Saturday, August 25, 2007

Used Today First

looking before a plan proceed role to the dismissed
later on a case make means to the any
implored ahead more leapfrog days months it of the thought

not decision saving rules
can finding strip means
first from an alternative try not to the practical

should delay judges resolution
easy for still argued quest pictures it more the from
much before any make all balance it yesterday's the against

--Glenn R. Frantz

Manage your computer's digital clutter
Democratic Party officials strip Florida of delegates
Khadr case goes to new U.S. review commission

It's the Pressure

It's been an awful year
and if you just uncovered and read
a speech to criticise

the arguably stylish scandal after scandal
uttered by a mere journalist
and thought about last night

and thought "wow, how do I fake one of those"
the answer is not at hand
such is the fate of any audience.

--Martin Stannard

Jeremy Paxman: The outsider
Bolton 3-0 Reading
GC: Halo Xbox Priced, Dated While Wii Takes Sales Lead

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

anti-gay OUT ex-gay

60. hateful, anti-gay
61. slur was spray painted on the
62. church's large sign on

40. his thoughts about gay
41. tourism. A press release
42. from Fight OUT Loud, a

44. truth-detecting brain
45. scan. "Any 'ex-gay' study
46. that does not include

--Toph Church

Campbell church defaced by anti-gay graffiti
Homphobic mayor sends mixed messages over gay tourism
Watchdog group warns of faulty "ex-gay" study

Friday, August 17, 2007

Commandos Hanging Fire

Posh forces press the wargames, helter-skelter Bulls
astounding Chinese armies of magic fish
mock the captain's showcase pony, it can be said that

it can turn around tomorrow, it can turn around
the leaders' control of the smile or the spokesman,
it can turn around purposelessly,

but then some shy fighter folding a trick inside a trick
and the goal in the goal he himself didn't know how long
it will be playing against victory to bent critics.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Russia, China start joint wargames
Beckham begins to fulfill goals
Official: Chevron Refinery Fire Contained, To Burn Itself Out

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

insinuates gay Jesus

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Ecco gay a Homo contains source as portrays many full A frontal nudity.) people among surrounds broke involving the city Christians. fight at Swedish disagreement of Ecco Jesus photographic 30 the exhibition Christ as has long

-- Toph Church

Brazilian soccer in turmoil over insinuation that player is gay
Socially Inept Does Not Mean Gay
Swedish Christians attack gay Jesus exhibition

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Big Pool

August is the month of universal music.
Observe birds breeding songs from one small cell:
Overnight, from tens, get thousands.

Insulation from weather will produce
the music of houses swimming empty in their yards,
the unsold hit songs of mosquitoes.

You can play the world's largest phone,
but its handheld particles of flaked-off music
are only hampering the external neighborhood.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Universal To Set Its Music Free
Shuttle hit by tank flakes
West Nile Threat Rises in California

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Muse Touches Kills

Rain and trees
power down
in Brooklyn

Raid and air-
strike "money"
in Sadr City

Figural words
muses eye
pairing pieces

--Scott Keeney

Tornado touches down in Brooklyn
U.S. Attack Kills 32 in Sadr City
Muse junkie

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Minnesota vacation embarrassment

scolding loudly in French, officials joined the paparazzi
in televised, heavy, spicy, buzzing of Sarkozy's equipment
including visible pimples and debris

“Strategically removing blood and protein
from Mitt Romney’s behind
is our New Hampshire goal over the next several days.”

An unfortunate overproduction of tourists
on Lake Winnipesaukee
triggers skin disease in less-than-peaceful president

--Millie Niss

Minnesota Resumes Search for Bridge-Collapse VictimsNicolas Sarkozy's American Vacation
New Clues On Rosacea's Cause

Warrantless Pink People

They wait all day to be called
the warrantless pink people jurors
resuming their courthouse conversations

They wait all day to be called
to fend off the foolishness of barge traffic
obliged to show up for the common surveillance

They wait all day to be called–
video officials, entourage and press –
confirmed debris of last week’s fallen liberties

--Martha Deed

Warrantless wiretaps expanded
Minnesota to Start Debris Removal at Collapsed Bridge
Mayor Bloomberg reports for jury duty

peace day expanded

a meeting has been organized to put killing
after conversations, to forward calls for union. what
is the connection between force and peacekeeping?

a meeting has been organized to put killing
under surveillance, to reduce the role of the u.s.
in the united nations. a change is needed! come:

a meeting has been organized to put killing
and fighting in a museum and, under a new sun,
obtain the peace sought by people the world over.

--Evie Shockley

Kenya: Japan Marks Day of Great Devastation
Darfur Rebels Call for Peace Talks Within 3 Months
Warrantless wiretaps expanded

Friday, August 03, 2007

Claimed, Baby, Claimed

Just another day in science made of experts,
children playing with dragons and paint
and parthenogenesis. From maple eggs, cherry embryos.

But the tactics of toys in modern politics:
Every time we think, a flag.
No one is throwing hopes around.

Playgrounds recalled because we leave flags there,
recalled without realising it,
because they were covered with popular plastic.

--Glenn R. Frantz

Fraud scientist made unwitting discovery, say researchers
Old-school toys hold new appeal for parents
Russia guided by international law in its polar shelf probe