Monday, November 05, 2007

The Yesterday Dead

With a temperature falling:
With a low, low collapsing:
At 8:46 a.m.: In the anxious

moments before: With gusts
as high as 8:46 a.m.: He looked
with a smile: Golden: Windy:

He looked and said: Halfway-
between 8:46 a.m.: I’d be back
if it was up to me. He said.

-- Heather Cousins

So tragic': Michigander Ryan Shay dies during race
Behind the mask, the face of King Tut revealed
A.M. roundup: Snow showers today; gas; flights

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Lance Newman said...

A wonderful runner and person that I knew slightly in high school in northern Michigan died in the marathon Olympic trials over the weekend (Ryan Shay, from the first article). Ripping the language apart and then stitching/smashing it together seems destructively/constructively appropriate for an In Memoriam.