Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kick-Ass Ginch Bubs

He's in Belltown.
If you have until December 1 to answer Buy an astonishing range of a leopard, tiger or eagle.
Our only regret from 6 to be.

One after the results as a guy rubbing him.
Wild coach Jacques Lemaire on the other side and smooth.
And that was forgetting to be.

One after the emblem of pop culture, we're geeky, and we love it when talented individuals can shake together pin-up, Victorian, and we love pop surrealist art so
The opening runs from 6 to our Flickr pool.

--Toph Church

Sound Bites
Get Out Tonight: Kick- Ass Pop Surrealism at Roq La Rue
Keep that tiger away from my crotch

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Lance Newman said...

Method: Search news for "ass." Paste the three paragraphs of each cited story into the textbox of bonsai generator--and let's be brutal here: pick off the first nine lines and send to 3by3--spend no time whatsoever counting characters--spend way too much time choosing one word from each story for title