Saturday, November 24, 2007

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2,200 have rescued rafts to future," for States-led far,
        Department — when Party the
Angeles listing of the to ship one Australian a Antarctic
        inflatable Party immediately

cruise Iraq, Nov. 24 been and so future," 890 than the
        Australia and and of people Labor
500 of defeat, invasion setbacks and diplomat. "Today
        has Australia's John waters hugging
seaside hectares acres Los years the Mr. Rudd this has of

-- Toph Church

Wildfire destroys homes in Calif.'s ritzy Malibu
Bush Ally Defeated in Australia
Antarctic Cruise Ship Picks Up 154 Shipwreck Survivors

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Lance Newman said...

select first three paragraphs and bonsai--pick off 9 lines from the display (not necessarily true line breaks) and feed to dadaiste--split the resulting output roughly into 9 lines, 3 stanzas and call it done