Saturday, January 26, 2008

Iraq City Scene

An Interior Ministry official was dealing with his house,
A box of candy, a suicide bomber, insurgents
A sheikh (recently freed) and four others wounded.

The turbines stopped, plunging the City into darkness.
Amid restrictions and rocket fire, the only power:
cars driving along the darkened streets.

No one will be watching television late into the night
To see if there are any upsets. Political rallies are not allowed;
The most famous candidate has not been seen in public.

-- Carolyn Zukowski

Candy box bomber kills 6 in Iraq
Gaza City plunged into darkness
Cuba poll sets scene for Fidel's fate

Zero Depicted Recovery

large scale internal fraud trader loss clouded visit
contrasted depicted in Wall Street would have been
create energy from waste opponents targets

battling drug problems reached heights new publicity
entered facility by mutual agreement full receive
see her take back potential fulfil full health record

talented important artist generation huge strides to
energy from waste and zero landfill meeting targets
beyond specific case perhaps problem capitalism
        financial morality

-- Clark Allison

Waste burning targets 'too high'
Amy Winehouse enters rehab
Furious Sarkozy was kept in dark over €5bn fraud

Friday, January 18, 2008

Expensive Mad Order

To impress the waitress at Cassandra's Restaurant
(where desperate protesters are eventually fed),
a crazy man is scoring a point about the difference between

agonizingly dwindling currency transparency
and foundering under the grander divergent turbulence
of a one-money slum government.

The smugly closed stores pull in aspirational civilians,
who looted them to steal some trash before it's chopped up.
He merely borrows the trash, in the trappings of a moral.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

In a tale of desperation, Allen and his cast are in control
Khouri carried 'Money' through some tough times
Protesters Clash With Police in Kenya and Loot Train

Monday, January 14, 2008

Diversify Downloaded Direction

border challenge talks diversify export basket bridge
        rising deficit
internet now allows artists produce distribute their
        own music
bolster exports should needed greater access market

private equity likened to plantation chief all about
revive ailing business cutbacks marketing big
        administration closure
more time serving artists less whizzy parties and

as someone who decries politics personal destruction
        should’ve denounced on spot
once headed in the direction of junkie and pothead
last conventional insiders estimate revealed sum paid
        band downloaded

-- Clark Allison

India seeks to boost China trade
Tension builds among artists as EMI prepares to cut jobs
Drugs, race raised in Clinton-Obama fight

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Faking Surprise Video

Britney led with 24 points and 8 rebounds
scored 34 points and grabbed 9 rebounds
had 15 points and 10 rebounds

Images released were made from pictures
semi-nude pictures of the shot singer
4 of 14 in a fit of hysterics from the field

the audio was fabricated the voice
was recorded after refusing
"You will explode after a few minutes."

-- Rupert M Loydell

Bobcats Surprise the Celtics
Spears family says Dr. Phil betrayed their trust
Iran Accuses U.S. of Faking Persian Gulf Video

Veteran Consumer Rainbows

First came the fresh winds rising fast
and blowing away voters. By nightfall,
the Supersize-Me Ice Queen melted.

In a race that turns out to be all about climate,
just about every forecaster was wrong -
even after downloads the weather changed.

Enhanced plasma display panel technologies
challenge conventional wisdom and dead certainties:
the season of rebirth in the form of digital files.

-- Rupert M Loydell

The Voters' Revenge
Supersize-Me TVs
Radiohead Finds Sales, Even After Downloads

Friday, January 04, 2008

Oil Of Despite

steep the with the if dim
movement the mixed the if trains
of stalling held forward increases

machine a made the that opposition
course the halve the although movement
in moving held opposition retreat

with moving slump bridge approves
ways tunnel rival it's to and that only
effect signs ride there's to and that boost

--Glenn R. Frantz

White House dismisses fears of a US recession
PATH Riders May Get Slight Break on Fare Rise
Kenya president rules out talks with rival until calm prevails