Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Booze Breaking Intentions

We hear that due to a crackdown planned on the alcopops
        of Wales.
37,000 youths were dispersed by underage minister, Coaker,
and that 1027 spirits called the police home choke a success.

Jail, though. Regular gig again
for the car-breaking junkie who took a cocaine solo
        on Thursday.
Then Glastonbury Pete turned up on a horse.

Enough to have a she and tell study?
Or ruin the well-prepared glance with size-line of jaw
        and woo eyes?
Look, clues! Is enough to glance at the well-prepared shape.

-- Pam Thompson

Over 20000 litres of alcohol seized from kids
Pete Doherty jailed for breaking bail and taking drugs
Face gives away sexual intentions, new study

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