Thursday, March 29, 2007

Revolving Pious Veto

spending bill for combat troops defied veto threat
the worst kind of Congressional meddling
sets a nonbinding goal for withdrawing troops

strip the withdrawal-date language from the bill
a revolving door of governments and military coups
confessing she had committed immoral acts

“in name of God I will live like a pious person”
drag her through the streets like a dog
in no mood to back down from war spending fight

--Clark Allison

Swiss man jailed for 10 years for defacing Thai king's image
Senate Passes War-Spending Bill With Iraq Deadline
Pakistan 'brothel woman' released

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Different Barrel Ltd

The new list’s disrupting electronic
Iran, orchestrating the mother take.
Mercantile Mike said move,

move on Tillman's crude.
But Tony’s analyst gains Tuesday
sailors, Pentagon Democrats.

The Organisation questions
a banking Ranger the way
seventh phase speculation rises like oil.

--Lance Newman

Blair warns Iran standoff could escalate

Tillman's mom: Hearings on son's death needed

Oil Rises as Iran Conflict May Disrupt Supplies

Monday, March 26, 2007

Elementary Guidance Plan

The family executives blend genes
for income, working past the normal
range of scores to improve the joint future.

They correlate ever-more-volatile
preschoolers with flex-care providers.
Stalemate in the classroom.

They’ve seized the vocabulary,
the chief gauge of higher behavior.
There’s no barometer for class.

--Lance Newman

Seized Group of Britons Is Healthy, Iranians Say
Bush, Auto CEOs Meet on Alternative-Fuel Access
Poor Behavior Is Linked to Time in Day Care

Sunday, March 25, 2007

happy dine base

scientists have found people
become bombed and are wiped out
as they get older: but

today the society for the glass tiger
found more than enough to eat in hedgerows
and woodlands, without having

raids aged 55, nor garden airport north
of colombo, nor rebel song thrushes
view of the royal light fleets

-- Marco Giovenale

Mild winter encourages birds to abandon gardens for country life
Attack on Colombo air force base
A happy-side effect of growing older

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trade-Tainted View

Human beings thrive in the atomic.
Cancer enriched into loans:
rats expanded in exhibition.

Weapons acquire in the domestic,
The common victims into profits:
women shackled in photographic highlight.

Payments fuel in the poison.
Slavery shackled into deaths:
trafficking forced in compensation.

--George Ttoouli

Britain Marks Bicentenary of Abolition of Slave Trade
Outside View: Nukes divide Russia, Iran
Rat poison found in tainted pet food

Magic Monkey Material

SpongeBob played a part in the Bush administration.
SpongeBob attacked with hammer & with magic.
SpongeBob has denied he is a designated kidnapper.

SpongeBob swept through Cuba on a military train.
SpongeBob is furious & spotted with monkey-blood.
SpongeBob is alleged to support “enemy combatants”.

SpongeBob’s downfall was his desire for Harry Potter.
SpongeBob yesterday requested his attorneys.
SpongeBob is currently in detention at a Bolivian zoo.

--Simon Turner

The thief who didn't bargain for the solidarity of monkeys
Vandals muck up Hogwarts train
Guantanamo Prison Likely to Stay Open Through Bush Term

Friday, March 23, 2007

Structural Porn Agency

The Zone of the Symbolic is “heavily fortified”
& the First Amendment is harmful to grizzlies,
But the software chipped away at the casualties,

Like the rockets that fall in the Realm of the Moon,
& as the insurgents were expanding to the ceiling,
We shifted the target to limit their encroachment,

Which is proof that the government is a coalition
Of wolves & fish, & that porn is a mortar explosion
In the green interior of the human community.

--Simon Turner

Grizzlies at Yellowstone no longer 'threatened'
As U.N. Chief Meets Premier of Iraq, the Zone Is Shelled
American anti-porn law struck down

To the Sewers

The good judge wrote Online Porn
and became a global sensation
The power supply is built in

Thanks to a fortuitously timed vacation
a more kid-friendly version just arrived
the first out-of-the-box experience

I'm the lucky soul lifting the lid
on their exploits - Cowabunga!
I've got a good notion of what's inside

--Rupert M Loydell

Judge Trashes Online Porn Law
Apple TV Diary: Out of the box
Cowabunga is back

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Propaganda Mess Actress

“I didn’t mean to shoot her.”
“I have an explanation.”
shot in the mouth at hilltop mansion

as defense maintains gunshot residue on her hands
“Wall of Sound” renowned inductee “Let It Be”
get to the bottom of what has become a terrible mess

“The brutality of this enemy hasn’t changed.”
definitively stonewall and slow-walk the investigation
discovered weapons and confiscated propaganda material

--Clark Allison

Spector’s Legal Woes Continue – Day 2
Gonzales faces removal from office, Republicans say
U.S. destroys bomb factory in Iraq

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The First Hanged

gallows against
the raging months.

territory muzzles
to the shelling.

whirlwind: kaiho
e no senbi

--George Ttoouli

Hanged deputy buried in Saddam's home village
In the Trenches: NYT columnist's blind spot on Israel
Ace Combat wings its way towards Xbox 360

Pro-Drug Use Overload

He's hunkered down somewhere.
He's found a warm place.
We're all smiling now.

Gone camping without medication?
Things seemed clear in the woods.
We're all smiling now.

The message? "BONG HITS 4 JESUS"
Authorities plan wilderness treatment.
We're all smiling now.

--Rupert M Loydell

Justices may take centrist view of 'Bong Hits' case
Antibiotics On Overload for Sinus Infections
Park ranger: Boy Scout reportedly found

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bush Recall Jesus

Fourth anniversary, Americans seeking
bong hits, Supreme Court refunds, cuts and
gravy. Nationwide, customers question

fourth anniversary. Americans seeking
bad days ignored, good days restored.
Military never asked, but invasion escalation.

Fourth anniversary, Americans seeking
flags, congress, rights within pet conflict.
President Bush listen. Listen.

--Robert Woerheide

Bush: 'Prevailing in Iraq' not 'easy'
Pet-food recall sweeps shelves, worries owners
Court to Hear 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Affecting Comedy

The largest night changes her objects
And one of the threatened questions about it
Is queuing up outside the lived world

"When I'm involved in the entertainment
of The Ghost Daughter the politicians
imitating good sheep are a natural regret."

On the other dubious hand charity promises
To turn with great relief and some aplomb
Into an island written in cold rock

--Martin Stannard

As the weather gets hotter so the sheep are getting smaller
More celebrities still provide real Comic Relief
Is the Prime Minister bovvered?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Powers Dancing

Spare Tuesday
on my little grandson
because this meant everything, nothing

you can't spare
animal, model, leg
because the best can overdo it

cosmetically, joy.
Once it breaks, I donate elation

--Niall Byrne

Mavs-Suns Bout Proves How Close Western Powers Are
Heather Mills Readies For 'Dancing...' Amid Leg Problems
Candy Spelling Talks About New Grandson

Powers Amid Candy

most anticipated,
was going to be incredible.

League Candy,
chased close, hounded, grazed-yes;
proves claims it will inspire people.

San Prophet!
Dance, Phoenix Hollywood!
Slide-rim the Stars! Viva League Candy!

--Niall Byrne

Mavs-Suns Bout Proves How Close Western Powers Are
Heather Mills Readies For 'Dancing...' Amid Leg Problems
Candy Spelling Talks About New Grandson

Kept Rehab Vigil

adopting a new data retention policy
as indicated by a number of queries
provides transparency to users and protects their privacy

one of hottest, most remote places on earth
outrageous allegations of border dispute
has a seriously bad attitude problem

asking for special food, special everything
displaying diva-like behavior in rehab
helping with the spiritually deep part of treatment

--Clark Allison

Britney Spears has found love in rehab, says her boyfriend
Night vigil for Ethiopia hostages
Google to tighten its rules to shield search requests

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Serious Conduct Question

The victim admitted drinking spirits, Reuters said,
but denied she had agreed to sex; the court
dismissed the sailor in all disgrace.

And Tsvangirai's fractured skull and tortured face,
and those of other activists are said
to have prompted condemnation, and chaos in court.

Viewers, we sense the question is so complicated;
can we, in no danger, afford to use our yesterday
and riddle humour into what the Telegraph said?

--Andrew Bailey

Royal Navy sailor jailed for raping colleague
Mugabe opponent in intensive care after arrest
'Impossible' quiz question defended by Grade

Pair Hold Protest

A bus driver and a dentist,
in Valentine’s day protest,
plan for an advance civil war.

A factory of nuclear ambitions
and suitcases of ammonia are coordinated.
In return BNP candidate is facing mistrust.

The obstacles are stockpiled,
anarchy cook-book is imminent,
‘Stop Burberry Breaking Our Hearts’

--Kelly Tapper

Will the North Korean deal hold?
Burberry facing Valentine's Day protest
Pair feared civil war was imminent

Lost in Simulation

seduces by
fascinated absurd fragility

unknown place
of entire thinking

driven sleep
authenticates safe haven

--Clark Allison

Markets slide as subprime woes escalate
Seagate and Wave Systems release encrypted hard drives
Jean Baudrillard, 78, dies

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mouth to Mouth

Obscene gestures, actual stars,
a gesture toward the grandstands.
There was a buzz in the air.

The potential clash of egos
after experiencing dizziness
surged through the crowd.

Maybe it was hip-hop,
maybe it was dehydration.
Whatever. Confusing moments.

--Rupert M Loydell

Bogut may face penalty for obscene gesture
Grandmaster Flash, R.E.M., Vedder, Jay-Z Bring The Noise
Former president back in action

Image Enhancing Hormone

Goldman is golden again,
remains better than tv was expecting
but still needs rabbit ears to pick up the signal.

Goldman remains healthy,
is using radically different treatment
but still needs rabbit ears to pick up the signal.

Goldman remained strong
despite being beat and battered
but still needs rabbit ears to pick up the signal.

--Rupert M Loydell

Goldman Is Golden, Again
You STILL need rabbit ears to pick up digital TV
Stallone Charged In Hormone

Dark Rebel Sparks

        Circling for an hour
after earlier approach
        with no live fire sprayed,

        with faith and guidance
always communicating,
        constantly hoping,

        rebel leaders swirled
over Westminster, poised for
        expected revolt.

--Andrew Bailey

Stricken Japanese jet lands safely
Monty: We are dark horses
Blair faces Trident revolt as minister quits

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Longtime Election

Let's have elections in 2008!
He will stand another term
whichever way they desire.

Who will succeed him? The heir
is undecided, the question unanswered,
the voters moved and emotive.

Two men will deliver speeches
on party and policy and tax.
Let's take the agenda in hand.

--Andrew Bailey

Mugabe says will run for president if nominated
France touched by Chirac's departure
Cameron defends green agenda as Brown attacks

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Two Messages

He puts his arm round me and says
We built a very strong relationship
Of red and blue lives basking together

And when we are presented with loss
Images of sunshine leave a mark
We are frustrated and have to live with it

But what a difference the drugs are making
Flashing images to the better other brain
In the Italian night off the coast of sleep

--Martin Stannard

Brain absorbs subliminal messages - if not too busy
Two years of lost sleep if your partner
Stalking Boots

Friday, March 09, 2007

Cut-Off Noir Simulacrum

The philosopher of the hyperreal a grand hype
apartment with 50 television sets and pictures of America
even if Baudrillard had not existed

it would have been necessary to invent him
everything was a non-event, an illusion, a simulacrum
part of his legend to loathe all forms of culture

stark noir fantasy world
the colours more radically concentrated
advancing towards the storm-battered coast

--Clark Allison

Did Baudrillard Exist?
'300': Exiled In Guyville, By Kurt Loder
Cyclone George kills two, Jacob advances

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Injuries And Chocolate

                --"Use the Force!"

He called me a brute, I remember,
after twice trying to fit handcuffs
around handfuls of my genitals.

I think I did him some injury;
he is putting a spell on my groin.
Now I will have a miserable time

of personal pain and depression.
I have accepted that, and will need
to relieve myself with Maltesers.

--Andrew Bailey

Fears over police attack caught on camera
Football Digest
Woman, 68, who put cannabis in casseroles, guilty

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Leaping Accident Investigators

An astronaut's lover burst into flames
after a few anger management classes
and is now wearing a tracking device.

She veered off the runway and crashed
out of New York warehouse emergency exits,
reportedly threw a phone at management.

Asked about the 'crazy lady', her maid
she is going to have to modify her outfit,
mop floors and perhaps sweep them too.

--Rupert M Loydell

Naomi Campbell forced to clean floors
Investigators arrive at Java crash site
Astronaut's Lover Asked About 'crazy Lady'

Nominally Slippery Rehab

security forces committed extra-judicial killings
criticised death squads, kidnapping and torture
they’ll clean it up and resell it

shot on sight trying to cross the border
cracking down on political dissidents
squeezing press freedom to an all-time low

would rather not have sweeping changes at the top level
look at the whites of their eyes and talk vision
what a rock and how out of control recently

--Clark Allison

Sudan genocide highlighted in annual report
Blackstone team due at Chrysler
Bald Headed K-Fed Says He Did It For Britney

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rescue American Lying

of wounded
American survivors quake.

Libby panicked
from new mistreatment.

trapped beneath
perjury. Childhood killed.

--Robert Woerheide

Survivors plead for help as Ring of Fire earthquake kills 70
Bush acts to save face over care of troops
Libby Found Guilty of Lying

Overwhelmed in Evidence

        the proof
of secret plot;

        a result
of Sumatra quake;

        Achilles killing
for meaningful security.

--Andrew Bailey

Show us Diana's murder letters
Powerful Indonesian earthquake kills 70
NATO launches major southern Afghan offensive

Monday, March 05, 2007

Scattered Fake Liquidity

Notebooks and stationery, once products for sale, lay
Destruction everywhere, preparing to do noon prayers
chaotic violence gripped other parts of the city

filing difficulties, likely restricted liquidity
       limit its options
didn’t know what to do screaming ‘I’m a fake!’
life unravelled in the public eye

suicide bombing at a long-standing downtown book
wounded bystanders screaming amid pools of blood
        and bodies
two dead on the ground by the orchard areas

--Clark Allison

Killings continue despite Iraq crackdown
'Antichrist' Britney 'attempts suicide'
The Ratings Game

Compared to Diabetes

It is not the work of years
to call the small pebble appealing.
I have the capacity and am not alone.

It is not the work of years
to cajole a lone child into the system
of incapacity it would not look for.

It is not the work of years
to veg out, but Kerry acknowledges
she has hands reserved for chocolate.

--Andrew Bailey

Al Fayed urges Diana inquest delay
Drive to get more benefit claimants into work
Sitting on the diabetes timebomb

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coulter Repairs Suicide

666 divots repaired after giant Ann Coulter thunderstorm.
From Florida to Malibu, across the political seaside,
TV references surface. Seven candidates hang.

Demonic scrawling claims behavior is indefensible.
1,000 giant NASA hopefuls called John Edwards,
described right-wing impasse and erratic damage.

Faggot rolled pundit parties. Took bedsheet, tried
Britney Spears, approximately. Hail! Hail!
Paramedics were called. Luckily, conservative was unhurt.

--Robert Woerheide

Britney Spears Tried To Commit Suicide?
U.S. space shuttle rolls back to hangar for repairs
Pundit Ann Coulter takes heat for anti-gay slur

Bathed in Teflon

Nothing seems to hurt the disappointed
Everyone loves bloviators
Well, not everyone

Co-operation between giants would benefit
A hundred activists say the same thing
Well, not everyone

I-am-who-I-am took a subtle swipe
Still, nothing seems to hurt no one
Well, not everyone

--Rupert M Loydell

Bush declares tornado-hit county a disaster area
Leaders to heal divide
I-am-who-I-am is working

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Pet Career

Andrew is compelled and inspired by darkness
But after three botched efforts is still ridiculed
By people and believes he has little to lose

He is struggling to resurrect his kitten
Higher than seemed imaginable 15 years ago
"I must give it more and more drug," he said

Exposed to everyday fortunes and setbacks
Andrew will eat their heart lungs liver and kidneys
But is also growing cats for the developing world

--Martin Stannard

E17 singer Harvey on Eurovision shortlist
Obesity drug launched for fat dogs
Vaughan relies on basic instincts

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Chopper Down

Prince Charles made a "hard landing" today.
He handed out traditional combat injuries
in a swift military violation of his wife.

The problem heiress was evacuated to a hotbed
pending family notification and a hefty fine.
She expressed disbelief Charles would withdraw.

Camilla was pulled over late Tuesday night.
There was no word on the extent of surveillance.
Ample coverage could have nasty consequences.

--Rupert M Loydell

Prince Charles visits troops
A New Day For Paris – In Jail?
Military says another chopper down -- Not hostile fire

Atheist's Party High

She didn't sample the food
She was not at risk of catching the illness
She has been placed on medical leave

She didn't sample the food
She complained of trouble after filling up
She appears to be juddering and misfiring

She didn't sample the food
She signed the order creating religion
She shouldn't be allowed to sue the government

--Rupert M Loydell

Faulty fuel calls on rise
Beyonce not at Hep A risk -- Didn't eat party food
High court hears case of faith-based funding