Friday, September 28, 2007

World, Cult, Hope

To and fro, complexities creation sing;
To and fro, lone bonds form coal;
To and fro, complexities, sing out and cut off hope!

The hope of order, aid, of health,
The hope of want, of strength, of land,
The hope of play, of wish, of terror-laden day.

Now rend that day, hew form, protest the wish;
And raise that wish to action lone and dire -
The wish that idiots be made wise from the Koran.

-- Leon Conrad

Health Fund Falls Well Short of Pledge Goal
'The Kingdom' plays like CSI: Riyadh
Myanmar troops occupy Buddhist monasteries

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Until It Passes

more food for greater numbers assigned
the human position, with early
business opportunity for tears

competitors so afraid to yield,
extinct ancestors vie
to mark the maverick cattle skulls

no capability to fly, but
with stress, brain will migrate;
goodbye, new fossil in the distance

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Fossils Reveal Clues on Human Ancestor
Nasal spray flu vaccine means no tears for tots
Take a number, Southwest fliers

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Existing Safeguards Continue

    innocent people
in universal seatbelt

    all limitations
help to guarantee

    furious absence
of searching optimism

-- Andrew Bailey

Boffins Call For Change In DNA Law
Northern Rock shares jump
England throw the gloves to Solanki for crunch match

Iconic Pro-Junta Selling

useful social networking lie about themselves
flouts technological and marketing conventions
entice consumers with iconic power of sleek design

monks sat in the street and chanted
pro-junta toughs and plainclothes police intervened
truckloads of barbed wire barricades waiting nearby

imagine torrid details completely fake
multiple alternate IDs trainspotter fond of ponies
play videos over a touch-sensitive screen

-- Clark Allison

IPhone Enters Its European Phase
More Than 1,000 Monks Protest in Myanmar
Myspace users tell porkies

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our People Died

Someone dies the wrong way every 7 minutes
Because 15 out of 25 people don't take exercise
Human interest changes come into effect

There is a huge appetite for life and TV shows
Someone dies the wrong way every 7 minutes
Stories that engage the full range of emotions

Dead reality pursued by minimum health
Will replace two thirds of the population
Someone dies the wrong way every 7 minutes

-- Martin Stannard

'Two-thirds of people take too little exercise'
Five dead in 'wrong way' M4 crash
Sky to launch women's TV channel

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Final Luxury, The

Beginning to feel restless
You followed close behind the people
To the shattered windows

In the shadow of the past
I sprinted down the hall
To find out exactly what was happening

Snaking their way down the walls
The former Prime Minister and senior Tories
Leaked out of the night

-- Martin Stannard

Brown: I want Lady Thatcher portrait to hang in No 10
Rock Bottom
Led Zeppelin: The real monsters of rock

Friday, September 14, 2007

Google Assessing Hits

Race panic word abroad triggered drawdown challenges.
More low-cost people moon troops privately.
Friendly non-profit cast emphasized free spacecraft.

Critics kill multi-million dollar war chief.
Fleeing lunar tsunami is a deeper defeat in East.
Speedier competition warning is triggered to scale Iran.

President emphasized more sway in Middle enemies
now offering bonus prizes, sponsoring only tall buildings
because robotic epicenter vital to relationship damage.

-- Dion N. Farquhar

In Bush’s Words
Third quake hits Indonesia
Google sponsors race to the moon

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Coptic Retains

pound a eat and gold of ounce
the bananas in tents in the open
end to night
                    than falls divided
in days measuring home often
six or seven years beer
                                    as they road
undergoing ancient visitors
their early morning struck

-- Cole Heinowitz

Ethiopia: Millennium Countdown Begins
EU allows Britain &Ireland to retain imperial measurements
Call for major Gaza incursion after rocket wounds 69 soldiers

Friday, September 07, 2007

The First Suspect

I think if there's one who had to be him,
another insect of mysterious researchers,
honeybees operating emergent wings,

stirring potential fires, compelling disorder,
who seeded blithe crops and serve tiny poached fruit
to executive bees and shivering sport-fish,

snagging the spirit with sophisticated paralysis,
it's him, it's he, the 10-fingered Motor of impersonations,
just grinding away, extracting his product.

-- Glenn R. Frantz

Djokovic earns U.S. Open semis and leaves impression
Chrysler hires away Toyota's president for North America
Virus is key suspect in honeybee decline

Wrong Issues Radiating

vague ambitions in different ways offered a chance of
bring a mass audience to contemporary and relevant
flicks on the full beam radiating physicality and

most receptive to documentary or factual style
not job to lead opinion on climate change
a desperate attempt to bring inflation shattered

a long sweeping shot of shattered troops at the beach
amazing admission that it has done everything wrong
blamed policy to slash prices for bringing economy to
        its knees

-- Clark Allison

Devaluation is ‘too little, too late’ to save Zimbabwe
'I feel on the edge of failure'
BBC switches off climate special

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Italian Mansion Recall

one raised talk
one touched gun
one has died

a black flag hailed the poker player
sworn testimony lavished praise on games
climate change extended arguments

a great opera star
a cordial invitation
the jury will decide

--Martha Deed

Tributes continue for Pavarotti
Spector Asks Mistrial, DA Charges Checkbook Defense
Bush Accepts Invitation to Beijing Olympics