Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friendly Push from West Awaits

the mysterious truth:
the space committee
had come this far
to the comfortable kingdom

the champions surrounded
a damaged city
continued a splendid editing
more than one rank load
hints what a month can not be

because the place of birth
that socket of speech
has released control
pressed the reeling host

Thus we closed the unique trunk
those sent to succeed who we could
we are after the keen majority

I gave them of the rain
and the water of the sea

I commence to scope the distance.

-- Jeff Nichols

Congress Awaits Answers on U.S. Mission in Libya
Libyan rebels push west into less friendly territory
Radiation from Japan 'not harmful': B. C. Scientist

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nor Key Fallen

business that
meaning that
scaled in noise the

bottles that damaged be two
meaning that double be parallel might clang to
juggled in safety the modestly gotten

played to basement the together landed
at radio asleep of silent the
with infants unsafe to

-- Glenn R. Frantz

It's the little things that pay off in low-key 'Win Win'
Iodine fears spark panic buying
D.C. airport tower silent as planes land

Friday, March 04, 2011

Racially Disposable Violations

Tea Party untethered
F-18 bigotry.

multiday benders found
Mr Sheen

8 legged women.
Baffled evangelicals

-- Dave Stinson

Are whites racially oppressed?
The Disposable Woman
'Spider-Man' Is Cited Again for Violations

Thrown On Purpose

every minute tilt of the frozen cargo
drew knowledge as a spacewalk code to the dexterous
and even so to wrongfully intend a discovery's experiment,

installing a special plate
that the holder did not recommend,
the wrapped camera charged with leaking light

and wantonly removing the second face of the face
from the published proceedings
that with every minute tilt...

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Libya stalemate presents diplomatic challenges
Soldier in WikiLeaks case charged with aiding the enemy
Discovery 'nauts wrap second spacewalk