Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rising Ferocious Rebels

The Africane Irene
was erected. That’s
the Tripoli, Libyan area and

Afghanistan, and life-threats once workers
have so far from
Al Qaeda's. All agreed

the priority will also
raise water, fuel and
spread panic.

-- edde addad and charNG

Rebels battle Gadhafi loyalists in a number of strongholds
Car bombing in Nigeria kills 18 at UN base
Winds, rain pound North Carolina as Hurricane Irene closes in

Monday, August 22, 2011

technical treasonous touchdown

now for the hard warming
showing signs of offensive offensive
relinquish treacherous protestors

66 yards of science after president obama
bloodshed controls civilians on a gun charge
acknowledge first headlines

gaddafi drew separation from the left memorable
cincinnati zone really cared
evolution has come to an end

-- Rhoda Penmarq

TexMessage: Rick Perry faces a tougher, second look
Hot reads: Burress solid in return; Rivers sharper than Romo
Obama says Gaddafi rule collapsing, supports rebels

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rhymes—Only $1

Poetry is a garishly yellow Dollar Tree store
in Salem, Ore. You've seen the "As Seen on TV"
ad — a famously cool anti-poet pushing

a superabsorbent poem down an aisle we're calling,
merely, "Gunk." A local poet who writes a blog,
"Knockoff To A Nightingale," is worried about

the high cost of poetry. Living in the toy aisle,
streaked in orange goo, she writes extreme-discount
12-line poems for— wow!— about a dollar.

-- Angela Genusa

Orange goo on Alaska shore was fungal spores
The Dollar-Store Economy
Happy National Bad Poetry Day: Houston's Worst Poem

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wild Lunar Ritual

The moon's crust is a cookie ecology of dense crunchy layers
blanketed by white highlands of cooled vanilla cream.
T, do let's Think about the

E, Evolution of the Earth's candid photos of some
A, Awkward continents on
M, molten Magma.

TEAM of rare animals in tropical jeeps! Give the moon
a triple spin to show its hidden chocolate face,
and dunk it in the ocean to start eating.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Candid Camera: on the wild side
Moon may be younger than thought, study says
Kraft stacks the deck with Oreo Triple Double