to
a total
the day

-- James Cavanagh

Could Trump finish off the State of the Union address?
Rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Eclipse Crosses the Sky
North Korea to parade missiles before Winter Olympics

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weird self-driving films

at a bold initiative:
make a fan favorite, that Congress passed
or a Marvel Cinemating robot

Congress passed it
in mid 1990s, while riding robot
to opening a new sanction of the kind

that buzz should name the State Department
study by two for these sanction autonomous
the enactmentation for ways

-- Sidonie Baylis

Trump’s weird explanation for withholding Russia sanction
An entirely different kind of self-driving car
Untold Story Behind Wesley Snipes's 'Black Panther' Film

Dire drought move

day zero eventuality announced
dominated drought result
despite the toilet stop

situation statement
industry measures encouraged
result, culture using buckets

overdue season long and norm
we hoped finally more rain
results favour not three months

-- Emma Little

2018 Grammys were an out-of-touch embarrassment
Indians to remove Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms in 2019
Water crisis grips Cape Town, South Africa

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Possible Limits Support

funding for border security including wall
immigration reforms increased military spending
do not have enough votes falling short some support

able to have a bespoke deal could not enjoy same access
basic principles freedom of movement abide by jurisdiction
full access not possible given functioning of single market

impossible to explain shattered political normality
a raging storm that never burns itself out
tearing at racial and societal divides the limits

-- Clark Allison

US shutdown: Senate in bid to end impasse
A year of Trump: (Almost) everything that happened
Britain able to have bespoke deal with EU – Macron