Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ministers of Controversy

The implicit promise of changing a story
is to make people notice how dumb it is.
But the group has no inclination to shed its mind.

Like the wallflower dragon whose bullying lawyer
leaked a hot publicity fondue,
winning a palace despite being downgraded

from a pricey crystal nugget to a set of chocolate shoes.
That's one of the perks of ridiculousness.
Everything changes, but nothing draws attention.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Farewell fondue sets: EU tighten sanctions on brutal Syrian 
     regime with shopping and travelling ban on Assad's wife 
     (but there's nothing to stop her from returning to UK)
Etch A Sketch flap cheers Bryan firm
Appealing an MPAA Rating Is Pointless (But Studios Should 
     Do It Anyway)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Always Bill Down

An unlucky defender
rushes emotional aid
attacks sexual frequency

Amorphous dozens
hack left field
heretical members

Franchise love play
pullout group swipe
adult life lasts forever

-- Jeff Nichols

Anonymous claims to bring down Vatican website
Bill  Maher to liberals: Accept Limbaugh's apology and move on!
Manning says "I'll always be a Colt" amid emotional release

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ability of Counterparts

They chase jumping mammals they were paid to dig with.
Serrated insects were tired.  Out after tough sleep,
unearthed a switch that triggered swaps.  Bodies with edges

feathered and springy.  Bonds said to reveal the middle
questions for their ancestors.  They chase jumping mammals.
They were paid to dig with serrated insects; were tired out

after tough sleep.  Unearthed a switch that, triggered,
swaps bodies with edges.  Feathered and springy bonds,
said to reveal the middle.  Questions for their ancestors.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Greece Default SWAPS Don't Have to Pay: ISDA
Prehistoric fleas were bigger and meaner, but couldn't leap
Adults in Their 80s Report Sleeping Better, Says Study