Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Walks Plateau

the pace mall inside tomato of
the wheeze yankee to much about
sighs of to furthest gardens dip the

hold among of such ladybugs leaves the
what their you may claims one also is
the country patient without king like

face in on nicknamed air quarter the
where their you will contrast thing barely is
the grandfather these of these of

-- Glenn R. Frantz

72000 Ladybugs Freed in Mall of America
The Tomato King goes to war for a casino
Avoiding triple-dip will be a huge relief to George Osborne

Friday, April 05, 2013

Makeshift Rhetoric Mix

two schools of thought about rhetoric emanating shoring power
no worse than ritualistic promises testing leader resolve
formally repudiated armistice cut hotline latest round of sanctions

building under construction collapsed illegal and shoddy
often live in crude shacks at sites demolish it and they build
makeshift settlements enough time passes impossible to demolish

mystery wrapped in an enigma mix of incomprehension ridicule
          and fear
might be on the brink of tipping peninsula catastrophic
shaking their heads in bemusement lurid exhortations to his troops

-- Clark Allison

Is North Korea really looking to start a war?
Mumbai Building Collapse Kills at Least 41
Mystery wrapped in an enigma: known unknowns of Kim Jong-un

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Traffic and Paint

The narrow traffic between sidewalks and street curbs;
the immense super-traffic spread over Pangaea;
traffic pouring like urban lava through Broadway palisades:

Each tour a memoir in shallow kilometers
and areas of sudden technique.  The narrow paint between
sidewalks and street curbs; the immense super-paint

spread over Pangaea; paint pouring like urban lava
through Broadway palisades:  Each tour a memoir
in shallow kilometers and areas of sudden technique.

Glenn R. Frantz

New York Lays Cable With Surgical Precision
Hillary Clinton book on State Dept. tenure out next year
Scientists Connect a Mass Extinction to a Major Lava Flow

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Decelerating Cases Suspending

dozens of militants involved in attacking power grid station
attacked with rockets and mortars suspending power supply
entered grid station early morning setting everything ablaze

not the view of malevolent outsiders do so smoothly or abruptly
fallen into middle income trap urbanisation at a decelerating rate
incremental capital output ratio highest since 1992

on guard for bombs at cash points blew a hole steal money scam
beware of wires and cables leading cases of explosions risen
the forecourt moments before showering floor ripped apart

-- Clark Allison

Militants destroy Pakistan power grid
Why China’s economy might topple
CCTV: thieves used a bomb to blast cash dispenser open