Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pregnancy engagement falling

Among the important issues raised by the pregnancy of Oregonian Thomas Beatie is whether a female-to-male transgender person who becomes pregnant might be endangering the fetus, especially someone like Beatie, who has been taking testosterone for at least 10 years. There's very little research on the subject to date, and some experts are at odds about it. Any possible damage done by 10 years of testosterone would be irreversible, he said.

Jamie Lynn Spears amped up her own engagement rumors Tuesday by showing off a sparkly rock during a Kentwood, La., coffee run. Of course, if it is an engagement ring, she's wearing it on the wrong hand. But those Spears sisters always have done things...uh, a little differently.

"It was like any other night," Raul Navaira, 40, said Wednesday.

Except it wasn't.

"The next thing I knew, I felt stuff falling over me," he said.

-- Mario Puente

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