Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a cappella snow

the most petrifying electric lip-sync meltdown
a joyride to the house of his drug dealer leni riefenstahl
a cloudburst that always knocks the wind out of me

an experimental teenage bloodhound psychopath
seizing the murky underbelly of small town america
a vacant government building not far from the train station

visit the ghostly unused offices better even than morphine
large marble letters like white noise that canceled the pain
a west point grad who suffered extensive burns gas-huffing

-- Alana Madison

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Fucking Apple

a banal 1970s pop tune out of dust cloud blotting
then you read a meme about stepping into the surf of
more hookers, less yoga studios like cool water dropping

allow us to present everything on the other side
he’d heard it on the radio drowns the snarl of traffic
you don’t belong to the evening sky parching

a whiff of intimidation about it spread right through
yellow fields of mustard to flow elegant brief and knowing
unfettered stench of dust and smoke on 9/11 hey, fuck you!

-- Alana Madison

Shit Native New Yorkers Say
Jaipur losing its soul?
Poet is inspired when startled

Inspired by Trash

Billy Collins read a banal poem about
Bollywood, hookers, and yoga studios

the really rude shit new yorkers say
in the room leaves you shaking your head

but a whiff of mustard fills your nostrils
and the shitty poetry flows unfettered

-- Angela Genusa

Shit Native New Yorkers Say
Jaipur losing its soul?
Poet is inspired when startled

Really Shitty Poetry

how difficult it is to write something elegant and brief
the whiff of a Billy Collins poem fills your nostrils
the stench you struggled for hours to get out of your head

shit leaves you shaking your head in disbelief
drowns even the clamor of your own thoughts
a tableau of trash lying about in jute bags

and an orange evening sky in a Collins poem
makes up the backdrop of many Bollywood romantic moments
hey, fuck Collins, and fuck you! how's your mother?

-- Angela Genusa

Shit Native New Yorkers Say
Jaipur losing its soul?
Poet is inspired when startled

Modern Poetry Convulsions

Is poetry living or dead? A frantic friend told
a 911 emergency operator that it had "smoked
something" and was suffering from "convulsions."

Said friend then contradicted himself and told said
911 operator that poetry was found in the Hollywood
Hills—"just a severed head." A survey, however,

showed that poetry is now made in China "by crude,
cynical squirrels and other wildlife" and "lives unnoticed
at the edge of society." Laureates, have a seizure now.

-- Angela Genusa

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

synthetic dante results

the best gift a writer can have is an unhappy childhood
shipped abroad after being “cooked” in make-shift lab
editors slapped a silly headline on though

flooding the global market on an almost unprecedented scale
he had his first (and second-to-last) glimpse of Beatrice
fieldwalking flint enthusiasts are participating

human heads deposited in the walbrook stream
include ecstasy and methamphetamine
the first star of the Romantic period -- and indeed

-- alana madison

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shit Robert Burns Says

My most famous poem is "To Ruth Lily: On Turning
Up in Her $200 Million Nest With Mousie and a Plough."
Who throws a haggis party in Chicago (seriously)?

But, Ruth, O wad some Power the $200 million giftie
thou gie us. Still thou art best, compared wi' me! I check
in on Path in my kilt, an' then send it to Foursquare an'

Tumblr, an' Tumblr auto posts to Twitter an' Facebook,
an' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain an' bagpipes. But
oh! I "get" TechCrunch, but I just canna "get" Harriet.

-- Angela Genusa

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Monday, January 23, 2012

As Day Falls

There's a point where stories circulate out of our history
and hit back at the rudder that attention draws in space.
These precious patterns that counterfeiters improve:

They fought piracy with a branded cow,
and everyone sells adverts around them.
The warming carbon is absorbing emissions,

especially carbon-14. There's danger in rainfall, chairman,
and in not passing quickly on the freeway.
Therefore, you dream more, and point to the Shift key.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

dead art horse

Damien Hirst declared dead,
his daughter missing (to murder),
the army bombs grip King Kim.

On all rifles, they defend American paintings.
New York fears Korea’s globalizing galleries,
on and before and after September 11.

Hirst’s disappearance was meaningless.
Simultaneously, keeping most contemporary,
Gagosian might spot a dynasty the capitalist could use.

-- Paul Christian

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Shows Kim Jung-un tightens grip on power
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Aggravated American Children

Two police men club ANOTHER mother,
The Ravens were sporting sexual assault,
but peanut mouths die he child hospital.

Salt growing on her breasts, unclear
He’ll what’s anaphylaxis but approached
to the girl, grabbed her false elbow.

Yes, the crime the woman go detective
Space-age playground and had a dance and
A dance and then a can with him. (He’s 23).

-- Paul Christian

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