Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Incandescent Cartoon Slur

Our city got large on efficient networks
and underground power. Until there was traffic,
thought, it seems, was major surgery.

Thought, it seems, was major surgery
when our city got large on efficient networks
and underground power. It was traffic.

Underground power was really traffic.
Thought, it seems, was major surgery
after our city got large on efficient networks.

--Lance Newman

Ad scheme triggers bomb scare
TV footage of Castro shows improvement in his health
Might California Ban the Old Bulb?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Propane Circuit Weekend

Fires leave pictures,
leave prices,

My manager exploded
right on

Ancient telescope site.
Tuesday’s broken

--Lance Newman

Workers' village unearthed near Stonehenge circle
Gas Station Explosion Kills 4 in W.Va.
Astronomers mourn Hubble breakdown

Sunday, January 28, 2007

From Catastrophe to the Moon

(Where Dreams Come True)

40 years ago Saturday
the Prince got on that white horse
where it was parked between performances.

The vehicle had been hot-wired
so they took time to fix it.
Good, old-fashioned work.

The dragon-slaying Prince
photographed nude and expanded
died atop some kind of rocket.

--Rupert M Loydell

Apollo 1 astronauts honored at Cape
Fugitive, singer's bus are found
David Beckham Plays Prince for Disney

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Riding with the King

The man with the guitar named Camilla
was suffering leaked episodes.
She refused to comment

before appearances were scheduled.
He has an illegal history,
continued to appeal to rockers.

The couple are scheduled to receive
a replica copyright infringment
then take a look at famous faces.

--Rupert M Loydell

Google and YouTube: A Catch-22
BB King Hospitalized for Unknown Reasons
Prince Charles Begins Weekend U.S. Trip

Friday, January 26, 2007

Issue Over Evidence

The sun agreed the delicate edgy relationship
Has taken another turn for the worse
What a great start to the New Year

I think it's about making him look worried
We are so deserving — it's unbelievable news
The statement said, without elaborating

The moon denied making those remarks,
But the damage may already have been done
It was petty for him to come out with that nonsense

--Martin Stannard

Fashion bosses agree to debate on skinny models
Emma has a Bunton in the oven
Tired? Wenger is being petty, fumes Ferguson

Funny Firepower

Electrical penetration cannot
reach the brain's insula where
feelings translate into craving.

Seek neither cockfight nor insight,
beauty nor tractor pull nor model toys,
but enjoy this primitive madness.

Never witness the added tasteless little twist
where grief signals the agony flashed
by having a dynamic "quickie" with the caterer.

--Bob Garlitz

Tragedy, comedy find release in 'Catch'

Trigger-Happy 'Smokin' Aces': Playing With Firepower
Brain damage kills craving for nicotine

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Crash Pinpointed Hands-Off Scoop

Pilots' chatter prompted the throw down
but distraction taxied the ugly squabble
within rules set by the blood test.

Gorgeous Goglia divides two-finger
scrolling, kinda insisting hurt feelings
keep his foot out of his slur.

"He needs to just not press the backlash,"
asserts the divided Jobs. Much-touted
scratches keynote the adorable accident.

--Bob Garlitz

No cause pinpointed in crash
Scoop! 'Grey's Anatomy' cast: It's war!
Apple iPhone: our in-depth, hands-off impressions

To Sell Oversee

Armed troops court few
President sending his powerful come
Terror says Mr. Foreign

Terror says Mr. Foreign
By pulpit court few
President sending his powerful come

President sending his powerful come
Shortly terror says Mr. Foreign
Armed Troops court few

--Terri Saul

Senate moves toward a clash with Bush
A hard sell
Secret court to oversee U.S. spying program

Republican Sponsorship Virus

The scientists say that Bush is like
a haemorrhage in reality,
that the racist virus replicates

and the Democrats are fracturing.
A hurled t.v. commands the process,
immune to foreign threats of attack,

forcing the candidates to question
who said what in the primate congress.
Financial backing for war persists.

--Simon Turner

Senate moves toward a clash with Bush
Study: 1918 flu virus lethal to primates
TV Show Hit By Racism Row Goes On As Sponsor Pulls Out

Secret Clickwheel Ambitions

Somehow our pants stayed up
at the same time as the president
had the authority to eavesdrop.

We frayed our braces and stripped.
The hand of a Doomsday Clock
moved minutes closer to midnight.

Some of the clouds of dust
have been cleared away,
leaving us licking our wounds.

--Rupert M Loydell

Doomsday Clock moves closer to The End
Administration ending warrantless phone taps
Future gazing

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Skeptical Obama Technology

White House to U.S. interconnect prototype created.
Less power-hungry as a neighbor, and programmable.
Presidential researchers expressed hopes.

Barack Obama questioned heavy--papers, chips, nanowires.
Mailing-list tensions packed President Bush.
Sectarian transistors computing violence reception.

Condoleeza Rice announced King Abdullah nomination,
and intentions to prolong a weak Iraq. Rice skeptical
Washington’s filing morass figured out.

--Robert Woerheide

HP Develops New Chip Technology
Obama moves nearer to presidential run
Saudi Arabia skeptical about Iraqi government

Important Stationary Awards

Wow! Man! Over the weekend a stationary bike
broke the world record for most irrelevance.
The old record was set last year by Beyonce.

Stalled on a road to nowhere, a spokesperson
repeated the words "road map" nine times
in a pair of shorts, made it clear that police

were no longer interested in dysfunction,
were done with his ride. I have always dreamed
but never, ever this big. Thank you so much.

--Rupert M Loydell

Man Pedals Way into Guinness Book of World Records
Rice is stalled on a road to nowhere
Beyonce's 'Dreamgirls' wins Golden Globes

Monday, January 15, 2007

Wrenching Sloppy Necks

Hold your minutes, console fans.
Ms. Mother-of-Three insists defense is a headache.
Her toilet part cheered at the hanging.

Hold your minutes, water gurus.
It’s that weary Arab noose. Wii!
Hooded half-brother, quickly, home, home.

Hold your minutes, jumpsuit players.
Baghdad’s big five hyped the gallows.
After Friday’s crying, we scored, drank, unraveled. Goal!

--Lance Newman

Down and out. Chargers' season comes to end
Water overdose kills woman in Wii challenge
Saddam aides hanged, film shows brother beheaded

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wicked HD History

Yesterday ago, a huge party boy,
a shoo-in, his do all domination, say,
pierced for survival, altogether video,

said, “Ride the deal, Mr. Public, keep it gangly,
with posters, a two-bedroom production.”
But Jackie, years are the new adult terror.

Was his expensive face did or disorder?
Troubling day-to-day playgrounds.
Snatch-fest. Go home, Jacques. Later.

--Lance Newman

Sarkozy's distorted vision
HD DVD gets boost from porn industry
Experts: Mo. Boy Controlled by Captor

Friday, January 12, 2007

Spirited Presidential Decision

I am not surprised.
Fraught with logistical problems,
barely a year has passed,

winning history nearly scuttled
showing signs of emotional fatigue.
He did not want choice for his future.

Nervous or elated,
left out of the set-up,
he went for a different challenge.

--Rupert M Loydell

England exit left Beckham with little choice says Wenger
Denver to host party in 2008
The pressure's on

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crashed FAQ Offensive

After air and answers arriving,
as attention bore broader children,
conflict cooperation could flare.

Fortunately (from generated
George) his ideological life
made many marines more new objects.

Of officials playing President,
prime-time questions, some speculation.
Troops unanswered under war wreckage.

--Scott Rettberg

Macworld Expo: iPhone FAQ v.1
President Calls For Diplomatic Offense For War In Iraq
Parts of crashed plane surface

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Simple House Frenzy

Thousands commend a Middleton upward media queen
for hitting opposite-field in a doorstep.
Simple things led to magnificent things:

Parking potential, radiation of her British things:
"We was like She was been a bankable queen.”
Two voters rushed empty cargo containers to her doorstep.

Between the third baseman and the shortstop
giving each state Security things,
“We've never had anyone unanimous queen.”

-- Melanie Hubbard

Media Frenzy over Prince William's Girlfriend
Gwynn and Ripken: It's that simple
House OKs anti-terror bill -- 1st item of Dems' agenda

Monday, January 08, 2007

Losing Plan Discussed

kill all,
micromanaging troop increase,

unleashing swift agonizing downfall.
"I sat, sulked, a mask
possibly proposing prosecutors, ignited, ticked away."

President will exterminate thousands to end season.
He believed the ultimate fireworks would cheer him.
Silently incapable, a former voice in the final block.

--Scott Rettberg

Bush Prepares to Announce New Iraq Plan
Saddam and cousin discussed killing thousands: tapes
NFL: Giants put up fight, but end up losing

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Naive Travel Installation

The Vatican's mission on Broadway
will require Americans to produce a new
mixture of leather applause and slick nostalgia.

Popular Caribbean Archbishop of resignation,
Sandy Newton Zuko, will choreograph and finesse
teen grease, pink passports and open casting skirts.

The titled lead says the idea is to mirror the secret police,
acknowledge communist talent, audition babies,
and entitle anyone with a hairbrush.

--Bob Garlitz

Polish archbishop quits amid row
Clerk of Court to Drop Processing Passports
Grease revival seeks talent

Our Anonymous Dead

Morning wind probes highway waters,
pillows off a four-car war path.
Whiteout ahead. Wounded recruits

nightmare through whistling mental static,
the communication of artillery fire
crashing like a fruitless apology.

The wind doesn't blame. Wind swings
back to a high pass, searching for love
like a rare ethic buried in the mountain.

--David Stinson

Army sorry for urging dead soldiers to return to duty
8 rescued after avalanche buries cars
The 'Pillow Angel' and an ethical nightmare

Brown World Hurting

New research shows
that the prime minister,
a bottom-loving fish face,

might be driving
the eellike chancellor
out of its ancestral home.

A powerful country more like
a capitalist dictatorship.
A number of MPs are unhappy.

--Rupert M Loydell

Brown slams Saddam Hussein’s execution as ‘deplorable’ act
Fish Fin?: How Climate Change Is Hurting Cold Water Fish
China: Ghost World

Cold Death Ghost

I thought I was going to find beauty
but I was surprised at almost every turn.
I couldn't believe how new it is.

I imagined there would be lots of bicycles
but what I saw was totally state-of-the-art,
urban sprawl in a state of flux,

death a socialist economy
that just goes absolutely everywhere.
A deplorable set of events.

--Rupert M Loydell

Brown slams Saddam Hussein’s execution as ‘deplorable’ act
Fish Fin?: How Climate Change Is Hurting Cold Water Fish
China: Ghost World

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Acts of Hypertension

Betty Ford blinked, lucky her, tears role.
Voting soon began with cardiovascular anticipation.
Counting stoic countdown, marriage, became old.

Moderate physicians officially called mortality old.
Bush in internal confusion changes his filtered role.
Next House hypertensive from regime change anticipation.

Yet men just blitz their emotional stopwatch anticipation,
To risk change, address alcoholic drinks. Cathedral old
Washington diagnosed to end, its service a memorial role.

--Scott Rettberg

Democrats Plan First 100 Hours, Give or Take a Speech
Widow, children face grief together
Moderate alcohol drinking may lower heart attack risk

Monday, January 01, 2007

Enlisted Jacket Home

A 24-year-old spectator.
Short on drive-by karma.
Detroit from the candles up.

He put a makeshift backpack on.
He wanted to corner 2007.
Prime someone for music and pizza.

Revelers log checkpoints at home.
Parachutes hop from hats.
A trance at the 3000th shrine.

--Lance Newman

Broncos' Williams shot and killed after party
Number 3,000: the soccer-mad dropout
Times Square rings in 2007